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When I was 12 years old I would have loved this movie...
mattcurtis-5045918 August 2018 I'm 45 and guess what? From ET and The Gonnies to Harry Potter and Stranger Things I've enjoyed this genre of Sci-Fi/fantasy TV and movies. Nothing warms my heart more than the riteouus innocence of youth vs the cruelty and bitterness of "grown ups". Likely another serial, in the same vein of Hunger Games or Maze Runner but hey, why not? Sure give this a score of 5 if you want then complain it's not original enough or the acting isn't worthy of an Oscar! -or- Like me, smile and be thankful that someone's still making movies like this, movies that remind us of what it's like to be a kid. A kid, who dreams of special powers and a future were we get to be boss for a change! It's far too easy to pour scorn and cynicism here but I don't see you detractors doing any better. It's a solid 9 out of10 for me. Keep up the good work.
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Entertaining movie
mtjohnson-185493 October 2018
After reading some of the 1 star reviews I began to wonder if we were watching the same movie or if they even watched this movie at all. The movie does have a plot, decent cinematography and the acting is decent. I did not read the book but I enjoyed this movie although I wasn't the target audience. Judge it for yourself and don't allow others to guide your opinion either way.
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This film is actually quite good!
yuan_yuan32 October 2018
I am not sure why people are giving 1 to this film, there are plenty films deserve a 1 than this one. The trailer is pretty in line with the film. Believable characters and the actors gave a pretty good performances. Overall I enjoyed it very much. If you like hunger games, this is similar. I would definitely recommend this film to others! I hope there are sequels coming!
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It was fine
zeynepsertyel-728-39162813 August 2018
I think they did a pretty good job. Sure it wasn't revolutionary good or didn't show anything we haven't seen but it was good on it's own. And They made me want more.
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LOVED this film!
jordan-paige-4551619 August 2018
To be honest, I am not sure why lots of people dislike this film. However, I can personally say that I enjoyed this film immensely. Being a fan of the book series, I was already excited for the film's release, but was nervous about the YA novel adaptation. However, I feel that while the book and film are different in many ways (as they have to be, as there are things in the novel that can't be done easily on screen), the production team did a wonderful job of making the film their own, but sticking to the novel very well. Although it seemed fast paced at times, I was eager to see what would happen next. My mom, who has never read the series, left the theater and said "well, now I'm going to have to steal the second book from you and read it, because I can't wait until another movie to see what happens!" Please, do not listen to the negative reviews, and go see this film for yourself. I had the incredible opportunity to be a background extra on the set of the film, and saw firsthand how hard both the cast and crew worked to bring this film to life. Please go support to not only see an incredible storyline come to life, but to encourage future YA novel adaptations, female directors, and inclusive/diverse casting.
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The Darkest Minds: Another doomed franchise
Platypuschow18 November 2018
The Darkest Minds is the latest teen sci-fi franchise alike Hunger Games, Divergent, Twilight, The Host etc etc etc and alike the majority of them will never be a fully told story.

It tells the tale of a world where 90% of kids die leaving the remaining ones with a selection of super powers (For some unexplained reason). The government rounds them up and incarcerates them out of fear killing off the more powerful ones.

It follows the tale of one girl who is smuggled out and goes on the run. But who can she trust?

Personally I loved the concept, such potential! Under the circumstances a television series would have made a tremendous amount more sense as I think this is all we're ever going to see from the Darkest Minds universe.

Our leading lady is fantastic, truly stellar performance and it wasn't until late in the film I realised it was Rue from the Hunger Games (2012) all grown up. Alongside her we have the excellent Bradley Whitford, Wade Williams, Mandy Moore and Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie (Though all of them are rather brief).

One thing that struck me was the leading man Harris Dickinson, he just wasn't up to the job in any respect and felt like a weak link throughout. I can't imagine how he got the job and question castings logic with that one.

The main issue with the movie is that it's the same as the rest. What I mean by that is these teen sci-fi types take a concept and then surround it by the usual tropes that are so blatant and so excessive it damages them beyond repair. This made the film cliched beyond words and criminally predictible.

All things considered it could be worse but all the teen sci-fi tropes, the fact this is all we'll get and thus leaving us with an incomplete story and a weak leading man stopped any potential it had dead in its tracks.

Great for what it is and I see the appeal, but this is to the movie industry what pop is to the music industry.

