"My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Specials" Mirror Magic (TV Episode 2017) Poster

Rebecca Shoichet: Sunset Shimmer, Papparazzi #2



  • Starlight Glimmer : [after Sunset has vented her worries]  Guess my advice would be to just trust things will work themselves out in the end. If you spend too much time worrying about what might happen, you'll miss out on all the good things that are happening

    Sunset Shimmer : Like how Princess Twilight's student is teaching me a lesson right now?

    Starlight Glimmer : Yep, like that.

  • Juniper Montage : [after the Mane 7 have been released from the mirror]  I'm so sorry.

    Sunset Shimmer : [walks up to her]  It's okay. We've all been there.

    Juniper Montage : [skeptical]  Really?

    Starlight Glimmer : Manipulated an entire town into giving up their talents so they wouldn't think they were special.

    Twilight Sparkle : Overpowered by a magic I couldn't control and created a rift between two worlds, almost destroying both of them in the process.

    Sunset Shimmer : Turned an entire school into my own personal zombie army in hopes of conquering a distant pony world.

    [Juniper has a stunned look on her face] 

    Pinkie Pie : Wow! We are a "really" forgiving group.

  • Starlight Glimmer : [to Sunset]  Think you can focus on the positive?

    Sunset Shimmer : Whatever happens is gonna happen.

    [playfully punches Starlight in the arm] 

    Sunset Shimmer : I've just gotta live in the moment, right?

    Starlight Glimmer : Right!

    [playfully punches her arm, then they lean against each other and giggle] 

  • Sunset Shimmer : [the Mane 7 have just been released from the mirror]  Starlight, you did it!

    [hugs her] 

    Starlight Glimmer : [witnesses surround the Mane 7 and Starlight]  So much for laying low.

    Sunset Shimmer : [puts a comforting arm around her]  I think even Princess Twilight would understand.

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