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Season 3

20 May 2019
The Dino or the Egg
It's the season opener of Season Three and the new baby is coming. While Mom and Dad are in the delivery room, Saara tries to keep Dana calm by asking her how different dinosaurs had their babies. While the girls go on a fantasy adventure back in time to answer that question, they get closer to the answer of another question - are they getting a baby brother or sister?
20 May 2019
Terror Birds/Napasaurus
When Dana's dino backpack and field guide get stolen by a Titanis (a prehistoric "terror bird"), she enlists the help of a very special police officer who has her own connection to the Dino Field Guide./When Dana's Mom puts her Baby Brother down for a nap, she asks Dana to be quiet so they can both get some shut-eye but some noisy Corythosaurus are honking outside and Dana is determined to find out why.
27 May 2019
Dino Knights/Gnawed a Problem
While Dad is trying to get Dana and Riley to help him hang laundry, they would rather imagine that they're dino knights in a medieval jousting competition against dinosaurs./Rookie camper Dad takes Dana and Saara on a father-daughters camping trip and things don't go quite as planned when their firewood is stolen. Dana is pretty sure the thief is the Incisivosaurus, Mammoth or Maiasaura and decides to do a Dino Experiment to figure out which dinosaur (or prehistoric mammal) eats wood.
27 May 2019
The Quick and the Dino/Nest Defense
When Dana and Grandma are playing Cowboys and Dinosaurs, Saara doesn't want to play. Or does she?/Things get heated when Dana and Dad take on Saara and Uncle Ravi in a game of ball hockey. And to fuel her competitive fire, Dad tries to get Dana to think of the game like a Dinosaur Experiment, encouraging her to use dino strategies to defend the net - just like how a nearby Triceratops defends her nest against a trio of hungry carnivores.
3 Jun. 2019
Good Cop, Band Dino/Reach for the Tooth
When Dana has a special Father's Day craft egg destroyed by either the Titanoboa, Sinornithosaurus or Troodon, she and her neighbour Ms. Currie team-up as "police officers" to bring the dino to justice./With Dad busy at work, Dana tries to make a new backpack mode on her own so she can check out the teeth of what she thinks is the biggest raptor ever discovered: the Gigantoraptor.
3 Jun. 2019
Dino Flyer/Dino Prints
On her daily visit to Mr. Hendrickson, Dana helps a Baby Pterodactylus who has fallen from her nest. Over the course of a few days, Dana learns that sometimes people and dinosaurs need a little push out of their comfort zones in order to succeed./Dana finds claw marks all over the yard and tries to figure out what could have made them. Mom and Dad take a walk down memory lane and help Dana realize that the claw marks came from two Troodon dancing together.
10 Jun. 2019
Leader of the Pack/Dino Sitter
When Dana's soccer team is outclassed by Riley's team, Dana and Coach Grandma work together to devise dino strategies to try to score./Dana is trying to figure out how different dinos protect their eggs from hungry egg-eaters. Meanwhile Saara wants to prove to Dad that she can baby-sit Dana and Dexter, which means helping Dana with her Dino Experiment and carrying around an egg as a surrogate Dexter.
10 Jun. 2019
Shopping for Dinos/Dino Trouble
When Dana, Uncle Ravi and Uncle Ravi's girlfriend Anjali visit a supermarket together, Dana just wants to do a dino experiment but Uncle Ravi and Anjali are more concerned with impressing each other./Dana is trying to solve "Dino Experiment 724, why was the Europasaurus so small?" but her progress is complicated by the fact that Mom is forcing her to stay in her messy room until she cleans it up.
17 Jun. 2019
Dinostaurus/Hot and Cold Dino
When Dana finds a lone Incisivosaurus left behind after some herbivore herds pass by her, she wonders why the dino isn't following its fellow plant-eaters. And while Dana helps Grandma and Saara make jars of tomato sauce for the winter, she becomes determined to figure out what the Incisivosaurus is up to. When Dana gets a cold, she's still determined to complete Dino Experiment 725 - were dinosaurs warm or cold-blooded, despite Ms. Currie's efforts to keep her inside and in bed.
17 Jun. 2019
Dino Territory/Prehistoric Predator
When Dana encounters an unexpected intruder in her tree-fort, she uses the same techniques that a clever Sinornithosaurus uses to defend her nest from an invading Troodon./Dana is using the bathroom to figure out how the Megalodon hunted in the ocean because it's the only place she can get dark enough to use her shadow puppets. Unfortunately for Dana, everyone in her family needs the bathroom and interrupts her. But fortunately for her, they all help her along the way too.
24 Jun. 2019
Mind your Mammoth/Dino Catastrophe
While Dad makes baby food for Dexter, who is starting to eat solid foods, Dana is trying to figure out what mammoths use their trunks for./Dana is taking care of Cai's cat Sabre but he escapes Cai's apartment to chase a Baby Troodon. Now it's up to Dana to save the Baby Troodon from Sabre and get Sabre back into Cai's apartment.
24 Jun. 2019
Dinner-Saur/Dino Puppet Show
While out for dinner with her family, Dana spots a strange winged creature that has characteristics of both dinosaurs AND Pterosaurs. But what is it?/Dana needs Dad's help to figure out if the Deinosuchus sleeps with one eye open but Dexter won't go to sleep and free Dad to help. Taking matters into her own hands, Dana puts on a puppet show for Dexter to help him sleep but the show takes on a life of its own.
1 Jul. 2019
Dino Zone
Saara is having a sleep-over with her friend Olivia and Dana wants to join in. So she tries to frighten Saara and Olivia by telling three spooky dino tales that pay homage to famous horror movies - but has a hard time with her stories' scary endings.

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