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How does this have a 6.5 average when all I see is 1 and 2 star reviews?!
ioanaalexandramircea8 January 2019
First of all, I get the need to open people's minds to change, to problems in society and political context, like all these good comic books have always done, but this is just sooo badly made it's cringy all the way and shoots itself in the foot I don't feel empowered in any way as a woman by this show and me as a girl would've changed the channel in an instant. Bad story writing, horrible dialogue, boring main character that says more than does and a cast of secondaries that focus solely on the fact that she's a woman/girl and, for some reason, that makes her better than Superman. Say what!?!? Is that what feminism and women empowering is? Since when? Making the same mistakes some feminists accuse men of doing is not going to balance the scale. And forcing a show to run on just to progress social and political agendas while other good shows get cancelled is worse... I mean Disney cancelled Lucifer once they bought Fox, for example because..what?? It was about the devil? Are you kidding me?? Having a charismatic Devil with a great story is bad, but having a lame arse wanna be with a lesbian sister is better for kids, right? WOW! All in all this show is Superlame...
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Becoming more like a soap
ken-127314 October 2017
Season 1 was quite good and held well to the superhero genre. Season 2 started well but drifted deeply into interpersonal drama. Season 3 started the way season 2 ended, with less emphasis on the superhero and deeply into character emotions/relationships and social issues. These are important discussions, to be sure, but I watch superhero shows to see action and fun, not for deep emotion or for a critical societal exposé.

Frankly I don't care who's straight, gay, engaged, in love, depressed, happy or psychotic unless it directly relates to the villain:heroine story line. Supergirl has, seemingly, fallen to influences (pressures?) far from the original comic book universe. It has become a soap opera.
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So Bad I'm Writing My First Review Ever
nicholasadaml9 September 2018
Yes, this is my first internet review of literally anything, much less a TV show.

I've seen plenty of great TV/Movies, and plenty of not so great TV/Movies. If I didn't particularly like it, I'd turn it off and move on with my life. No point to go as far as to review it online to express my opinions when probably no one cares anyway. It's uncharacteristic of me to put my opinions out there or to review something publicly, but this show is so terrible that it's caused me to stoop to this level.

The amount of liberal agenda garbage in this show is overwhelming! It's a joke. The goal of this show was not to give comic book fans a TV show based on a beloved character. It was simply to shove their views down your throats and try to mask it as a fun family show.

I am a man who believes women and men should be equal. I believe all races should be equal. I believe people should be viewed based on their character and their acts, not any physical or geographical attribute. That being said, this show is so far turned the opposite way. The feminism is ridiculous. They preach time and time again that women are so much more the superior sex in every way. The men in this show seem to be helpless and only get in the way. They always need saving and can't accomplish anything without the help of at least one "strong woman" to come save the day. There are constant jabs at men in this show. Literally a part of space that men can't survive in and only women can. As the women step over dead males they make comments as to how females are the superior sex. Really? I thought feminism was about teaching equality. The white man is portrayed as corrupt and sexist over and over. Females are EVERYWHERE and each one more impressive than the last. Ok, you get it. It's just so extremely ridiculous.

The racial divide this show is trying to push is completely unnecessary. How many times do we have to hear about how blacks are treated so poorly and everyone is racist and out to get them? These are one-sided views and couldn't be farther from the truth. Move on. The biggest joke is how the martians, who can shape shift into anything or anyone, choose to be black... and then complain about how they're being mistreated and oppressed because they're black..... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? The racism towards Hispanics was even hit on and shoved down our throats while we were trying not to choke on the homosexual moral lessons! I did particularly love the comment made about "trying to keep us out by building a wall" ..A clear jab at Trump... in a world where there's a FEMALE president. (Shot yourselves in the foot there, writers)

