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Kirsten Vangsness: Penelope Garcia


  • Emily Prentiss : Thank you all for getting back here so quickly. I got a call from Chief Wheeler at the New Orleans Police Department. They've requested our help. Garcia, go ahead.

    Penelope Garcia : The Big Easy has its own big bad operating in its midst. Earlier today, police uncovered a mass grave inside a vandalized crypt.

    Emily Prentiss : Tremé Cemetery. Ten bodies in total were discovered by the groundskeeper this afternoon.

    Penelope Garcia : Yeah. The bodies were buried and burned inside the secluded tomb that had been pried open. They are believed to have been placed there in the last few weeks. The tomb was off-limits due to some maintenance being done.

  • David Rossi : Looks like local PD is still working on IDing the victims.

    Dr. Tara Lewis : Has a cause of death been determined?

    Penelope Garcia : No, but the coroner did reveal this one super-icky detail: all of the bodies had been drained of their blood.

    Emily Prentiss : Let's make sure to check on that first thing.

  • Penelope Garcia : I tracked the van via VIN number; say that three times fast. The vehicle was stolen from Houston, Texas eight years ago. After that, I got nada.

    Matt Simmons : Well, there's no telling if or how many times it's changed hands since.

    Dr. Tara Lewis : Can you get the police report and track down the original owner?

    Penelope Garcia : Can do.

    Matt Simmons : Hey, Garcia, anything from Prentiss?

    Penelope Garcia : My crazy covert sources say that she was done with Barnes a few hours ago, but Emily's light is still on in her office, and I can't tell if that's a good thing or it's bad.

    Matt Simmons : Well, she's probably just catching up on paperwork.

    Penelope Garcia : Right. Totally. That's what I was telling myself, too. Yeah, okay. I'll hit you back when I have more.

  • Matt Simmons : There's plenty of evidence of this woman in the van. Just no DNA and no prints.

    Jennifer Jareau : Okay, what about her belongings?

    Dr. Spencer Reid : We have clothes and blankets.

    Luke Alvez : A small jewelry box.

    Matt Simmons : Uh, some toiletries.

    Jennifer Jareau : And this bouquet. Why would someone keep dead, rotting flowers?

    Dr. Spencer Reid : It could be of personal significance, an emotional attachment that overrides his compulsion for cleanliness.

    Jennifer Jareau : Okay, did the CSUs find any prints or DNA on the plastic wrapping?

    Luke Alvez : No, but the wrapping did have a label that led to a flower shop. The CSUs followed up but came up empty-handed.

    Matt Simmons : That's because they're not Penelope.

    [dialing his phone] 

    Matt Simmons : Garcia, we need your help.

    Penelope Garcia : Bring it.

  • Penelope Garcia : Talk to me, my pretties.

    David Rossi : What can you tell us about Tanesa and Kevon Winters?

    Penelope Garcia : Okay. Tanesa Winters. She died three weeks ago. She's survived by her son Kevon. It looks like he was born in New Orleans. Uh, he spent some time in Houston, but he returned at some point because I've got a local college transcript and a notice from a collection agency. Kevon dropped out of school, thousands of dollars in debt. That's when the trail goes cold.

    Jennifer Jareau : We also need information on this flophouse. It was condemned about ten years ago. It's on 44th and Fig.

    Penelope Garcia : Uh, I can tell you it's not there anymore. It's now a coffee shop. Let me take a deep dive here and see what secret secrets I can find.

    David Rossi : We believe Tanesa Winters lived there for a short time.

    Penelope Garcia : Yeah, she did. The tenants there filed a civil suit. It looks like Tanesa was the primary plaintiff. Uh, they sued for negligence and bodily harm. That building sustained a lot of damage after the flooding caused by Katrina.

    David Rossi : And let me guess. It was never properly cleaned or vented.

    Penelope Garcia : It was not. Uh, Tanesa became very ill due to black mold. The residents repeatedly asked for the building to be inspected, and the landlord and the insurance companies ignored them.

    Jennifer Jareau : That's it. That's the unsub's stressor. That's the root of all of this.

  • David Rossi : Whatever happened to the landlord who owned the building?

    Penelope Garcia : Walter Trudeau paid out a modest settlement and went on to become a local business mogul. He owns a lot of property in the area.

    David Rossi : If the unsub is now directing his anger to those he holds responsible for failing to help his mother, Walter Trudeau will be on that list.

    Jennifer Jareau : Yeah, we need to warn him. Penelope, can you get ahold of Mr. Trudeau and let him know that we'd like to speak with him? And send us...

    Penelope Garcia : His home and work address? It's like I do this for a living. And... oh! Flag on the play. Sports reference. Uh, Trudeau spends a lot of time at a bar he owns. I'm sending you the address now.

    David Rossi : Garcia, before you go, find out what you can about Tanesa Winters' death, specifically the cause.

    Penelope Garcia : Copy that. Here it comes.

  • [last lines] 

    Emily Prentiss : I have an announcement to make. I have been suspended from active duty. I've turned in my badge and my gun.

    Penelope Garcia : What... I don't understand.

    Dr. Spencer Reid : For how long?

    Emily Prentiss : Indefinitely. Uh, JJ will continue being acting Unit Chief, but as of today, Assistant Director Linda Barnes will be personally overseeing the unit.

    David Rossi : Are we under investigation?

    Emily Prentiss : Yes, we are under investigation. And I tried, but with the suspension, I can't protect you. I'm sorry.

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