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Great show. TJ is garbage.
dlinsner18 December 2015
TJ is garbage. No more needs to be said about the show. However, Paul's Ego is great, as are Ben and Scotty. The show's primary forte is becoming themselves contextually within the parameters of the show. They are all loud-mouthed atheists, but they do so in an appropriate manner, which adds to the quality of the show. Nothing beats a good rubdown while watching the show. It's great when they bring some of their mortal enemies on the show, because it leads to a lot of arguments and fighting. This makes the show 10,000 times better, and more reason why this show should never be cancelled and should continue to be broadcast until the end of time.
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Best low-brow form of entertainment
ciggbit24 February 2016
You should know coming into this that it's a low-brow form of entertainment, and thus you should watch it with this in mind that its only purpose is to perpetuate drama and watch as hilarity ensues. Not to say that the hosts are in anyway immature or unintelligent, hell all three are pretty reasonable and rationale people, the show they run though is just meant more for entertainment purposes than to be news, debate platforms, etc. That being said there are some enlightening moments, especially when guests are on.

It's definitely more engaging than any other podcast I watch as it involves itself into the YouTube community in such a way that sort of ties the community up very well. They often always have people of dissenting opinion on and those are often very enjoyable to watch as almost always both sides are very respectful to each other. I've listened to many other podcasts but this is the only one that I keep going back to.

That being said, I feel like PaulsEgo has somewhat of a drawback. There are moments when he shines, and other moments when all he does is disrupt guests and go on about things no one cares about. But he's been getting better so hopefully it will subside.
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An eclectic mishmash ? Yes, but a successful one.
oncheurmasque17 May 2016
An Illuminati dictator, a manatee historian, a mysterious lucha libre fighter and finally a pile of garbage.

It is an unlikely cast that took the reign of what some called "the best show ever", "the stupidest show ever" or "what is that and who are you?" : the eponymous Drunken Peasants Podcast. One must say that they were quite successful at it, receiving distinguished guests such as Gad Saad, Anthony Fontano, and some more controversial ones like Milo Yannopoulos.

So if you like to laugh and think, pour yourself a drink, stuff your pipe with some perfectly legal Pan® tobacco and get ready for some sometimes inane, sometimes brilliant commentary on political sh*t, crazy people videos, and many more subjects.
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Great show with a great cast.
aaroncheuxsan12 August 2016
The Drunken Peasants podcast is a very funny and intelligent podcast hosted by the infamous T.J Kirk, his younger brother Scotty Kirk, the masked Ben, and another youtuber known as Paul. Together, they make a good crew of mockery and foolishness as they pick apart various news stories and youtube videos. They have a number of long-standing feuds with various other youtubers, such as Brett Keane, Vegan Gains, AIU, The Vigilant Christian and others. These feuds often result in comedic discussions of how terrible the various antagonists are. The Drunken Peasants have been running since 2014 and I hope they continue far into the future. Watch. This. Podcast.
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satanicblondie3 December 2015
This laughable self titled "TV Series" is a monumental stretch.. It should be called a Podcast of Dumb and Dumber and Dumbest 3. An embarrassment for all involved, featuring far too much unfunny juvenile material that merely makes one wonder how on Earth anyone thought it would work. This whole production reeks of desperation and a handful of giggles simply isn't sufficient reward for sitting through so much relentless, and, more to the point, unfunny, tastelessness. The comedy's just spiteful, sour and sloppily executed attacks on other Youtube content providers and more newsworthy public figures than themselves. It's hard to name a recent attempt at entertainment that has been more thoroughly unwanted, unneeded, and disposable.
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Painfully unfunny.
seiglerneal6 May 2016
Can't believe I was ever into this crap. Any form of intelligent commentary is ultimately ruined by painfully unfunny, cringe-worthy, and utterly infantile jokes (Ben and Tj are the worst). This isn't a comedy because a comedy actually involves humor. Not to mention that the show's entire fanbase is riddled with either rebellious 13 year old children who think it's cool to be an atheist, or autistic morons who have no opinion of their own and blindly follow these people without even the slightest hint of the idea that they could be wasting their lives (or lack thereof) on podcasts that actually have some kind of resemblance of talent.

But to be fair, like I mentioned above, when they do manage to stop acting like children and actually engage in a serious discussion or comment on idiotic videos, the show actually comes close to being entertaining, ironically making them come off as intelligent people, especially Scotty (who, along with Paul are the least obnoxious of the bunch). That's probably the only time they come off as having actual talent. Other than that, the show is mostly garbage. And believe it or not, there was a time where there were less penis jokes and more intelligent conversations. That's the only reason why I'm not giving this 1-star. They even had the self respect to get rid of the crazy craigslist ad segment.

Another thing I can't stand about the show is when they sometimes bring their obnoxious, cringe inducing fans onto the show. Egghead (stupid name, btw) has to be the worst. The straw that broke the camel's back was when they brought his a*s on second time! That's when I unsubscribed. It really says a lot about your show when even your own fans are unbearable.

In conclusion, the show can be good when it wants to be, but the 'humor' kills it. It's a shame because there was a time I actually enjoyed Tj's work. And to an extent, I still do, but not when he's trying to be funny.
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