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Season 2

12 Oct. 2018
A New Pup in Town/The Last Pup-icorn
When Chloe's new puppy, Keia, runs away, the pups must find her before Chloe returns! When Chloe wishes she could have a unicorn, Bingo, Rolly and Keia set out to find one.
19 Oct. 2018
Keia's New Doghouse/The Fang Fairy
After Bob builds a doghouse for Keia, the pugs encourage her to host a puppy housewarming party. Rolly loses his first puppy tooth and can't wait for a visit from the Fang Fairy!
26 Oct. 2018
Land of the Rising Pup/ARF-CHOO
The Pups look for Snow Monkeys to send them snow for Bob./A.R.F gets a Virus, so The Pups and Keia inlist help of a Guard Dog named Boss to help make a robot fuse, meanwhile, Hissy keeps A.R.F company to help him feel better.
2 Nov. 2018
One Small Ruff for Pup-kind/The Lost Bouncy Ball
Bingo, Rolly, Keia, and A.R.F go to Space Camp to give A Special Dog Plush To Chloe so she can sleep. The Pups lose their Super Bouncy Ball, so they get help from Keia, Cupcake, Rufus, and Johnathon to Retrieve it.
9 Nov. 2018
The Total Yodel/Bob's Birthday Wish
After Bob has trouble learning to yodel, the Pugs decide to go on a mission to the Swiss Alps to get yodeling tips. It's Bob's birthday and his sister, Bonnie, is acting sneaky.
16 Nov. 2018
Operation: Dinner/The Case of the Missing Caterpillar
Bob has to go to work early, and forgets about his dinner, so The Pups Bring It To Him./Keia tells Bingo and Rolly that her pet caterpillar is missing, so they search far and Whide just to find a Butterfly.
30 Nov. 2018
A Santa for Bob/Snowman Secret Service
The pugs go on a mission to find Santa; when Bob asks Bingo and Rolly to protect a snowman he's building, the pugs make it their mission to keep their new snowy friend as cool as possible.
18 Jan. 2018
Lemur Play/How the Dog Park Was Won
The pugs go to Madagascar to learn about lemurs. When a big dog takes Keia's toy at the dog park, Bingo and Rolly make it their mission to retrieve the toy!
22 Feb. 2019
Speedy As A Cheetah/The Soup Search
When Bob wishes he could run fast, the pugs find cheetahs to learn the secret of their speed. The pugs go on a journey to find the perfect bowl of soup to help Bob feel better.
22 Mar. 2019
Cousin Cody/Hissy's lost toy
The pugs help their nervous puppy cousin, Cody, feel comfortable in a new place. When Hissy's favorite toy goes missing, the pups go on a mission to find it for their kitty sister.
5 Apr. 2019
What to Expect When You're Egg-specting/Ruffin' It
While in New Zealand, the pugs try to return a large egg before it hatches. When Chloe and Keia lose a special canoe paddle, the pups embark on a wilderness adventure to find it.
5 Jul. 2019
The Bark Bowl/When Hedgie Met Sallie
The pups get trained by a puppyball expert for the puppyball championship. Hedgie helps the pups catch the veggie bandit in Bob's vegetable patch.
12 Jul. 2019
Adopt-A-Palooza/The Legend of Captain Wunderbark
The Pups and Their New Friend chase A Puppy named Hero who dug a hole out of the Puppy Pen./The Pups look for the lost treasure of The Late Captain Wunderbark.
26 Jul. 2019
Take Your Dog to Work Day/Slumber Paw-ty
The Pups and Hissy invite Lollie to her first sleepover.
26 Jul. 2019
Double Doggie Dare!/Empire State of Mind
Bob signs up for a game show with Bingo and Rolly. When Bob's trip to the Empire State Building is cancelled the Pugs and ARF head to NYC to bring the Empire State Building to Bob.
2 Aug. 2019
Bob's Dream Vacation/The Mystery of the Missing Golf Ball
Bob wants to wake up on his dream vacation, so the pugs set out to get him to Tahiti while he sleeps. Bingo and Rolly search all around the golf course for Bob's missing golf ball.
6 Sep. 2019
Desert Pups
Bob and the Pugs take a fun road trip through the desert, but when a flat tire derails their journey, Bingo and Rolly go on a mission to find a replacement tire with the aid of a series of unusual desert animal friends.
13 Sep. 2019
Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks/Good Reef
Bingo and Rolly head to Germany to replace the bird in Bob's cuckoo clock! While on a scuba vacation, the pugs search the coral reefs for Bob's lost diving flippers.

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