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So ridiculous
alixbrookehuntington11 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Many reviewers have mentioned the excessive number of extraneous characters, the unresolved plot lines, and Marcella's questionable ability to do her job with her mental illness such as it is.

However, my biggest problem is with the main plot. How in the heck would a single mom have the time to be a serial killer? And she's supposed to be so diabolical that she was somehow holding the weirdo neighbor's mail-order girlfriend hostage, only to set up some weird camera angle thing to lead the cops to the hostage's dead body? And how did her first victim survive his lobotomy but none of the others did?

If the writers can't even get a single straightforward mystery that makes sense, I don't have any hope for season 3.
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Baffling writing no spoilers
thecreatorofman13 April 2018
I can honestly say I've never seen anything quite like Marcella. Unfortunately I don't mean that it in a good way. The first season was entertaining if a little frustrating due to having plot points hanging in the air, but I could accept that as it was obvious those plot points would be picked up in season two. It was (note - was) a fairly standard police drama - gritty setting, messed up detective etc. Sure it was a bit silly and far fetched in places but it remained fairly grounded. Then came the second season, and wow I don't know what happened in the writer's room, but someone, somewhere lost the plot. Character after character is introduced to the point where there were so many stories going on that it became hard to keep track of everything. But don't worry I said to myself, at some point all of these stories will come together into an epic finale. And yet no they didn't, many were left unresolved, characters that had big parts for multiple episodes (if not most of the season) suddenly disappeared without trace never to be mentioned again. Worse still, each of the stories got more and more far fetched and unbelievable to the point where aliens could land and you'd probably just accept it. For a police drama there was very little actual police work being carried out, every break in the case came from coincidence - which occurred at an increasingly alarming rate. Many of the plot points from season once were reintroduced early on but then never mentioned again leaving parts of the story still unexplained. Worse still, the writer even said in an interview that it didn't matter about the disappearing characters or unexplained plot points as it was just like real life in which we don't know what happens to everyone we meet. Ermmm well no actually, that isn't how writing in any form works. Finally, I'm not sure how to even talk about the final episode of season two as fter all the ridiculous twists and turns, it ramps things up to 11. I think the editor must have edited in footage from a completely different show as the final ten minutes are probably the worst and most hilariously bad change of plot line I've ever seen. I'd almost recommend watching both seasons purely to see what I mean. If ever a show has been made up as the writer went along then it's this one. Sadly despite the awful writing (which to repeat is the worst I've ever seen), I probably would watch season 3 if there is one, because I can't wait for the episodes when she either:

A) wakes up and realised she's still a child and it was all just a nightmare after watching too many episodes of Paw Patrol.


B) is saved by a Doc Brown who asks her to go back to the future to ride hover boards and save the world.
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Enjoying reading the reviews more than Season 2
pepperso-5977111 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
My husband and I sat through this entire second series waiting for all these wonderful actors to be given a coherent storyline. By the fifth or sixth episode we were fascinated by the strange new characters that appeared and the bizarre new personalities some of the main characters had to develop. Wow, we said, wonder how the writers are going to tie all this together for a semi-acceptable finale? Surprise, surprise, they didn't! We just figured by the time Marcella started chopping her hair and self-mutilating, the writer(s) must be teenaged offsprings of the producers on maintenance meds.

What a waste of time but terrific fodder for scathing reviews!
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Plain daft
mandmgould12 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Marcella promises a lot but cannot possibly deliver because of the ridiculous plot and bizarre coincidences. That ending with her sleeping rough and being offered an undercover role (in S3)... pure comedy! And then there was the husbands new girlfriend who just happened to have a connection to the guy in care which, unbelievably was irrelevant to the plot!t And don't get me started on the scenes where Marcella was put into a trance and able to instantly recall past events... this whole series was a joke!
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Is it Just Me?
DICrabbe17 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
As a Fifty something male of UK origin that grew up watching & reading all kinds of police and detective thrillers, I have now seen something that warranted my writing a relatively negative review. Not because it was absolutely terrible, but it flatters to deceive and that in itself will fool people into watching something that really isn't that good.

