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Don't trust the title
Horst_In_Translation21 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Here we have the "2015 Billboard Music Awards" and if you believe this was an award show that honored the best of 2015 from the music scene, then you are only half correct. I guess all the awards action could have been fit into half an hour overall. But the event went on for over 2 hours because it was packed with music performances. Don't get me wrong: I'd be perfectly fine with 2-3 performances, maybe even 4-5, but not with the amount included in here. It was basically a concert event, but not an award show. And if that wasn't bad enough already, then I found most of the performances pretty dull. Plus why does an award show start with over 5 minutes of a Taylor Swift video? Seriously? By the way, she dominated the night and it was a bit too much really. Then again, there were other even less deserving winners like One Direction. And, what was up with the Paul Walker tribute? No offense to his fans, but why is there a tribute to an actor who died 1.5 years earlier at a music show. I'd have understood if it was included in 2014 (well no, not really), but why in 2015??? I am pretty certain a great amount of respectable and successful and incredibly talented musicians died that year and they would have deserved it. Best moment of the night? Maybe Sam Smith's silent performance, but oh well that wasn't perfect either as he honored Nicki Minaj ugh... Apart from that, it was the usual. Lots of sucking up, everybody respects everybody and is friends with everybody of course and everybody's busy promoting his upcoming projects. Lots of advertising here. Overall a failure and another piece of evidence how badly music award shows have been struggling. They should get back to the essential: the awards. This 2015 edition gets a big thumbs-down from me. Not recommended at all.
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