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The movie culminates in a cinematic coup de grâce bold enough to spin your head — one that gives the movie an entirely new dimension.
Consequence of Sound
Nuts! manages to create a fascinating, thrilling portrait of the weirdness of industrial-age America that’s as side-splitting as it is deeply haunting.
Slant Magazine
Throughout, director Penny Lane strings together telling incidents and anecdotes with a light touch.
One of Penny Lane’s best pictures, Nuts! is quite a brilliant way to tell a peculiar story. Condensing a lot of material into a brief running time, this format allows certain liberties to be taken, particularly when imagined conversations appear.
Ultimately, this isn’t a film about goat balls at all, but the willingness of millions to believe that some slick-talking demagogue knows more about what’s good for them and their families than someone with actual qualifications.
Mixing droll animation, stock footage and a restrained number of talking head interviews, the director Penny Lane’s biography has all the whimsy of a tall tale, until a late change in tone surprises with genuine emotion. Nuts! is really a kick.
A blend of cornpone commentary and tongue-in-cheek exposition, Nuts! is consistently very entertaining.
This quick, short Sundance Film Festival award winner leaves out a lot more about Brinkley than in it includes. But save your trip to the library (or Wikipedia) for after the film. The surprises, comic and tragic, are worth waiting for.
This now-obscure historical chapter can’t help but be silly in the retelling, and Lane surrenders whole to that silliness.
Screen Daily
The use of animation is sometimes a little crude, but the homespun aesthetic works well with the quirky nature of the story which unfolds.

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