"Scream Queens" Handidates (TV Episode 2016) Poster

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Emma Roberts: Chanel Oberlin



  • Chanel Oberlin : Alright, let's get this body down to the meat locker.

    Chanel #3 : Last time we tried to hide a lot of bodies in a meat locker, like, every single one of them got stolen.

  • Chanel Oberlin : Ladies, we have another serial killer on our hands. And the killer is: #5!

    Chanel #5 : What, me?

    Chanel Oberlin : Yes, you! I think poor, warty Tyler here probably saw you naked and gagged, and you were so enraged you decided that he had to die.

  • Chanel #5 : I didn't kill him, I was with you the whole time!

    Chanel Oberlin : So? You were with us a whole lot at Kappa House when folks were getting killed left and right, and I'm still convinced you were responsible for at least some of those murders.

  • Chanel Oberlin : Hester, we come to you today not as adversaries whom you had committed to an insane asylum after framing us for a series of murders that you orchestrated, but as fellow Chanels.

  • Chanel #5 : Isn't the groom supposed to walk down the aisle first?

    Chanel Oberlin : Chad asked me to come first. He said I should get used to it.

  • Chanel Oberlin : Chad! What is going on?

    Chad Radwell : What do you mean? Why does something have to be going on? Can't I just ask you to, you know, meet me in the park and walk and talk some things over?

    Chanel Oberlin : No, Chad, you can't because it's super-weird and it seems like you want to murder me! I mean, I actually brought a stun-gun! When was the last time you wanted to A, go for a walk with me or B, have an actual conversation?

  • [Chad drops to his knee] 

    Chad Radwell : Chanel Oberlin, will you...

    Chanel Oberlin : Oh my God! Oh my God, is this really happening?

    Chad Radwell : ...get your lawyers to look over this prenup?

    Chanel Oberlin : Are you asking me to marry you?

    Chad Radwell : Oh, not really. No, I'll consider asking you to marry me once you sign the prenup.

  • Chanel #5 : We can't just throw him in the swamp, that's like destruction of evidence!

    Cathy Munsch : We are not destroying anything, swamps preserve things!

    Chanel Oberlin : She's right, every week you hear another story about somebody discovering a perfectly preserved caveman in a swamp.

    Chanel #5 : You're thinking of a bog.

    Chanel Oberlin : Okay, fine! I'm glad you took a class in comparative wetlands. Maybe you can put the same effort into figuring out who the killer is!

  • Chanel Oberlin : Okay, we get it, #5, another one of your boyfriends was murdered. Get over it.

  • Chad Radwell : Chanel, I'm in love with you.

    Chanel Oberlin : What?

    Chad Radwell : Even when I told all those other chicks I was banging how awesome it was that they didn't have wangs and how I was in love with them, really, I was in love with you.

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