Now it may be that I have just come out of watching several fantastic series (my opinion of course) namely Bosch, The Killing (all 4 US version series), The Following, The Fall, Happy Valley and Line of Duty (all three series at once, I was late to the party); and I may be suffering withdrawal from good character acting. But as I write this, tonight herald's the finale Of Marcella (series 1) and I am only looking forward to it on the basis that I sat through the previous 7 episodes and feel that I have invested all this time therefore I need some sort of dividend.

Surely I cannot be the only viewer that finds virtually all the characters unlikeable, derivative and, for the most part, shallow characterisations. Even Marcella's children seem to be ungrateful and unfeeling. The worst offenders, however, are DC Alex Dier the white female detective that prefers to dress in a male orientated fashion; and DC Mark Travis the (almost) idiot savant (treated as much). Both of these characters seem to have been ported over from the likes of NCIS, CSI, King & Maxwell, Criminal minds et al, solely for the purpose of letting the viewer know that 'yeah, we're hip to what's going on in TV land over in the USA'. Very poor characters indeed.

The actors do what they can with what they have got, but it seems as though none of the characters have any flesh on their bones at all. What the hell Jamie Bamber, Patrick Baladi and Sinéad Cusack are doing walking on and walking off for 5 minutes every now and again seems to be yet more proof that absolutely no-one has any serious part to play other than Anna Friel.

I am further frustrated with the inclusion of so many niggly little things that HAVE been included that serve (seemingly) no purpose whatsoever. Why one character needs to be seen wetting himself with the onset of MS is totally beyond me, let alone the knicker fetish of another. It seems that the writer, Hans Rosenfeld, wanted to impress us with lots of little details but gives us no back story whatsoever to most of the major players.

The plot is interesting enough, with plenty of twists and turns and red herrings, but as of writing (just before the finale) we seem to have so many loose ends that it will be almost impossible to give satisfactory outcomes to them all in the space of an hour.

If there is anything in the finale to improve my review score I will revisit afterwards. Otherwise I am afraid to say that this is definitely not up there with the likes of Line of Duty or The Killing, better save your time for something else.

Edit. 19 05 2016 Have now seen the final episode. I don't think it would be fair to downgrade my 4 stars, but as I suspected, even though the plot was satisfied in general, the finer tendrils were left largely untouched with the viewer left predominantly to fill in the blanks as they see fit.

If you want to watch good foreign crime drama watch either the US or Danish versions of Søren Sveistrup's The Killing or the truly brilliant Line of Duty. Alas Marcella is a pale imitation.
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utterly pointless
simonpcpearson10 April 2018
I haven't seen the first series and my review is based completely on series 2. I think it became clear about halfway through the series that the writers didn't know what they were doing and had no ending. For some reason I continued to watch in a kind of fascinated horror to see if the series would get any better. It didn't. Characters were added halfway through the show who served no purpose ( especially the badly acted lesbian couple who were wanting a child) and about 75% of each episode seemed to be padding or red herrings. I don't think many will be satisfied that so few storylines have been resolved . It might be possible that the makers will attempt a series 3. If they do I won't be watching.
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A Fiction Written by a Child
neutrinobelmondo13 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I hope there will be no third season. The Swedish screenwriter Hans Rosenfeldt is a child who likes to shock and capitalize on not so bright people. His explanation of Season Two finale is childish and cold. Hans Rosenfeldt said that "Marcella wanted Rav out of the way. He just talked her off the roof and she has really no idea what to do next. (This is the main reason that she assaulted Rav and handcuffed him). When she goes back into the incident room and sees the pair of scissors and all of that, that's when she subconsciously knew that she was going to try to erase herself. She was thinking, 'I can't be Marcella anymore. I don't want to be Marcella anymore. That's too hard for me to be, so I'm going to erase myself. Distort my face and erase myself.'" A truly irresponsible person and Police Service detective with severe emotional and mental problems. Marcella is no Hero. She should be prosecuted for killing her baby child Juliette and for assaulting her coworker Rav. She should also be admitted in a restricted mental institution (maybe with her creator).
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donb-519-33507515 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Being a fan of murder mysteries (especially British) I anticipated that "Marcella" would be on par with others I have loved (Luther, Broadchurch, The Missing). I was sadly disappointed.

The characters, story line, and crimes were interesting - in fact the acting was good. But the writing is lazy. SPOILER alert: when the great reveal happens in the last episode, we discover that the killer murdered a number of other people (pretty much chosen at random) to mask the fact that he wanted to kill the one person he was after. Very weak writing - I was let down. Not the kind of writing I was used to.