So many other people have hit on the gun thing that I shouldn't even mention it. So i'll just say one thing. The DEO is a government agency with the soul duty to protect the world from aliens and all around bad stuff with superpowers and all kinds of ways to kill people in the blink of an eye... and not even THEY can carry lethal weapons?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! So the message is just to roll over and die or try to reason with all the bad/crazy/alien/evil threats? Great idea. <- SARCASM

EVEN if this show was rid of all the political personal liberal agenda crap, it would still be terrible. The acting is terrible. The action scenes are laughable at best. The plot is boring and so overly drawn out. Why does nobody stay dead/gone? Why does every ordinary person have to become either a cheesy hero or a villain? Why is every other scene about some emotional soap opera drama? (SO. MUCH. CRYING.) Why is the top secret government operation so easily accessible and ran with no sort of secrecy or discretion? (Literally anybody can just come and go as they please). Never thought a TV show about a comic book character would be this disgracefully bad and so much about anything but action and heroism.

This is really long. Will probably be my first and last review of a TV show. I personally don't care whether you agree or not with anything I've said. It's an opinion, and you're entitled to one as well. I don't care if this review sways anyone towards watching this show or not. I just believe that if no one speaks up about these things, then the writers will continue to try to brainwash the viewers with this bologna and the world will fall even more into the crapper.

Wish I could give it negative stars out of 10. That is all.
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SHOW, don't tell!
SteelTrapMind19 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
In elementary school, part of our creative writing class was to SHOW, not tell. It seems that Supergirl's writers can't meet the standards of an elementary school writing class.

As a woman, I'm not just profoundly disappointed in this show, I'm deeply embarrassed. This IS why men don't take women seriously. Finally, there's a super hero TV show with a female lead...and it's just so bad.

It's like in Whisky Tango Foxtrot when the first woman to drive a car crashes it. It sucks for women everywhere.

Wonder Woman was good because she DEMONSTRATED that she could handle herself. She being a woman was only mentioned, because of the era the movie took place in.

If this show had a male lead, people still wouldn't like it. It really is just poorly done. Oliver Queen fights with strong women all the time and their gender isn't brought up once. Even Felicity is more badass and she sits behind a screen most of the time. I enjoy Arrow much more because of this. Supergirl feels very whiny and preachy.

Men are people too. Feminism shouldn't be about taking men down a notch or being better than men. It should just be about raising women up to the same level as men. Not all men are physically stronger than women and not all women are physically stronger than men. Ronda Rousey is stronger than Michael Cera, but John Cena is stronger than Ronda Rousey. You can't paint an entire gender with a single brush. Some men will be smarter and stronger than some women. Some women will be smarter and stronger than some men. There is a difference between fairness and equality.

I wish the show focused more on SHOWING Supergirl's competency than it did on finger wagging at men and telling everyone how great she is. I couldn't believe in the first season there's this huge build up to a city wide crisis, they're completely out of options, they've tried everything, they've thought of everything, and then all of the sudden all their problems are solved because of HOPE and believing in people. Supergirl's hope was so strong it overpowered the enemy that Superman couldn't beat. I nearly sprained my eye sockets from rolling my eyes so hard. I repeat: THIS is why women aren't taken seriously.

Why can't she just fight crime and save the day like the rest of them? Why turn it into a political Trojan horse? If I wanted politics, I'd watch C-SPAN. I half expect Supergirl to whip out a talking stick most of the time.
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From bad to worse
brileearch28 February 2017
Why do I watch the show? I thought it was about superheroes and super villains. But no, I'm not sure what it is about anymore. This show continues to go downhill. The plot lines are simple and easy to determine within a couple minutes of the start of the show. I find myself shaking my head at the ridiculousness of the story line. The show has become all about relationship interactions that are on again and off again within a matter of minutes. The show used to be funny but now has turned into a lame drama. I don't usually write reviews but I have been very disappointed about where the show has gone. I don't think I'll be watching anymore.
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Good show gone bad
bru-7493610 October 2019
This was once a good show but it lost it's way entirely. The show has begun spiraling down fast, especially with this new season and the total disregard for original source material, the constant pandering to every group and minority out there and "political correctness". Diversity and such is all good but the show's producers have made it more important than the quality of the show itself, storylines, etc... At this point the show should be canceled ASAP.
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I'd like to give it a chance...
ahmetkozan11 April 2016
Keep in mind that some shows take a while to find themselves. Arrow had the same problem during its first season. Just give the show some time before making any drastic judgements.

