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Deception Indicated
bobcobb30111 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
It was a solid start to the season as it wasn't as slow as past premieres and finales and set forth a pretty distinct path forward for the final go round.

I just miss the show the way it began with Carrie and Brody and questioning Middle East motives. It feels like they are getting a bit too PC with the direction they are heading in making Russia the enemy.
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formotog18 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Decent episode. I like the angle they're going with the Carrie storyline, and I wonder what direction they'll go. There's a very wrong way they could go about it so I hope they get it right. As for the rest of the episode it was ok, generally fairly slow but it's set everything up for the season nicely. Carrie's storyline is currently looking like the most interesting by far, although the imminent return of Haqqani will surely be great too.

Mid 7
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whiny, incompetent military escorts?
phillip-ayscue-135-64324711 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Bad start with the "actors" escorting Max: questioning opps, ready to leave asset because "sun coming up," standing and hideous shooting. If Season 8 is going to show America's fighting force in this light, I'll stop after Episode 2
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A Failed Attempt
MajorBaleegh23 February 2020
After a lapse of what 2 years the TV series "Homeland" resurfaces again? Another season of lies and deceit, fake cities fake people Indian girl shows as Pakistani intelligence heads all absurd. Pakistan Army uniform wrongly shown. I ask a simple question out of a population of 220 million in Pakistan, the Homeland crew did not find a single girl to play the role of Pakistani intelligence head. For better understanding of the viewer Pakistan Intelligence is headed by a male and not a female so it was shown wrongly. Showing a negative face of a country is like a joke for the Homeland TV series is naïve and is misleading. I quit watching the show the moment they started showing everything wrongly. Total waste of time and energies. It is a no go.
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Amateur Hour
machina224 May 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This show has fallen so far, it's almost hard to imagine that this is the same show that produced that incredible season one.

This first episode is so poorly written and executed that I'm just staggered, almost speechless. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the episode is littered with glaring errors, rather than having an ulterior motive. But just to name a few of the worst ones:

  • American troops are portrayed as whiny, insubordinate, and incompetent. They also constantly question orders. All in front of a civilian while on mission.

  • Head of Pakistani intelligence isn't just a woman (hard to imagine right now, but not impossible at some point), but an Indian woman (yeah... no, that's definitely not happening).

  • CIA agent who is recovering from months of torture at the hands of foreign agents, and who is giving unreliable testimony, is put back into the field.

  • Apparently said agent, who is a white woman, is the only person on the American side who 'alpha' (Carrie's word) higher ups in Afghanistan will respect and listen to. Sounds realistic.

This first episode bodes very poorly for season eight as a whole, but I'll stick with it just because I've invested seven seasons already so I may as well see it through to the end.
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