Fallout 4 (Video Game 2015) Poster

(2015 Video Game)

Matthew Mercer: MacCready, Z1-14


  • Doctor Carrington : [about Old Man Stockton]  Paranoid old bat won't even tell us the problem, he insists we get our intel from a dead drop.

    Sole Survivor : What's a dead drop?

    MacCready : I had one of those once after I ate a bad batch of cram! Spent eight hours on the can.

    Doctor Carrington : Oh, dear lord.

  • Paladin Danse : I'm not sure why you'd want to travel with this... insubordinate civilian, but it's your decision.

    MacCready : Yeah... sorry Danse, I couldn't hear you over all that clanking.

  • Deacon : Still killing people for caps, MacCready?

    MacCready : I dunno, you still pretending to be everyone but yourself?

  • [in horror and disgust as the player character devours a corpse] 

    MacCready : Yeah, sure... go ahead, tuck in! Don't mind me.

  • MacCready : If we want to stay at the top of our game, we need every bit of loot we can get our hands on. If that means offing a few innocents along the way, then so be it. At the same time, I don't wanna be known as "the Mass Murderer of the Commonwealth." A title like that tends to bring too much heat. So, I guess all I'm asking is that you watch the body count. Otherwise we're going to have a problem.

    Sole Survivor - Male : Why do you care? You're a mercenary.

    MacCready : You're right, I am a mercenary. Which means I get paid to kill. I don't go on massive murdering sprees to satisfy some kind of weird bloodlust. See the difference?

  • [approaching Covenant] 

    MacCready : If paranoia started to fall like rain, this place would need to build an ark.

  • MacCready : Oh, come on! We're fighting one of THESE? Behemoth! Take it down!

  • [observing a theatrical rigging system in a church] 

    MacCready : This reminds me of the time we tried to perform "Pyramus and Thisbe" in Little Lamplight! Yeah... that didn't really go over too well.

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