If there's one things that the pilot has shown us, it's that the CW should handle all DC related TV. They clearly know what they're doing, what with Arrow, Flash and iZombie. CBS already failed with the 1990 version of the Flash, and if they don't do something they're going to kill Supergirl before the show gets a chance to get off the ground.

The pilot is cheesy, and ya there are plenty of screw ups, but the overall feel for the show is good. Again, just give the show some time. It may get better, it may get worse. The only way to find out is to watch and hope for the best. The best thing in the series for me is Melissa Benoist.

I know this is a rare female lead in a superhero show; but does female empowerment need to be referenced continually? Why can we not have a Ripley or a Sarah Connor where gender is secondary to a character fulfilling a role? You can give it a chance, but it's not a good series. 5/10
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Its a Bird, Its a Plane, Its Feminist Propaganda Girl.
aamerkastoff1 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Minor spoilers (just some dialogue and show agenda).

I really wanted to enjoy this show, my daughter really wanted to enjoy this show, my son really wanted to enjoy this show, my wife really wanted to enjoy this show...

The good: Characters had the right names, special effects were pretty good, the actors were all competent.

The bad: Everything else, from the feminist and SJW (social justice warrior) propaganda and agenda constantly invading the story to the text book racist move of replacing a 75+ year beloved white nerdy teen character with a handsome suave 35 year old Black man.

The show also was rampant with misandry and sexism aimed at men. My daughter and wife were offended by the show constantly shoving feminist lies down the viewers throats. Men who did not love/worship Supergirl were constantly downing women. My daughter flat out said she had never heard anyone ever say to her or another girl at school "You can't because your just a girl" or any thing remotely like it, let alone this gem from the show "Women bow to men" that's a direct line from one of the men on the show. My young son wondered why all the men were bad guys except for the two main male characters who basically worship the main character (serious feminist feminist wish fulfillment).

The show broke men down in to two categories: 1.) Men who worship the female (Supergirl) are good (jimmy Olsen and Supergirl's work friend) 2.) Men who did not worship the female were psychotic killers or violent military men. There are no other types on the show. It reeks of the uber feminist CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler's feminist ideology which makes since, the show is her baby.

Its hard to enjoy a show that is openly racist, sexist, and has an obvious political agenda all while sending the message "If you don't agree with us YOUR the racist, sexist problem," apparently CBS thinks its OK to be racist to white people and sexist towards men because their feminist Chairmen says so. Whats worse is this show is aimed at young adults, teens and kids, meaning your kids are purposely being fed an hour of pure propaganda in the guise of a Superhero show.
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If you are conservative this show hates you
monnerman2 January 2019
All this show is about any more is politics. Talks about gun control, immigration, and much.more liberal opinions. The only reason I watch this show is so I know what goes on during the crossovers. It's not even a superhero show any more it's just a political show. Thanks for ruining a good superhero.
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They just can't keep identity polictics out
ijamadar21 March 2019
After the first series they have turned the show into a SJW fest. Some episodes are so focused on this you almost forget your watching a super hero series. With the new series they toned down the whole focus on her sisters lesbian love life. So I thought they finally tweaked it, but nope turns out they simply did that so they could replaced it with gender transition now. Every where you turn for entertainment, instead of a release from the day to day bombardment of things you try and get away from for a bit, you are instead doubled down on. I'm done with the series.
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Bad writers
wsl730 November 2016
Okay, I've read the reviews too.. My main complaint is that the writers seem to never have read any of the comics. Apparently unfamiliar with what the title "Super" refers to, they put an otherwise promising character into the most absurd situations. Supergirl is very nearly as strong as Superman, yes, but she is also just s fast. That means super- speed. Does "faster than a speeding bullet" ring a a bell? I watched as Suppergirl just stood by and watched a switch thrown in this last episode, the one used to activate the killing weapon. Just stood there as if she couldn't move. This is just bad writing, you writers. Super- speed, get it? She could have been there before that switch was thrown easily. Think of how the Kryptonians moved in "Man of Steel," or "Smallville." That's how Supergirl should move. Her reflexes match that. It's almost impossible to take any Earth-resident Kryptonian by surprise. So get with it. There are other plot devices which would be infinitely more interesting if writers just dealt with the character's powers instead of hobbling her this way. And, yes, this is written immaturely and unprofessionally. You don't have to write down to kids in the audience. They appreciate the mote intelligent story lines, so give it to 'em and save everybody the pain of watching these episodes.
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I'm done...
mama-stuhr26 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Well that's it, I'm done. This show has become nothing more than a poorly acted, horribly written spring board for Greg Berlanti's political views. Beyond ridiculous.