The Good:

Amandla Stenberg

Decent supporting cast

Some very good ideas

Hearts in the right place

The Bad:

Too many tropes

Very cliched

Harris Dickinson

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Hollywood needs to go back to the drawing board on this genre

A world without kids sounds like my kind of place
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You have already seen this movie.
dfranzen7013 February 2019
The book is probably better. This YA story is derivative and generic, and it manages to telegraph who the baddie is much earlier than it means to. Amandla Stenberg is pretty good as star Ruby (she also played Rue in the Hunger Games), but the movie feels more like a cheapie you'd find on ABC Family Channel.
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Really enjoyed the movie
icechips-185-141754 September 2018
Saw some low ratings & wondered why. Thought the characters were well thought out and believable. The interaction between Ruby, Liam, Chubb & Zu was great, but I did wonder why Zu didn't speak (I missed the 1st 5 minutes, so maybe it was in there why). The 'world' was different. I even cried at the end. I read it was an adaptation, I was wondering because, although the movie finished, there was enough left over for there to be a part 2.
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What's up with the bad reviews?
santiagomace4 August 2018
I mean, no, it doesn't really bring anything new to the table. But by itself, it's a pretty decent movie with nice special effects and a beautiful score by Benjamin Wallfisch
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Shocked at the low reviews!
JessaKat1827 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
WOW! I am actually really shocked at the low reviews on this movie. I seriously thought i would see higher ratings. Well I am not from the cast as one of the other reviewers seems to believe all the high ratings are from the cast of the movie LMAO. I loved this movie I am pretty excited for the next part! It kept my attention the whole way through and I really thought the story was great. It kind of reminds me of like Divergent series but obviously not exactly the same. I say if you didnt mind those movies you wont mind this one at all.
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It´s good
nerymelissauribecruz7 August 2018
I read the book series and I´m happy with the movie. I don´t know why some people says the movie sucks, It´s not that bad, it has good special effects, is dynamic, tender and fun. As a fan of the books I know they can´t put everything in the movie but they put enough to make me smile when I left the movie theater. Don´t let the people´s opinion out there take your decision about the movie, just go to the theater, see the movie and make your own opinion. I think the movie deserves that chance
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Very underrated
jonellefaulkner2915 August 2018
I loved this film ... the story did have lots of scenes pinched from other films, but I didn't care..... the main characters were spot on and it was easy to be immersed into their world .... I love a film that makes you emotionally involved with the characters.... this film defiantly made me care about what happened ... totally underrated
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robbert-613-81317030 October 2018
I was constantly wondering whether I missed a few scenes... I didn't know there were "Darkest Minds" - books, before watching this movie. But apparantly there are. A film however should be a film and should not be a series of snippets from bookpages. That's how this movie feels. It's not possible to watch this without constantly wondering whether you have the complete version. Or whether someone is playing a practical joke, by just removing essential parts of the film. Maybe the Director's Cut is a 3h masterpiece. But this movie just isn't. Two stars for special effects and camera work, which are pretty sweet. But this storyline. Just ridiculous.
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needs a tv series to tell the full story
chrisdillon3311 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is a good story but considering it is based on a book a television series would tell the story better and the other books in the series could be included, A watchable movie with a good cast and an alright script, the only bad thing is the developing the characters in the length of time the movie runs for does fall short it basically develops some of the characters not all and while the story is good it could have focused on more than just one character which it mainly does so in that sense it is in my opinion a 3 star rated film that needed a bit more in its script to give it that quality that you would be willing to watch it more than once.

to develop the characters and tell a more detailed story a television series would be the way to go considering a few sequels would be needed which i cannot see happening , film studios are notorious for not making sequels when they are required to finish telling a story in movies such as this due it not making the money in the box office.

i enjoyed the story but lost interest in it cause it was following one side of the story line, like every story there are at least two sides the good and the bad, i cannot say much more about it except it needed a bit more to make it more watchable.
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An uninspired and mediocre dystopian teen movie. Shrug.
peterp-450-29871610 November 2018
This is not about politics. It's about your children. This is about our children. We will find a cure and we'll save our precious sons and daughters.

If you want to form a sentence with the words "monotony", "mediocrity", "clichéd sameness" and "corny", you can do that without any problems along with the movie title "The Darkest Minds". Well, I'm getting sick of the concept of dystopian teen films. Even though they mixed it this time with a kind of "X-men" mood. Apart from some crackling electrical flashes, a storm with trees crashing down and flying containers, there's not much more to see here. And don't expect impressive special effects either.

Actually, I already had the feeling while watching "The 5th Wave" that after the successful franchises of "Divergent" and "The Hunger Games" we would be flooded with weak duplicates of this genre for years. Duplicates of which they hoped it could be the start of again some successful sequels. However, I'm afraid this is yet again another feeble attempt that will fail. Simply because "The Darkest Minds" is really embarrassingly bad.

This time it's not a devastating war or an alien invasion that makes our planet a place where survival is priority number one. No, it's a sudden emerging disease (Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration) that actually kills about 95% of young people. I suppose this is a kind of childhood disease of a higher level. And those who survive suddenly have supernatural powers.

