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Truly a pain in the bass
Zezixo18 June 2016
This is it, this is the movie you have been waiting for, the movie you have been herring about. This whaley is the greatest movie of all time. I carp believe the amount of facts I learned from this. Cleopatra graduated from Plankton-U! only the most prestigious fish attend that school let alone graduate. Any fin is truly possible if you don't trout yourself. The voice acting and animation of this movie were dolphinately far out. If you love flawless animation and real time footage of the ocean fish as the plot gets completely pushed out the window this movie is for you. If you can think of a better animated movie than this please let minnow because I believe this is truly uncontested, a fine work of art; In fact I'm so inspired I am now going to watch real time fish videos.

-Yours truly a gillty avid Fishtale fan

P.S - I have to add the bluewallpaper.jpg and the tropicaltheme.wav really stood out for me too, I couldn't have thought of anything better.

P.S.S - When you're narrating a story don't leave your fans blowing in the same room its reely tough to hear you speak. :<
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Not Watchable
pauldavidtucker26 July 2016
I was fooled by the unimaginably high IMDb score. How this movie has an IMDb score above two is beyond me. The animation is the quality one would expect from a student assignment. The voice acting for the characters reminds me of watching a Christmas play. The screen writer did not develop a story or create a plot. The CGI animation is just overlaid onto live footage of ocean scenes and there is no cohesion or transition between scenes. There are just abrupt transitions. There is no character development and no character introduction. The characters just appear with no rhyme or reason. I bought this movie based on the IMDb score. I am extremely disappointed. Please read the other reviews as well and spare yourself. Don't waste your money or any part of your life watching this garbage. It starts off bad and never gets any better.
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Mind-numbing "Educational" children's movie.
tuliakuu18 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie might look like it is a story driven adventure designed to entertain your kids, but in fact it is a painfully boring educational video. The video starts with some of the worst CGI you will ever see, followed by a blank title card on the movie. You will then hear the narrator try to ham out some uninspired plot line while the music blares over him. The first thing you will notice is how lazy the animation is. CGI models stapled onto real ocean footage. You can even see it in the trailer. Then you get to meet the characters. A know-it-all angler fish named Cleo, a puffer fish whose only role is to follow everyone around, and a manta ray named Crash who is voiced by the director. We are given the Mcguffin for the story, a bizarrely malformed creature that swims in a nightmarish manner, it is called...Ollie. It gets chased by sharks, and now the trio must save it.

This is where you would expect the story to begin, where the characters begin to experience conflicts, adventure, transformations of character, on a path of discovery on their journey. What you get, however, is an endless stream of extremely formulaic educational fish facts that are pandered in such a way that it is neither engaging nor is it entertaining. It goes like this: Characters name a new fish, then they say some trite catch-phrase like "That's awesome" "That's so cool" "You are so smart" , then the know-it-all Cleo drones out fish facts until the next sea creature we see. This goes on...for a very long time. Only stopping for a minute when they go to a different area of the sea to talk about the next series of sea creatures in the exact same way. For the next hour this will be your reality, and that of your children. The ending is solved in the most tiresome of ways. The plot is almost non existent. It becomes painfully clear that it is an inane device meant to keep the children interested.

However at least in my experience, it fails at keeping the viewer interested. If you are a parent, you will not find any value from this, for you or your child. I am giving it a 3, primarily because it was so awful and boring that you begin to think up better ways to create a similar story. So on the one hand, it does help you become more imaginative. Simply by trying to create something...out of nothing.
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dumcatguy-1783821 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Its just great and educational, and really fun for kids. My grandspn said he loved it alot.
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The best film I have EVER laid my puny little eyes on ; )
thonourcom20 October 2017
This film is, highhandedly, the most iconic, emotional, and devastating masterpiece of our time. It is a true honor to even be alive within the same general time that this Oscar worthy (of EVERY Oscar on the market) dream was artistically crafted with, clearly, the highest standards of creative software. The use of windows paint and windows media player is not only breath taking but it has a sense of real life diversity and teaches the younger generation the morals of the life and death of Ollie the octopus. Truly a film for the ages. Thank you and just keep swimming. #nemoaintgotSHITEonfishtales

lots of love, Evan Tramel (Director, Producer, Crash the manta ray),
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Literally the worst movie I've ever attempted to watch
chrisryu-6926312 August 2016
For a fish related film to get a 1/10 from me is a really big thing - our whole household are mad on marine fish! However, we turned this off after the first 10 minutes and that was being generous.

The CGI is the worst I have ever seen, with some poorly textured fish dumped onto real ocean footage. The voice acting is terrible and the actually quality of the recording is even worse.

The film makes an attempt at being educational, but in my experience, boring a child to death is not a good way to get them interested in a subject.

Most university assignment submissions would put this movie to shame.

Do not waste your time - this is no Finding Nemo! If you want an educational ocean film - try Seefood, a film about a young Bamboo shark.
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