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  • News explodes that the LAPD is investigating one of its own in a murder case. Bosch homes in on the motive behind a string of homicides. Robertson's doubts about Bosch deepen. Edgar discovers another disturbing link between Harry and a murder victim. Irving assists the investigation of the "Koreatown Killer."


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  • S3 E6 Birdland

    A young man has cranberry cobbler at a restaurant, the waiter knew his mother. It is Harry's recollection from years ago. Benitez serves wine as all the Hollywood Station Detectives have Thanksgiving dinner at Grace's house. Det Johnson (Barrel) explains the difficulty of cooking turkey. Maddie announces the Down and Dirty tweets. At Jerry's house his family and friends gather, the young boys would rather play video games than football. Jerry's phone rings and he sees a video. Chief Irving is driven to a mission to help serve meals, his phone also beeps and the Chief mutters 'Bosch'.

    Dobbs carefully stacks bundles of cash into Pelican cases, he notices some bundles are fake blank sheets.

    Bosch is called , Jerry is standing in line for Black Friday shopping. Goshen has let them know about the body washing up. Merch was an Army embark clerk.

    Detective Pierce finds out Holland has a Spanish aide named Marissa Mata. They will look into the owls. Crate and Barrel are tired of watching video. Capt Lewis is skeptical when Lt Billets updates her and explains why she didn't bring forward her plans earlier. Lewis will continue to support her for now but says Grace is too soft on her squad.

    Harry and Jerry arrive in Orange County, Goshen is at the dead man's house, it is full of contraband. An Army Sergeant Is there guarding the military information. Bosch picks up a bundle of cash and says it is motive. Goshen thinks Dobbs ripped off a Afghan warlord. Woody watches from a distance as Harry and Jerry are called downtown.

    Robertson and Pierce bring the owl to the manufacturer, it is mass produced but has been professionally repainted. It is a new mould so must have been bought since September.

    O'Shea rips into Benitez, Harry and Jerry. O'Shea says to pull Bosch from the stand but asks them to prove Holland had Gunn killed before trial next week. Leaving, Benitez is upset Harry hasn't spoken to Annabelle yet.

    Dobbs, Xavi and Woody split the three Pelican cases, Xavi warns Woody about his marijuana use.

    Jerry gets the fingerprint info from the spy camera, they are from a Mark Taylor.

    Harry goes to Annabelle's apartment, the man there says she is in Prague for 8 months on a movie shoot. He calls Anita's voicemail with the bad news. Jerry looks into an old murder case involving Mark Taylor.

    At Bosch's house a horde of media approach Harry and Maddie, she gives them the finger, in the car he tells her to ignore them.

    Jerry arrives for work in a nice Cadillac. He has an old file, Bosch was the assigned detective. In the office Harry asks Pierce for an update on the Gunn investigation.

    Bosch and Jerry discuss the Afghan cash. Anita finally calls Harry back, she is furious, and begs off a date. Bosch is called out to Irving's SUV, they go for a drive. Robertson once again asks Edgar about Bosch and Gunn in the parking lot, knowing there is something there. In the SUV the Chief complains why Bosch is always making news but acknowledges Harry's a good cop. Harry is dropped off.

    At the school the ticket dad approaches Harry, he got an official letter and Harry says sorry but new rules prevent him from helping.

    Robertson goes to Marissa Mata's apartment, she needs a minute to get ready. Rudy Tafero is there and says Marissa wants a lawyer. She acknowledges bailing out Gunn but then clams up. Tafero hints Bosch did it.

    Sgt Snyder approaches Harry in the office. She's doing the 128 complaint, Harry says Sgt Mankiewicz is his rep. They need to set a interview date by tomorrow or Snyder will issue an insubordination complaint to his Captain.

    Jerry is trying to buy sneakers online, Grace wonders why he didn't shop Black Friday. Grace refuses to allow overtime to follow Dobbs' crew.

    The KTK Taskforce meet, Chief Irving is there to help. Captain Delgado is there too, Irving gives him a subtle shot about his relative youth.

    Pierce gets a call on the fingerprints he is waiting for.

    Xavi and his girlfriend kiss and fondle at a bar. Xavi brutally punches another patron who commented about the two and they leave.

    Robertson happily reports to Pierce that Tafero is sleeping with Holland's aide, Pierce says there are two Tafero's.

    Harry waits in a bar, Robertson calls him to say the fingerprints from Gunn's belong to Jesse Tafero, Rudy's brother. Robertson invites Bosch in on the arrest but Harry has a court date the next day. The two seem to make amends. Grabbing his takeout, Harry sees Anita in a booth with another man.

    Harry and Maddie chat back at home, about the ticket dad and she sadly says he is like a turtle, not sharing his life. Harry again privately recalls the cranberry cobbler incident from his youth, he had taken the dessert without paying.

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