In addition the killing of the little girl seems to have been inserted into the show to provide a clue that eventually got the killer caught. There was no other connection to the little girl at all.

It is normal for shows like this to have a lot of ambiguity and confusion throughout - after all you do not want everything revealed or it would not be a mystery. But in this one, things are so unclear that I actually stopped caring.

In the end I was just glad it was over. Believe me, your time is better spent on other dramas.
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Why is everyone so unlikeable in this show??
desiree_abeyta26 June 2018
I understand that the most interesting stories are always centered around flawed characters. However, so many of these characters are written to be increasingly unlikeable, and not in the "interesting" way. The worst offender is her ex, Jason. Why do the writers have him SO bent on being completely irredeemable and hateful? He has no base for 90% of his actions and I find it hard to believe they were ever a happy couple with how tastelessly revengeful and petty he is. But it's not just him. Marcella herself, though wonderfully acted, is completely unbelievable as a top detective. Most of her findings come from coincidence and someone with her type of "episodes" is hardly capable of the type of case work she does. Her head supervisor also seems to only have one role, and thats to tell her to NOT follow her instincts and to stay away from said suspect, basically "because he said so". And her kids... her KIDS. They hate her and are relentlessly cold and ungrateful for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. Like father, like offspring, I guess. So many unresolved plot points it gives LOST a run for its money. All in all, poor character development, unnecessary gruesome details for cases that end up being mediocre. Hard Pass.
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Confusing and annoying
moirajaneob5 March 2018
I enjoyed season one but season two is driving me mad. The background music is excessive, intrusive and distracting. The plot is so convoluted, with characters appearing out of nowhere with no explanation or apparent connection with the story, that it is very difficult to follow.

