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Although the gags hit home throughout – as they should, with such a broad target – the script loses focus slightly in the final twenty minutes.
The Film Stage
Unfortunately Nerdland doesn’t offer many surprises.
Aside from a supporting turn by Hannibal Buress as a king-of-the-geeks character, the film's most diverting ingredients are its aggressively crude character design and its sickly color palette.
With a scuzzy style to match its sleazeball vision of spotlight desperation and depravity, this Tinseltown satire — led by voice work from Paul Rudd and Patton Oswalt — revels in the foulness of 21st-century pop culture, albeit to a degree that’s ultimately both exhausting and redundant.
Much like its central characters, Nerdland is a dismal, unfunny failure, wasting all its potential and entirely unaware that it is every bit as stupid as the stupid people it so despises.

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