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Gifted isn’t the best or most sophisticated or most original film of the year so far — but it just might be my favorite.
Comparisons to the classic 1979 Oscar winner "Kramer vs. Kramer" are inevitable. But Gifted stands on its own because it feels more like reality than a Hollywood take on family crisis.
In its details, in its characters and their relationships, in the unfolding of its story, and even in the delicacy of its filming, Gifted rises above cynical expectation. Far from a canned piece of work, it feels sincere and inspired.
The film is decidedly emotionally manipulative without being cloying, and often finds real humor in the complicated situation that arises around a genius 7-year-old, played by Mckenna Grace.
Gifted finds a collective of competent people making a perfectly competent movie — nothing more, nothing less.
Despite its recycled tropes, the comedy-drama manages to be both funny and moving even if its emotional manipulations are fully apparent.
Gifted wants to be an “honest” tearjerker, but it’s as plotted out as an equation on a blackboard. It’s the undergirding of formula that roots the movie in the commercial marketplace, but that may ultimately limit its appeal.
Evans and Grace are exceedingly appealing together, and their charming chemistry keeps the film afloat even when it doesn’t seem to know which direction to move in.
A heartfelt performance from Chris Evans as the conscientious caretaker of his brilliant niece isn’t ample compensation for a film lacking the same intelligence and inquisitiveness that its young protagonist possesses in abundance.
Slant Magazine
The grace notes are crowded out by the screenplay’s plot machinations and emotional manipulations.

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