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Season 1

1 Oct. 2017
Day 1: Fade In
Jane's world implodes after her daughter goes missing. She has no one left that she can trust.
8 Oct. 2017
Day 2: Cutting Room Floor
Jane needs to find PJ to question him about the night that Lake disappeared. The truth about the nanny and her boyfriend comes out. Tom, Ali and Pete canvas the neighborhood.
15 Oct. 2017
Day 3: Day Out of Days
The investigation has Detective Bird at Jane's studio questioning her team that works on her crime-show. Pete goes on the attack.
22 Oct. 2017
Day 4: Below the Line
Jane's belief that Peter is responsible for Lake's disappearance leads her down a dark path and ultimately danger. Detective Bird tries to unravel all of Jane's lies.
16 Dec. 2017
Day 5: Back to Ones
Jane is determined to do anything to find Lake. A guilt-stricken Pete inadvertently pushes Tom towards writing a career-defining story.
16 Dec. 2017
Day 6: Down Day
Lake manages to borrow a cell phone and call Jane. Jane tries to find Gus to trace the call but he's unavailable and she has to learn to trust Bird.
23 Dec. 2017
Day 7: Breaking the Story
Jane and Bird recreate the scene of the Casita raid on the TV sound stage. Ali learns surprising news from Tom. Jane uncovers a shocking fact about Lake's disappearance.
30 Dec. 2017
Day 8: Against Type
The search for Lake reaches a climax. Ali and P.J. are in an unexpected situation.
6 Jan. 2018
Day 9: Re-Cast
After Lake recognizes a familiar face at the police station, Jane flees with her for their protection. Bird continues to work the case. Red's identity is revealed.
6 Jan. 2018
Day 10: Fade Out
When the kidnapper is revealed, Jane is in eminent danger. Bird connects his to evidence that leads to a shocking confrontation. Tom has to make a difficult choice.

 Season 1 

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