I know that all will be revealed at the end and I will persevere, if only to find answers to all the above, but I can't say that I will enjoy it.
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First Series Barely Good,Second Series a Nightmare
billmarsano23 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
In the first series we learn that Marcella is a brilliant detective with a problem: some horrible event in her past, which she can't remember, plus the death of her newborn daughter from 'cot death (called crib death or SIDS in this country), provoke panic attacks/fugue states in which she does things, often life-threatening, that she can't remember. Meanwhile, her husband is dumping her, she knows not why. She does some great detective work and eventually (very eventually) solves the overly complicated case, and that should have been enough. Unfortunately, the series got great reviews from people devoted more to histrionics than actual drama, paving the way for the lavishly violent, incredibly over plotted and utterly unbelievable second series. Here, almost every character--and there are WAY too many of them--is utterly despicable or a sicko of some sort. It starts with ritual murders of random children (17, it's eventually learned) for no known reason. The subtext is abandonment: Marcella has abandoned her family for her job; her husband has abandoned her for yet another woman (the first was murdered in Series 1, with Marcella made to look guilty for fake-drama purposes); her bosses (one of whom is sleeping with her) abandon the department to this nutcase who is a danger to herself and others; her children (a psychologically damaged 12-year-old son and a fairly level-headed 15(?)-year-old daughter) abandon her off and on; the boss who sleeps with her semi-abandons her for an ice-queen blonde who is a saintly do-gooder running a foundation for poor kids which is in turn threatened by the pig-capitalist husband to whom she is non-credibly married and whose tone-deaf behavior would send Bernie Sanders into cardiac arrest. Then there is the lesbian couple demoralized by financial troubles because of failed in-vitro treatments, which leads one of them, who works at the Foundation, to get involved in a lucrative blackmail scheme in the ice queen's behalf to pay for another shot at in vitro, even though she doesn't want a kid anyway, while the one who DOES want a kid tries to get pregnant the conventional way by inviting some random saloon lout to violently shag her in a restroom toilet stall. There's also a sick member of Marcella's squad, who uses his tech expertise to spy on her home life. At first furious, Marcella cools off when she realizes that she can a) blackmail the guy into digging up dirt on her husband's lover and b) get proof that her husband was trying to blackmail HER. A marginally sympathetic customer in the first series, he's despicable in Series 2. During one of Marcella's attacks he slashes and bruises himself; when she 'comes to,' so to speak, blackmails her: if she doesn't sign over the kid, he'll tell the court how she knifed and beat him, thus costing her not only the kids but her career. Meanwhile the latest kidnap victim just barely escapes from his country-house dungeon and is given a lift by passing motorists, but any hope of great-god-almighty-and-ending at-last is quickly dashed--bashed, really, when the rescuing motorists' car gets into a competition with an oncoming train and wins the silver medal. This give the scriptwriters the chance to produce another kidnapping, and the victim, wouldn't you know it, is Marcella's son! From here we proceed to the further lunacy required to ID and nail the killer who is--well, you wouldn't guess in a million years because it's totally made up and straight out of left field. Enough? But wait--there's more, as they say on TV. In fact there are TWO more endings coming!. First, it has already been established that Marcella is seeking help for her mental derangement via laughably silly recovered-memory therapy: the therapist simply says she'll count down from 5 and presto! Marcella will go back to the Terrible Thing that occurred. And that first time, she almost makes it. Now, after the serial killer is caught and her son has been saved, Marcella goes back for more therapy. She voyages back to the very day and place of the Terrible Thing--her newborn baby's nursery. The infant has colic and has been screaming her bloody head off without letup for two solid days. (This scene feels as if it were filmed in real time.) Alone, with no one to help her, distraught, frantic and on the edge, Marcella hugs the infant to her breast and, overdoing that as she does everything else, accidentally suffocates the child. This in time leads her to the ledge on the roof of police HQ, thinking to end it all. But then a fellow officer who has been nothing but a cold fish for all of two seasons, suddenly turns all melty compassionate and pulls her back. OK? Well, sort of. She compromises by slashing herself with her scissors and running off into the night. In the SECOND extra ending she's found sleeping rough under a bridge, looking homeless and destitute, which she is. But then she is wakened by a stranger from some mysterious, off-the-record enforcement agency. The squat she had been living in, he says, has burnt to the ground, its occupants so badly incinerated they had to be ID'd by DNA. Since Marcella's DNA was found there, she has been made officially and legally dead. And that, my friends, is exactly the kind of non-person the mysterious agency needs to carry out its mysterious deeds. Thus is the stage set for the threat of yet a third season of Marcella. The wise viewer is well advised to imitate the actions of Brave Sir Robin:Run away! Run away!
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Season Two is disappointing
neutrinobelmondo10 April 2018
I believe the lead character Marcella should be admitted in a mental institution. I do not believe that a person with such an emotional disorder and a cluttered mind can possess such fantastic powers of observation and deduction.
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Maybe I'm getting old, but.....
haveutoldmom28 February 2017
I really liked this series. I'm reading some of the other reviews, and I think this should get more love.

If I'm reading this correctly, folks think this is pretty standard, along the lines of "The Fall" ( I'm going to review that too). My problem is I am not comparing this to other shows that are obviously, and clearly comparable. I realize that this is a good, or even maybe best way to judge a show, but I ain't doing it.

I liked the story, the writing and how the actors managed the lines. I liked the lead, I felt I "got her" right away, so any faults she made in character, and her characters behavior got a pass from me. She is a bit much upstairs for law enforcement, but the actor made me want to hope she keeps her job even if she's far from "stable".

I felt most of the characters developed well enough. One reviewer mentioned the stone faced guy, I see that too, but the rest felt like actual people who would say and do the stuff they said and did.

I felt it was well done, smartly done, kept me wanting, and in my view, delivered! In comparison to other stuff out there, I won't say it's the best crime series, but I liked it better than "The Fall", and I'm just digging in my heels and loving the production more than it's categorical rating. I guess I'm saying it ain't the best brand of candy bar, but it's good "sweets".
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Story and Plot are just terrible
generalmishmash-2605518 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Major spoilers included.

Production and acting are good, the plot and story development are just awful. The main characters blackouts in the first season would have been good if she had actually been the murderer. It would have drastically changed the tone and really gotten into the "messy and gritty" experience people say the show has. Instead they end up being the reason the murderer gets caught. Coincidence and circumstance seem to be the main driving factors of practically everything with random wrenches thrown into the works simply to get the story moving forward. It feels like the writers just make something up on the spot to resolve any given situation, it's just not good.
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stan_tee219 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So it seems there are perhaps only 20 people in London, England, and they're all connected to each other. The spoiled rich guy employs the boxer whose sister works for the nursing home that houses the brother of the murderer who's the mother of the detective's kid. The detective's ex husband is living with another nurse who also works there. Meanwhile, for some obscure reason, the wife of the spoiled rich guy is using the boxer and the guy next door to the murder house to blackmail her husband. And the same wife is sleeping with Marcella's boss, and Marcella is also sleeping with him. And that's not all of it. There's more.

