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The new documentary on Keith by Morgan “20 Feet From Stardom” Neville still manages to surprise and delight.
Under The Influence is ultimately much more of a listening pleasure than a viewing one. Neville's by-the-book direction makes sure of that. That said, Richards is an undeniably magnetic force of nature that keeps the attention span reined in for the swift 80-minute runtime.
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Richards is such a fun interviewee that there’s no point kvetching about the film’s superficial treatment.
Ultimately little more than an extended commercial for his new album. That said, it is an effortless pleasure to watch
For all Neville's undoubted slickness and poise as a filmmaker, Under The Influence displays a fundamental lack of curiosity about the cackling enigma at its heart.
You certainly feel as if you were getting to know the man as he really is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gaining much insight.

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