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Oduwale's killer is uncovered which reveals a devastating personal betrayal to Emily.

Season 2

14 Jun. 2019
Emily Byrne struggles to make sense of her past, including her time held captive; Special Agent Nick Durand is sent to investigate a deadly terrorist attack in the heart of Boston.
14 Jun. 2019
Nick and the team try to track down the person who attacked the Federal Annex; a shadow from the past jeopardizes Emily's tenuous balance.
14 Jun. 2019
Emily's investigation into her past becomes a hunt for a serial killer whose crimes have been overlooked in the citywide chaos. When the serial killer claims a victim close to Emily, she returns to the FBI to hunt him down, partnering with Special Agent Cal Isaac a former Navy SEAL with a personality that runs counter to Emily's.
14 Jun. 2019
Emily and Cal's investigation into the Fentanyl Killer points them toward some dangerous and highly skilled suspects. Elsewhere, Nick's manhunt for the Federal Annex attacker heats up.
14 Jun. 2019
While investigating the home of the most recent Fentanyl Killer victim, Emily obtains a critical piece of evidence. Meanwhile, Nick's work with a high-profile prisoner turns deadly.
14 Jun. 2019
Emily and Cal travel to Moldova to track down the Fentanyl Killer-a task that proves to be more dangerous than anticipated. Meanwhile, Nick is given an order that challenges his moral code.
14 Jun. 2019
As Emily and Cal journey into rural Moldova, Nick struggles stateside to swallow a massive lie.
14 Jun. 2019
Back in Boston, Emily's grief gives way to purpose as she discovers a clue that connects Rex Wolfe to the mystery of her captivity.
14 Jun. 2019
After being declared dead in absentia, an FBI agent must reclaim her family, identity and innocence when she finds herself the prime suspect in a string of murders.
14 Jun. 2019
Oduwale's killer is uncovered which reveals a devastating personal betrayal to Emily.

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