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Happy i got a conclusion but not happy that it couldn't be a dark more unexpected one :P
Aktham_Tashtush19 May 2015
So the series is over ,, not the way i expected it or more precisely I hoped it to end, but overall it was a good ending for an amazing show.

So i'm not trying to be cynical but i think the series finale should'v been more dark ... i don't know ,, but in this period and for such shows , a happy ending where everyone with a lead role should live happily ever after doesn't play out properly . Okay the ending for Theo was kinda vague but still i think from the point of view of "consequences matter" and with a sense of surprise some one should have died or badly disfigured like Mike or Max or even Rayan but not even a scratch !!! it reminds me of Steven Seagal's movies where he kills everybody and he lives like a hero,, come on people !! such a Hit series needed a decent explosive ending ..

and in the final scene ,, they showed us how the personality of Hardy changes and how killing a human being become easy for him but still was not enough for me to be satisfied.

As a series ... overall ... loved it so much... there were a lot of thrilling and WOWzer moments (a lot of those in the 1st and 2nd seasons and a couple in the third ) and few static ones ... i'm happy it ended which gave me kinda conclusion but still not a satisfying one :P
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Extremely unimpressed
andrew-solomon-mail13 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This final episode really showed what happens when writers run out of time. As a big fan of the show I was certainly willing to keep going right to the end. Even though I felt that removing Joe from the show was ultimately a mistake I thought that perhaps there was life after Joe.

I got the impression that for the final episode, the writers were just free-styling. Anything became possible. In a show that generally makes sure that there are no story holes or improbable outcomes, this episode sure had a load.

The ease at which Ryan was able to spot Theo's car from a helicopter at night was nothing short of super human.

Ryan was able to take down Eliza's crack squad of super criminal soldiers with such ease that it made me question how they became such a successful "firm" of criminals in the first place.

The sudden "reveal" of the FBI mole was ludicrous. As soon as we discover this vital plot point, her behaviour did a 180 degree turn. All of a sudden this strong personality is erratic and unpredictable. Convenient, lazy writing. And then at the very end in the hospital, her room is the only one unguarded just so Ryan can exact his revenge.

In fact, the last 5 minutes with the overly suspicious looking hooded Ryan walking through the hospital in clear view of officers hiding around corners and walking into "Staff only" areas was fairly ridiculous. After walking out of the hospital he removes his "cast" (great disguise) not 5 feet from an officer who is looking at him.

And the fact that the serious is left limply hanging with some form of semi cliffhanger is such a cheap trick. Perhaps the creators are hoping to scrounge another season from Yahoo or Netflix. Wishful thinking in my view.
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