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27 Mar. 2018
Martin and Lena, parents of three children are getting divorced. Due to financial issues they will continue to live with the children, taking turns every week alternating between living in the house and taking care of the children and living in the garage apartment and having the week off.
3 Apr. 2018
Devil May Care
Martin has an interesting time during his week with the kids balancing masculinity and attending to all of their needs equally. Lena learns she must loosen up if she wants to enjoy life to the fullest.
10 Apr. 2018
Street Meat
Instead of turning to online dating, Lena steps outside of her comfort zone in the real world. Martin finishes dance lessons and plans to set things right with Lena as what would have been their 16th wedding anniversary approaches.
17 Apr. 2018
Soups Jealous
Lena goes out on another date with Wes, whom she's smitten with; but unbeknownst to her, Martin is doing his best to take care of a sick Milo. Meanwhile, Maya makes a decision on whether or not to become a single mother.
1 May 2018
Nevertheless... She Went Clubbing
Unbeknownst to Lena and to her dismay, Martin starts to date a familiar face and surprisingly begins to see the world of relationships through brand-new eyes. Meanwhile, Lena tries to show she's a good role model to her kids by proving a point and faking a night out on the town.
8 May 2018
Letting Ghost
Martin and Lena are thrilled when they hear that Mae has won the lead in the school's spring musical; but are surprised to learn that she has been confiding in the school psychiatrist about how not divorced they are acting. Meanwhile Martin has reservations about how fast his relationship with his girlfriend is going.
15 May 2018
Star of Milo
Lena and Martin must decide the best way to host Milo's upcoming birthday party based on their new system of boundaries. Meanwhile, Martin is pleasantly surprised when Lena shares a birthday invite with an unforeseen guest.
22 May 2018
Heat Wave
Despite Lena and Martin getting along as co-parents, they must determine the best way to orchestrate Milo's upcoming birthday festivities based on their new system of boundaries. Meanwhile, Martin is pleasantly surprised when Lena shares a birthday invite with an unforeseen guest. Elsewhere, Maya takes matters into her own hands and reveals a surprise guest of her own.
16 Oct. 2018
Sign Language
After they've slept together, Lena arranges a romantic getaway on the beach to determine whether she and Martin are meant to be together.
23 Oct. 2018
Asking for a Friend
Martin finds every way he can to avoid asking Lisa Apple if she is pregnant; Lena worries Mason is changing himself to please his new girlfriend; Maya tells Frank a made-up story about a friend who is dating someone new.
30 Oct. 2018
We Need to Talk About Karen
Lena decides to call Martin's bluff on selling the house but is surprised when he begins getting the house ready for sale; Lena tries to cheer up Mae by inviting her friend from camp to visit; the friend seemingly brings supernatural events with her.
13 Nov. 2018
War of the Wagners
Lena and Martin battle for control. Lena wants to instill hope in the kids but Martin wants to give them reality. Milo anounces he wants to move out and go to a school for the gifted.
20 Nov. 2018
Yes, Deer
Lena and Martin have opposing mind-sets over the new contractor's repair methods; Martin takes Mason camping to help him get over his breakup with Hazel and to teach him how to be a man, but learns from him that it is okay to express his emotions.
27 Nov. 2018
Glowing Pains
Lena tries to support Maya with her pregnancy, only to get accused of being too controlling; after Martin reads Mae's diary, he suspects that she is romantically involved with her teacher and panics.
4 Dec. 2018
Paige Turner
Vlad announces that construction on the house is almost finished; Martin begins dating a divorcee who works in his building; Camille tries to be a good influence on Arthur's nephew.
11 Dec. 2018
After Lena and Vlad's unexpected kiss, things get more complicated as they begin their new work partnership while working with a new client. Elsewhere, Martin goes to Paige's house for more privacy and gets a glimpse into what a more typical divorced home life is, causing him to become uneasy. Back at home, Mason and Mae go head-to-head after Mae finds out that Mason has a crush on a pretentious girl at school.

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