They are locked up straight away in youth camps by the adult world. Allegedly to examine them and to find a cure. Ultimately it's because these adults, like with the X-men, are afraid of mutants and secondly because they are afraid to lose power. There, on the basis of their acquired powers, those kids are divided into groups. Each with a specific color, whereby those from the orange and red camp are considered to be the most dangerous. In other words, persons who're allocated to these two groups, simply are going to be eliminated. Likewise, the lovely girl Ruby (Amandla Stenberg) who appears to be part of the orange team after being tested.

For the umpteenth time, we see how moronic and stupid adults are portrayed in these kinds of films. Orange means that a person has the ability to manipulate someone else's thoughts. You don't need to be an Einstein to know how Ruby manages to save herself from this life-threatening situation. The moment Ruby escapes from this concentration camp and joins a group of teenagers, you can get ready for the most sugar-coated and predictable storyline ever.

The group of teenagers, consisting of Liam (Harris Dickinson), Chubs (Skylan Brooks) and Zu (Miya Cech), are looking for a kind of youth camp where children are safe. It's led by a legendary figure with the name "The Slip Kid ". And before you know it, love is in the air and Ruby finds the ultimate hint to find out where the camp is located. And finally, there's also a mandatory plot twist. Only viewers who have fallen asleep above their popcorn, haven't seen that one coming. The only thing I could appreciate was the end. I can't say it was really original. But it's kind of daring. But I came real quick to my senses when I realized that sequels with similar nonsense are likely to be released in the future.

To be honest, you can't blame the film studios to release such films. After all, the profit is the most important thing for them. And when a specific genre is already a hype for a number of years, you have to continue with it until the subject has been completely milked dry. And as long as the theaters fill up with teenage girls (With helmets on because they run into walls while being constantly focused on their smartphones) who dream away while watching a film full of female heroism and who swoon when looking at a handsome Boyband-like wuss, the studios continue to produce these type of movies.

Till one day when those youngster themselves exclaim in disgust (the age of reason probably) that they've had enough. And despite the political correctness in this film and the moral of equality (an "It doesn't matter what color you are"-like message), it still remains mediocre crap with superheroes in it. So even though colors play an important role in "The Darkest Minds", it's just a colorless (and also uninspired) teenage film.
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Great storyline. Really Good acting.
snlinvestor6 August 2018
The young actors do a great job in this movie. Storyline is unique in some ways. Very cool how you get to hear the backstory on the main characters in this first part of what could become a new series. It's quite obvious that there will be a part 2, which apparently made some people rate the movie low but to me part 2 is justified as you do learn very much about the history of each character, or at least most of them. This movie has both High emotions and action
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hs-4881116 August 2018
I think that this movie so how children can be with or without superpowers and that helping children is always a good idea. Also to remember that kids have rights and what might be a small problem to you now think about you back then when you were their age. Sometimes you need to put your self in their shoes and in situation and then you might understand them better for who they are. Rather focus on their mind then their age or gender because we are all the same in one way or another.
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Good enough for me :-)
aurabee15 April 2019
I watched the movie having never heard of it or the books. I recognized some of the cast (Mandy Moore from This Is Us and Amandla Stenberg from Hunger Games) so I figured I'd watch. Yes, it is similar to other YA movies, but so what? They remake Spiderman all the time and people still watch. This one is different enough to be entertaining and I hope there's another movie as I'd like more info about the how and why things happened. It won't win any oscars but it was good entertainment for an afternoon.
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Missed the YA Adventure Bandwagon
3xHCCH2 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
In an unspecified year in the future, 98% of American kids were wiped out by a mysterious disease called Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration (or IAAN). 10-year old Ruby Daly was one of the survivors. She and the other survivors of the plague were gathered up by the government and put them in a camp.

There the kids were classified by color, based on the special ability that they possessed: Greens were geniuses. Blues were telepathics. Golds had electrical powers. Reds and Oranges were rare, but were considered dangerous and were terminated on site. Ruby was an Orange. She had to discover how to use her power in order to survive.

When Ruby was able to escape from her camp, she met and made friends with a group of fellow runaways, namely Zu (a Yellow cutie), Chubbs (a Green nerd) and Liam (a Blue jock). Inevitably, a romance will bloom between Ruby and Liam, a common angle in these YA books. They eventually found and sought refuge in EDO, a camp for survivor kids.

I went into this film not knowing that it was based on the first book of a young adult book series written by Alexandra Bracken. Her "The Darkest Minds" series started in 2012, and is now already into its fifth installment. When it came to the part about classifying the kids according to their abilities, "Divergent" immediately came to mind. That book series by Veronica Roth began in 2011. So these two were basically one in spirit, riding the same YA trend in the earlier part of this decade.

