The Worst Witch Poster

(2017– )

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Season 1

11 Jan. 2017
Selection Day: Part One
One of the prospective students at the Witches Academy loses her eyeglasses and accidentally bumps into Mildred. She needs Mildred's help to get to the academy. Mildred also takes the exam, fails, but helps everybody survive the day.
18 Jan. 2017
Flying becomes difficult for Mildred when she is paired with a cat who is afraid of heights.
25 Jan. 2017
New Girl
Maud gets jealous when the daughter of magical celebrities transfers to the school, and starts hanging out with Mildred.
1 Feb. 2017
Pond Life
Mildred is asked in her test to turn a mouse into a frog, but in the middle of her spell she coughs and turns Ethel Hallow into a pig.
8 Feb. 2017
The Great Wizard's Visit
The students are exited when they hear that the school is to get a visit from The Great Wizard, unfortunately Miss Cackle's troublesome twin sister entraps her and takes her place in an effort to discredit her so that she can take over.
15 Feb. 2017
The Best Teacher
Mildred uses a wisdom spell to get through a test, but it doesn't work as planned.
22 Feb. 2017
Maud's Big Mistake
Parents are due to visit to see how well their children are doing, Maud anxious that her parents don't learn about all her mistakes uses forgetting powder to make people forget about all the mistakes she's made, a big mistake.
1 Mar. 2017
The First Witch
After Mildred has an accident with a heated hairbrush Ethel cuts it out with scissors breaking the witches code. Mildred makes a hair growing potion to make her hair grow again but as usual things go drastically wrong.
8 Mar. 2017
Spelling Bee
It's the annual spelling bee final (as in spells) between Cackle's and Pentangle's, the contest ends in a dead heat so a tie breaker has to be played and the only one eligible to do it is Mildred, can she perform a weather spell?
15 Mar. 2017
The Mists of Time
Against orders Mildred and Ethel sneak out into the mists of time and are transported back to when Miss Cackle and her sister were children. But can they get back?
22 Mar. 2017
Out of Bounds
Agatha Cackle tricks Mildred into helping her by pretending to be her sister Ada so that she can get into the academy to take over as head.
29 Mar. 2017
The Worst Headmistress
Miss Cackle's evil sister has taken over as head. Reluctantly Ethel sends a message to Mildred who has been sent home asking for her help.

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