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7 Apr. 2017
Blood in the Sand
The murder of two teenaged girls on the same California beach six years apart shocked residents around San Diego when it happened. What DNA uncovered in the case decades later would stun them a second time.
21 Apr. 2017
Death and the Dentist
In his only interview, a New York dentist charged with murdering his lover's husband vows that he didn't do it -- but could he go to prison for something else? "48 Hours" Richard Schlesinger investigates.
26 May 2017
Sophia's Secret
Anchored by Tracy Smith, this encore of "Live to Tell: Sophia's Secret" is the inspiring story of a young woman's fight to escape a cycle of abuse, her will to live after being hurt in an attack, and her work afterward to expose the growing dangers of dating and breakup violence.
2 Jun. 2017
Bad Boy
"48 Hours" Presents: A young mom vanishes after visiting her ex-husband -- could his accidental "butt dial" to 911 hold clues to what happened? CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller investigates.
9 Jun. 2017
Death on Valentine's Day
Curtis Lovelace was a hard-charging prosecutor and former college football star who was known around his Quincy, Ill., hometown for having a wonderful life. He had a great job, four wonderful kids and a beautiful wife. But then he found his wife, Cory, dead in their home on Valentine's Day 2006. Nothing would ever be the same for Lovelace and the community that once held him up as a model citizen.
23 Jun. 2017
Killer Performance
Tracy Smith and 48 HOURS have a new development in the investigation into the murders of Julie Kibuishi and Sam Herr and the tale behind their deaths.
10 Jul. 2017
Murder by Design
Did fashion icon Gianni Versace know his killer? A "48 Hours" investigation into the killing spree that ended his life in Miami 20 years ago. Richard Schlesinger reports.
5 Sep. 2017
Serial Confessions
When police found Kala Brown chained inside a shipping container in Woodruff, S.C., they thought they were on the path to solve a missing persons case. What they learned was that they were just getting started on the trail of a suspected serial killer.
25 Sep. 2017
Afraid of the Dark
A kidnapper tried to kill an 8-year-old girl, but he could not silence her. CBS News' Michelle Miller reports.
1 Oct. 2017
The Golden State Killer
After 40 years, police arrest the man they think committed at least 50 rapes and 12 murders. Correspondent Tracy Smith has the latest in the case.
8 Oct. 2017
Murder in the Mansion
It was one of the most notorious cases in Texas history -- an ambush in a mansion that killed two and wounded two others -- and to this day, no one has been held accountable."48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher investigates.
26 Nov. 2017
Death by Text
Should a young woman go to prison for sending text messages and calling a friend before he took his own life? Correspondent Erin Moriarty and "48 HOURS" investigate the crime of the digital age, the trial of Michelle Carter for doing just that, and have the latest on her Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court appeal.
21 Dec. 2017
The Psychiatrist and the Selfie
A psychiatrist is arrested -- did she try to brainwash her cousin to kill her ex-lover? '48 Hours' correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates.

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