Power Rangers (2015) Poster


Katee Sackhoff: Kimberly, Pink



  • [first lines] 


    Rocky : When two empires declare war, neither side is innocent.

    Kimberly : You're still a traitor, you worthless piece...

    Rocky : [interrupts her]  We were children asked to fight an intergalactic war against an enemy we'd never met. Let's stop pretending our side stood on some moral high ground.

    Kimberly : What do you want, Rocky?

    Rocky : Where's Tommy?

  • Rocky : Bullshit is an ugly color on you.

    Kimberly : I prefer pink.

  • [last lines] 

    Tommy : Who are you?

    Kimberly : I'm Kimberly

    Tommy : No! You're not!

    [Flashbacks reveal Tommy mourning Kimberly's death as he holds her] 

    Tommy : I held Kimberly in my arms when she died! So I'm going to ask you one more time... WHO ARE YOU?

    ["Kimberly's" left cheek begins to crack and we are shown more flashbacks of the deaths of the other Rangers] 

    Kimberly : [Flashback to Jason's death]  Kill

    Kimberly : [Flashback to Bulk and Skull's deaths]  Stab! Drown

    Kimberly : [Flashback to Zack's death]  Sleep!

    Kimberly : [Flashback to Billy's death]  Shoot!

    Kimberly : Don't you remember me darling? I'm the one who turned you into a Power Ranger in the first place.

    [as she walks, "Kimberly" transforms into Rita Repulsa] 

    Rita : I've killed them all! And now the world is ours!


    Tommy : Rita! YAAAA!

    [Slashes her and screen goes dark ending the movie] 

  • Rocky : If dying is what you choose to do here today, I would prefer you did it with your integrity intact.

    Kimberly : How soon after the truce did you turn? Did you even wait until we were disbanded?

    Rocky : The second the Machine Empire integrated their machinery into our society, I knew what we'd bled for was gone.

    Kimberly : So you stabbed us in the back.

    Rocky : I followed the only rule worth following in this fuck storm, I made sure I was on the winning side... Which is why I'm sitting here and you're chained to a chair. Comfortable?

    Kimberly : You were never really one of us.

    Rocky : Thank you. Who would've thought that weaponizing youth and training them to kill would have turned out so ugly for many?

    Kimberly : We were a team. We fought for each other... You never understood that.

    Rocky : Let's talk about Jason?

    Kimberly : What about him?

    Rocky : You were married to him, weren't you?

    Kimberly : For eight hours.

  • Kimberly : You're out of your mind... Tommy didn't kill any of us. He's a Ranger. You just forget what that means.

    Rocky : Why do you think they gave these powers to kids? Hmm?

    Kimberly : Because we were the only ones who could destroy Rita and her...

    Rocky : You are NOT that stupid! For fucks sake, pull your shit together and start thinking for yourself. For once in your life! You're not a little girl anymore. Now where's Tommy?

    Kimberly : Go fuck yourself.

    Rocky : You think you're defending something worthwhile... I get that. But technology? The Machines? They always win...

    Kimberly : I told you, I haven't seen Tommy since the last time...

    Rocky : One last warning. Every move we make leaves a footprint.

    Kimberly : Trini's funeral.

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