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If it's power to the people, then the people needs to do the right thing
Horst_In_Translation12 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Okay here we got the 2016 edition of The Annual People's Choice Awards and as you can read in the title, this is already the 42nd edition of this stage event. Host was Jane Lynch from Glee and while I generally don't mind her, I don't think she was really memorable here. But well, we can forgive her that and I think she was still among the better aspects of the show because a lot of it was really not good at all gently-speaking. Awards-wise Johnny Depp got his usual entry from behind the stage, it's a running gag now already isn't it? While everybody else who got an award was already shown frequently before they handed them one like Hemsworth, just one example. Again it was a problem here that certain important awards were not presented on stage, but just quickly thrown in so everybody could read them on the screen or just omitted altogether, which really goes against the concept of any awards show in my opinion, but yeah at least there was not too much music. Well, still too much I think, but not that it completely took the attention away from the awards. seeing Furious 7 win did not make me too happy, but yeah, it is subjective too. it is just a franchise that does almost nothing for me and I was also not too fond of how they were using Walker's death to get some more awards, which almost happened at the Oscars even. As for the other winners, most of them were not to my liking, but yeah, it is still an awards show for people in their early 20s may, probably even younger, so it should not come as a surprise really. Still I felt there were major problems occasionally and I mentioned these already partially. Now I checked th list of all the winners and it feels really wrong that maybe one third max were announced during the show. Like seriously? I am a bit tempted now to take away another two stars. But well, some categories also sound really pointless, so maybe it's good we did not have to bother with all of these during a 4-hour ceremony. The actual outcome was only like 1.5 hours and anoher half hour of commercials. Best thing was the hilarious The Talk interruption I guess because finally the show gained some entertainment factor, even if I felt a bit sorry for Sara Gilbert, but definitely not for Sharon Osbourne and her annoying reaction showing us how tough of a woman she is way into her sixties. Oh yeah Ellen DeGeneres got her obligatory annual award again as well. And a humanitarian awards and boy her acceptance speech was truly painful to sit through with the jokes about how seriously she takes herself while actually telling us how she does not take herself seriously at all. I saw right through it. As for her competitive award: as vomitly-inducing repetitive as it gets really. But keep acting surprised. Like everybody else and I am pretty sure that many, if not all, of the recipients were informed beforehand about their triumph, perhaps also to motivate them to show up. Honestly, by now the PCA are an event that could be abolished and I would not miss it at all. 4 out of 10 is still pretty generous here. Do not watch, not even if you love awards shows (like I do).
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