******Spoiler Alert***** But the idiotic episode where the DEO was going to stop using guns took the cake. For real, this show is just circling the drain at this point. I sincerely hope it is cancelled so that Berlanti learns his lesson before The Flash and Arrow suffer the same fate. We want to watch cool, fun shows about super heroes, not have someone's personal political views shoved down our throats.
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Going Downhill Fast
webbley_no4 January 2019
I really liked this when it started. I've stuck with it over the years. The latest series though. Talk about being politically left and PC. It's really put me off what was once a good show. Series link is switched off. Recordings are deleted. I won't be watching it again.
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I Used to Like This Show
iwjgamer10 April 2019
I feel like Supergirl used to be good. Or at least by my standards at the time until I watched Young Justice, Doom Patrol, and Constantine which alongside Human Target are some of the best superhero shows I've ever watched. After season 2, I feel like the show went on a really fast downward spiral until it felt really bad. That combined with the fact that once season 4 started, the CW decided that since Superman and Supergirl were basically like the personification of the American way, every single episode had to have a political message behind it made it pretty much unwatchable after a while. Also, the writing is some of the worst out of the three CW shows I've watched, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.
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And another destroyed series
mhartfor8 January 2019
The first season was awesome. The second started drifting downwards and the third season continued it. Almost immediately the fourth season started pushing the Social Justice agenda with zero reason, zero actual need or addition to the story and the overall story arc went into the crapper as weak ineffectual writing.

It is a shame I so looked forward to this series and then enjoyed it even as the story arc got weaker and weaker. But 3 episodes into season 4 and it was dropped from our PVR in favor of stronger writing and stories in other shows.
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Reality Check
ckennow23 March 2017
I only watch for the crossovers from Flash, Arrow and DCLoT. Glad they moved it to the CW to try and work more in...but the writers in all of the DCTVU seem to be whiny liberal idiots with an agenda and lack of self-worth. Blatant insertion of LGBTQAIWXYZ propaganda that doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the story. The whole remake of the Jimmy Olsen character would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. Someone with a crap ton of money should just buy the rights for DC Comics from the WB and do it right. This really isn't that hard.
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Too much radical feminism
carloskarat18 January 2019
This series demostrates how bad feminism and liberalism ideology is effecting the movie world.
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James Olsen.... really?
jimsboatworks26 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
OK... I gave this show a fair chance. The casting is poorly executed and lazy. Supervisor is not blonde, but I can overlook that... I'm sorry, but JIMMY Olsen is supposed to be red haired, freckled and geeky. Several stories in the comics were based on this. Now we zoom into the future, regardless of his color, suddenly Jimmy Olsen turns into a physically cut confident manly man that insists on being called James. This is just too big of departure from the roots of the story. Making characters another race is expected in this age of TV diversity, but you need to keep their essence. They didn't and ruined the story for me. I can't take this adaptation serious.... Jimmy Olsen is a geek and us comic fans are geeks, he is one of our own, not a cut gym rat. It gets a 1 star in my book. Killing a story in a poor attempt to be diverse.
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Supergirl sucks harder than my Kirby
nicholscody24 May 2018
If your interested in watching a super hero show that's more interested in pushing political crap than super hero adventure this shows for you.
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Trash trash, trash, trash
manusuazo16 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
First of all i would like to say that i have watched 19 episodes of this show and i am entitled to my opinion (unlike people who saw the pilot and left it) and i have to say that this show is just not good.Are there episodes that are sort of good? Of course,but it says something that your best episode is a collaboration with another studio. to keep in that mindset the biggest problem with the show is its writing. the dialogue is so bad with quips and one liners that are cringeworthy, a story that is propaganda in on itself (which i will touch later), characters that i just don't care about, and love triangles that are just unnecessary.