As thecrearofman has noted, the storyline is just plain stupid. All the red herrings that lead nowhere are discarded in favour of the least plausible, most unbelievable denouement imaginable. In fact, the only thing I would disagree with thecreatorman about is whether or not to watch any possible season 3. No. No way.
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OK, but underwhelming
tom_downing19 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As other reviews have stated, many of the characters are unlikable and what started out as promising quickly slid into "huh?" mode. The lead character, Marcella, would likely have been placed on administrative leave by any competent police department early on in this melodrama. Some of the plots twists and character actions leave one scratching their head at times.

Although the story line is interesting, with side stories intersecting one another at several points, there seems to be a disconnect between what the creators wanted to do and what they eventually did do.

The production is top notch, good direction, mood setting and cinematography is very well done. Acting is fine by some, tepid by others. I just could not buy Marcella as a top notch detective.

So, I had to put it away after 5 1/2 episodes. Maybe there was too much angst among the central characters for me.
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Oddly entertaining
huntbk3 July 2016
This isn't the type of show I usually watch, but I was just surfing Netflix and saw it. I decided to give it a try, and ended up binge watching it over a weekend.

Marcella is so incredibly flawed, as are everyone around her. There's no clear good and evil, no pat answers, no clean crimes. Everyone is connected, and every connection leads to another answer and another dead end.

There are several very good actors here, including the talented Sinead Cusack as a corporate mogul.

I was very intrigued by where this story is going, and I'm sure it will lead me down an incredible complicated path before it gets there.
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Series 1 good. Series 2 far fetched
Tushpi21 September 2018
I enjoyed series 1 though Marcella herself totally frustrated me. She is not likeable but was functioning if seriously mentally ill. The idea she could be this ill and no one around her notice and no one closely connected would take some action to get her help, was unbelievable. However the crime investigation was gripping.

Series 2 started off well enough. The crimes gruesome and baffling but after a couple of episodes it just spiraled. Marcella became so toxic, in fact manically nuts that she repulsed me. The story lines became muddled, messy, illogical and totally unbelievable. Like others have said, whole story arcs were just forgotten about. Certain characters and story lines that we followed over a number of episodes just disappeared with no explanation. No semblance of police procedure was followed. Marcella just ran around at will, maniacally clobbering people and smashing up things, with no reprisals. It was almost cartoon like if it wasn't so grim. Having said that, Anna Friels performance as a woman totally disintegrating into complete psychosis, is compelling. It's hard to look away. The whole premise of series 2 however is preposterous. Perhaps the writers ran out of ideas or got stoned or something, especially the last 10 minutes of Episode 8 which was ludicrous and disappointing. I won't bother to watch series 3
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Do not waste your time , it doesn't get better!
philippe-576-56418619 April 2018
About everything is wrong about this series. 1-Terrible acting, most of the actors oscillate between two expressions: concerned and very concerned. The whole show looks more like a parody of bad acting than a detective series. 2-All characters are equally unlikable. 3-Anna Friel is a one trick pony with a frozen expression. Something is definitely wrong with her face, especially around the lips, too much Botox and fillers, or maybe plastic surgery gone wrong. 4- The plot: comically bad, far-fetch and unoriginal. Packed with clichés: The killers looking through the window, it keeps happening! The number of times the victims enter their house calling for in vain their partners. The victims behaving in the most irrational possible way so that they are an easy prey. The detective having that magic flair. Etc. you get the picture. 5-The avalanche of irrelevant characters. It's like any unemployed actor in the UK managed to get a part, we are overwhelmed by the sheer number of new suspects or victims been bombarded at every new episode. 6- Zero sense of humour, period. 7-The scrip: my eight-year-old niece would have done a better job. 8-Realism: anyone having spent at least a day working with a detective would come up with something more realistic. 9. The ratings! obviously fed by professional bloggers and trolls who are, I must admit, doing a much better job than the director at enticing the viewer to waste their time on this cinematic disaster. I eventually gave up after four episodes.
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anna friels agent wants shooting
philipbissell20 February 2018
She is a amazing actress and yet she is in one of the most appalling shows I have ever watched, the plot is so complicated that within 10 minuets I had totally lost it series 1 was great so all I can assume is that they must have dug up some really bad scrip writers, its not a patch on the first series and I will not be wasting time watching any more. I was being generous giving it out of 10

