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Has not aged too well Warning: Spoilers
"Black Hole Sun" is a live action short film from 1994, so this one is already over 20 years old and it is the music video for Soundgarden's song "Black Hole Sun". It runs for almost 5.5-minutes and I must say the only thing that somewhat stays in mind here are the faces of the people we see. Very creepy from start to finish. The video is as a whole a clash of good (sun) and bad (black holes) and so it keeps showing us people who also appear nice and friendly in theory, but apparently are possessed by the devil. In terms of the song, I am not convinced. The lyrics seem very generic to be honest and apart from the twisted meaning, there is little to it. It's also not really a catchy song. I totally adore Chris Cornell's addition to the James Bond franchise, but with this much older song, he did not impress me at all. Not recommended.
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