However, the film version of "Divergent" came out in 2014, just about the same time when similar YA films like "The Hunger Games" (2012) and its sequels, "The Giver" (2014) and "The Maze Runner" (2014) came out. That is the problem with "The Darkest Minds," it came out at this time when this trend had already run out of steam. Even the sequels of "Divergent" and "Maze Runner" only did middling box office business when they were released more recently.

Up and coming young actress Amandla Sternberg played Ruby. She has the star quality and screen presence seen in Jennifer Lawrence (as Katniss Everdeen) and Shailene Woodley (as Beatrice Prior). Sternberg began her career as young Cataleya in "Columbiana" (2011) and as Rue in "The Hunger Games" (2012). She had her first lead role last year in "Everything, Everything," and now this. With the sensitive acting she showed here, it is not far-fetched that she will also earn critical acclaim in the future.

Harris Dickinson played Liam Stewart. He was in the same mold as Theo James (as Four in "Divergent"), looking and acting a lot like him. Skylan Brooks and Miya Cech play her other friends Chubs and Suzume "Zu", respectively. Patrick Gibson played Clancy Gray, the son of the US President and a fellow Orange who took a special interest in Ruby.

Former teen star Mandy Moore (from "A Walk to Remember," 2002) is now 34 years old, and played Dr. Cate, a doctor from the resistance (Children's League) who helped Ruby escape the camp. Bradley Whitford played US President Grey, a shadowy figurehead much like President Snow was in "Hunger Games." "Game of Thrones" star Gwendoline Christie had a few scenes as Lady Jane, a bounty hunter chasing runaway kids.

Watching "The Darkest Minds" gave me a "been there, done that" feeling. I could not help but see just another rehash of all the previous YA adventure series, and that was also reflected in this review. It did have its own twists, particularly regarding a certain power that only Ruby can perform, but it will take sequels to explore how this story will proceed from the familiar set-up it had begun with here. As of now though, we are still not sure if those sequels will come or not. 5/10.
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Great Teen Post-Apocalyptic Action/Drama
elysebradley-682-963173 August 2018
I haven't read the books, but maybe that's why I really liked this movie. I thought Amandla Stenberg and Harris Dickinson acted phenomenally and the story was engaging and fun. It did feel a little rushed at times, but almost every book adaptation I've ever watched felt that way. I'm hooked thought and excited to see the franchise continue. I might even read the books!
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Great film - worth watching
themomenttheory12 August 2018
Personally I disagree with IMDB's low rating - I really enjoyed this film
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Two words: Dead Trend
jacobbillsever3 August 2018
The trend of YA ended so long ago, and I'm happy it ended because they were rushed and dumb, excluding the first hunger games. But in my opinion the rest of the films suck, especially Divergent. Speaking of Divergent, The Darkest Mind is a lot like it. Dividing kids into classes, also not to mention a little bit of Maze Runner with a virus. I've seen a lot of movies, and out of all of them this is the worst screenplay I've seen, even worse than Troll 2 which was A. a bad screenplay, and B. was written in English by Italians who butchered the screenplay even more.

Just don't see this, because maybe it'll convince Hollywood that this trend is Dead.
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Almost 2 hours i shall never get back
hendelmohandes23 August 2018
The movie is soo poor , awful script with all the cliches in history , illogical sequence , illogical emotional connections and alot of plotholes ...
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One of 2018s great dissapointments
stokk098710 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The darkest minds is without a doubt a movie with talented actors and great CGI. Unfortunately it cannot be ignored that the movie has no real progression in terms of a buildup, and the scene that is supposed to be the climax of the movie feels rather anti-climatic.

The movie is filled with clichés, everything from the kids vs adults to the segregation by colour and the obvious bad guy pretending to be the good guy. All in all it feels like the movie is late to the Maze Runner / Hunger Games / Divergent party.

The big "plot twist" in the movie is extremely obvious all the way through the "buildup" (if you can even call it a buildup), and the movie has a lot of plot holes.

The movie ends with a typical sequel "cliffhanger" scene.

All in all, the movie is entertaining because of the chemistry between the main charachter and the lead, as well as the great cinematic effects.

This movie does not deserve a sequel...
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A Story with Heart
avragovic6 August 2018
If you love stories with romance, friendship, action, powers, and overcoming one's fears, along with humor, diversity, and dystopias, I highly recommend seeing this movie and then reading the book series with the same name.

I think teenagers will love this movie especially but this movie is also incredibly timely in a time where kids are taken away from their parents and kids and young adults stand up to fight for what's important.

Also, by seeing this movie you can feel good about supporting diversity, female directors and female leads.
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