phil bissell
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Must have stopped paying the writers in the middle of the second season.
youraveragejoe212319 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I get it - every high budget crime drama nowadays has to conform to the trope of a "Likeable but somewhat dirty cop with a bad past." The problem is that Marcella is none of these: she's a murderer, barely a cop, a terrible mother, completely unlikable, and did I mention a COMPLETE NUTCASE. The first season had some potential, but just went completely off the rails in the second season. I'll admit Friel did a great job considering how utterly ridiculous her character was, but during the second season the show just descended into thrown-together red herrings, unbelievable occurrences, and random introductions of characters that were never tied together. The show culminated in a brutal, but completely unbelievable ending that leaves you a bit horrified but mostly scratching your head. There is no need to suggest that a third season not be made, as there is positively no way the events of the second season can be segue wayed into any sort of further plot.
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Interesting concept badly executed
Commander_Sheppard30 October 2016
The premise established by the first episode is promising but unfortunately from there it meanders in and out of various character's lives without actually delving into them as people. Each character is more like a rough sketch with some color splashed on to fake completion. The story itself is jagged and incomplete. Each throwaway character is variously presented as a likely candidate for the antagonist but never sticks around long enough to matter.

The casting is strong; which makes the poorly finished characters and shifting focus of the drama at the heart of the badly formed story that much more lacking.

Give this a miss unless you're a fan of one of the performers in which case prepare for a bit of a grind.
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Yet another angst ridden detective.
jdhb-768-6123429 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Why is it that every television detective is angst ridden, with all manner of 'issues' to deal with ? Sadly, Marcella was not only yet another one of these but also had little to make her particularly likable.

The rather drawn-out series was confused and spasmodic. The action tended to jump from place to place and subplot to subplot with little reason; most of the characters were shallow and flitted in and out, also for no particular reason. The action was peppered with plenty of meaningful looks and glances, and loads of apparently threatening behaviour, though little of note actually happened. In common with so many other crime dramas, the 'hero(ine)' is the only one who knows the answer but has to deal with bosses and colleagues who are mostly stupid or incompetent.

As the lead character, 'Marcella' as played by Anna Friel simply didn't cut it, but neither did any of her police colleagues. What viewers were presented with was a bunch of lightweight stereotypes and caricatures, none of whom were very convincing. Friel is basically a 'soap star' and has nowhere near enough ability or presence on screen to make up for what was a pretty weak story line. The only true actor in the whole thing was Sinead Cusack but, unfortunately, her appearances were few and short.

Wooden acting, poor script, confused plot, about sums it up. Not necessarily that dissimilar to some other recent crime series, but disappointing nonetheless. In fact, not really very good.
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Difficult to like with such an obnoxious lead
sholborn14 June 2018
I thought I liked this show but as it continued the lead character Marcella is just so obnoxious, rude and annoying that it becomes laborious to sit through. She is a woeful parent and makes one bad decision after another.
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Great start, but.....
davo44505 April 2016
Loved the first episode in the new ITV drama series "Marcella" A real gritty start with a couple of story lines to follow including Marcella's personal life with her husband.

If you have read the Sebastian Bergman books by Hans Rosenfeldt / Michael Hjorth and seen "The Bridge" then you can see where the ideas are coming from, a typical Scandi Noir feeling to the plot which I just love.

The only thing that spoiled it for me was the "Wooden" acting of Andrew Lancell who seems to play the same part in anything he has appeared in. The face does not move, no expression whatsoever. Apart from that a (so far) excellent casting with strong performances from Anna Friel,(just like The Bridge's Saga Norén) Ian Puleston-Davies, Sinead Cusack, Patrick Baladi, Harry Lloyd and Maeve Dermody all playing great parts and strong acting

Looking forward to the next Five episodes in Season 1
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