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A negative tribute
Horst_In_Translation26 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is the music video for the song "Tribute" by the band Tenacious D that consists of successful actors Jack Black and Kyle Gass. It was released back in 2002 and is an early career effort I think. At under 70 million views on Youtube in soon to be 10 years, it is not a huge hit Ariana Grande level or so, but still fairly decent. After all, singing is not the duo's main profession here. Well I am not too impressed I mustg say. Musically, this is not a revelation to be honest and I always struggle with people taking the comedy route and explicitly putting down their own work just like it is really done here considerably (you know it when you hearf it) in an attempt to keep expectations low and have people enjoy this song and music video for the comedy rather than the music. To some extent, it is successful. This certainly could have worked in a slightly shorter version as a Saturday Night Live sketch for example. And would have been better than most other stuff on that show, especially what Baldwin does. But it is no such thing. Another highlight is Dave Grohl playing the devil. That was fun admittedly, especially when he starts playing the guitar himself. But overall, it wasn't good enough from any perspective in my opinion. There were also problems with logic. Like from outside you hear Black singing on one occasion, but don't hear Gass playing the guitar? I don't know. Again they were going for the humurous approach with how Black is far from hitting all the right notes, but it is disguise and make-believe for me. Watch and (especially) listen to something else instead. Not a fan od Tenacious D judging from this one here and some other stuff I came across by them.
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