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One of the most entertaining shows on the internet!
raineasbrink20 November 2014
Rhett and Link talk about a little bit about everything on their show. I enjoy watching 'Good Mythical Morning', because they cover a lot of interesting facts, they are very funny, and you will almost always learn a thing or two from the show. They have a wonderful crew too, and sometimes you get to see them in the show as well. They have new episodes every Monday-Friday....once you start to watch them you will find yourself waiting and wondering, "What will tomorrow's show bring?"...this show is a must watch, in my opinion. They are very engaging with their fans, and the 'Mythical Beast' community are most welcoming!
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Good Mythical Morning review
wuestenbergnathan18 October 2016
Good Mythical Morning is a funny and interesting 10 to 15 minute talk show on YouTube with over 11,250,000 subscribers. Hosted by two lifelong friends, Rhett Mclaughlin and Link Neal, they sing, do sketches, ridiculous challenges, top ten list, and interview people. Their first show went up on YouTube on April, 25 2013, uploaded every Monday through Friday in the morning. Recently they've posted a video on Saturdays about the crew. Each show they do something different whether it's eating foods or doing a game with a guest, they make top ten list and talk about ridiculous topics. To start off the show Rhett and Link introduce the topic that they're going to talk about then with their signature "Let's talk about that," go into an intro clip. After the intro clip they explain further what will be happening during the show, they may also do any announcement at that time. Once they explain what will happen they start the game, tasting food, or just talking about something random. To finish the show in a fun way, they spin a wheel and act out whatever it lands on, then you can head over to another video which is "the show after the show." When comparing GMM to other talk shows such as Ellen, The View, and The Talk, they are close to the same level of views and they are only growing. They have won many awards themselves, 5 Webby awards, 2 shorty awards, 1 Streamy award, shorty award, LA web award and LA WTV award. They have been nominated for many other awards. On average a video will get around a million views some video going way above that and others no where near. Overall the shows are funny lighthearted and great to watch with kids. It is always fun to watch their reactions when they eat or do something they don't like or think is gross. Some videos may not be interesting or is missing material to make it better. If they had the funding or time that a regular talk show has they would be able to grow and do more. Their lack of funding may be holding them back on what they could all do. But Good Mythical Morning is doing well with what they have and continue to produce fun, entertaining content for everyone on YouTube to enjoy for many years to come.
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Light entertainment to start the day
smetin27 December 2017
I've been subscribed to GMM for nearly 4 years now and still enjoy watching the show. Each episode is 10-15 minutes long and are great fun. Rhett and Link are the hosts of the show and are lifelong friends. It is great to see the friendly dynamic between the two and they bounce off each other like a (happily) married couple!

Generally, episodes fall into the following categories:

  • Lists: these episodes can focus on any subject, whether it be internet memes, halloween costumes, celebrity instagrams or even serial killers. Most are entertaining, but the ones that centre on subjects I have no interest in tend to drag on.
  • Rhett vs. Link: this can take the form of quizzes, figuring out the origin of foods and then using a dart to hit the respective country on a world map etc. Regardless of the type, be sure to expect a unique twist on the general trivia concept, along with funny prizes/forfeits.
  • Celebrity episodes: in the past, YouTube 'celebrities' tended to come on the show, but since GMM has gotten so popular, actual celebrities come on.
  • Food episodes: these are by far the most entertaining. The 'Will it...?' episodes ask if certain foods 'Will' or not. For example, in 'Will it pizza', they tried sand on a pizza, which obviously...did not pizza!

GMM is a brilliant show and since it has exploded in popularity, the production quality has gone up dramatically. One gripe I have about this show now is that they are focused more on what makes an episodes look good, than what makes an episode actually good to watch. This has resulted in several episodes that have been quite stale and I have not watched fully.

The recent change in the episode releases has also meant that 4-5 episodes are released daily. In the past I almost religiously watched GMM everyday, but am now watching 1 out of 5 each day (unless any of the others catch my interest). I think they are trying to get as much ad revenue as possible and has resulted in a quantity over quality issue for me.

All in all, if you want something to start the morning on, GMM is a good shout. The hosts are great fun, relatable and likeable. The content of the episodes are good, but do not always hit the mark. But, when it comes down to it, YouTube is free so I can't complain too much!
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In decline
rleec-9430127 November 2018
Good Mythical Morning used to be a very well constructed morning-show, delivered by two comedic family-men, who told embarrasing stories and played games occasionally. However, unfortunately, the show has dipped largely in quality since the introduction of the new 'format'. Now the show runs as if it were a children's programme, with meaningless games and the random choice of guest. It's a shame, but nothing can stay great forever.
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GMM is great!
younevercouldcontrolme13 December 2017
Good Mythical Morning is a fun, engaging show that almost always is hilarious, creative and unique. It's a very addictive show, and, like loads of things you find on YouTube, will leave you clicking and watching more and more.
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Good Morning
amolsapkal7 November 2016
Yes as the name displays, it will be great to watch this video daily when your morning starts. I try to watch Good Mythical Morning whenever i get a chance. I started Good Mythical Morning with 'will it'. This is good and comic to watch both of them in a situation where anyone of us don't encounter it daily. Please try to make videos on Indian food and other stuffs as well. I Like both Rhett and Link. And the supporting staffs are good enough to make this show complete. Good Mythical Morning set looks awesome; the video quality is excellent. I don't know how much you earn in this show but eager to know it. In future, i would like to see you shoot outside as well like the mud bath. Thank you so much Guys.
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Don't waste you time......
Krugerharn9 April 2019
On this utter drivel. Two middle aged men acting like little kids. They have zero talent and their content shows this.

Their videos consists of them eating different cereals, drinking stupid stuff or seeing if they can tell the difference between condiments.

They are so desperate to be YT they will do anything to make up for having no talent.

The word "pathetic" can not be over used when mentioning this show.
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