Loaded Poster

(2017– )

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17 Jul. 2017
Following the sale of their company four friends and business partners become multi-millionaires. They are soon hit by a lawsuit from a former associate and discover how ruthless their new American boss is.
24 Jul. 2017
Leon's Teacher
The boys receive a 'flying visit' from their new American boss, Casey, and she immediately demands that they start churning out profitable, new content. But the freshly-minted gang are busy doing other things.
31 Jul. 2017
Josh's Mum and Dad
The boys pitch a new game idea. Unimpressed, Casey conducts a review of what each of them actually does for the company. Watto's addictions manifest themselves and Josh is distracted by the return of his parents.
7 Aug. 2017
Watto's Mum
Watto is ecstatic when his errant mother reappears, claiming that she has also made her fortune. Casey announces that The Emperor is flying in to hear Josh and Leon's pitch for a new game.
14 Aug. 2017
The Boat
A trip on a luxury yacht to help the group focus leads to 24 hours of drugs, murder and sex as Ewan falls for the chef and Josh and Leon collude before they all run aground.
21 Aug. 2017
The Red List
Josh accompanies Abi to a business start-up speed-funding event. Watto finds an unlikely soul-mate and Leon's new closeness to Casey brings about an unlikely revelation.
28 Aug. 2017
The Expo
The gang are looking forward to launching their long-awaited new game at the Expo, but Watto has other ideas.
4 Sep. 2017
The End of Cat Factory?
Ewan faces an unusual moral dilemma after he receives an opportunity for wealth beyond his wildest dreams.


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