this show is a mess starting with a big plot that involves "saving the world because of global warming, and the fact we don't care for the environment". GIVE ME A BREAK. why do you think this story is interesting? the market is so filled with propaganda about saving the world that this just does not help, what it does is it uses a stupid pretext of a story in a show that is already filled with feminist propaganda. As i said the writing on this show is just terrible.

so yes you have a show with a female lead, do you need to push all this feminist trash on us every chance you get? like "if god existed SHE would not let this happen", like it genuinely pains me that the show tries so hard to push this bullshit to us, and does not focus on being a having a good story or good characters or at least decent action.

to finish, the thing that bothers me the most is how much potential a female superman has to a good story, but all of that is wasted with stupid lines and stupid propaganda that all it does is bring down the show. so, would i recommend you watch it? NO.
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Recapturing our youth
verdantnightingale7 November 2015
After all the harsh reviews I've seen, I decided to actually sign up for this site just to give a more balanced review.

First, I won't lie. I'm a big time superhero lover. Truth be told, Wonder Woman was my true inspiration when I was younger. I could relate to her and admired her strength and courage. I felt like if she could do anything, so could I. Sure, I was just a kid, but that kind of thing is great for kids.

With that said, I feel like this will bring up a new generation of superhero lovers. Everyone basically keeps saying this show is too tropey. But who started those tropes? The classics, of course. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman. These were our go-to since comics existed. Supergirl was later created so that girls could have a feminine figure to admire as well.

I feel like so many people are missing the point of this show because they think it's too silly, the writing is too immature, or the plot seems too on-the-nose. But look at it from a new perspective: Can parents see themselves watching this with their children? Arrow shows some rather steamy scenes when that sweet lovin' is going on. What are parents doing? "No, sorry kids, can't watch this." But Kara is cute, dorky, and the Everygirl. She wants her boss to be more understanding, she wants to help people, and she always has an encouraging word to say. The most important thing -- she values her friends. What better lesson to teach your kids in a modern age? And for those who are kids at heart, it's still an enjoyable show. There's a great cast with lots of people we recognize (at least I recognize several). It reminds me of my youth and why I loved superheroes to begin with. She's a *clothed* feminine figure who isn't relying on the size of her chest or butt to show how capable she is. Wasn't that the biggest complaint of all scifi and fantasy? Now, anyone who remembers the classic Disney movie, Hercules, and loved it regardless of what age they are, I feel like that's the movie that best describes this show. I was young enough to appreciate it, and I've even re-watched it out of nostalgia a few times. The more I think of a dorky person who didn't know their own abilities, including that inner heroic capability, the more I see a parallel between that movie and Supergirl 2015. Both wanted to be more. Both wanted to find a purpose in life. Both found it by being a hero and saving others.

For people who missed that 90s happy campy nature, I feel like this show brings it back, but without feeling like an entire "camping" trip. Having also seen Arrow, Flash, and Gotham, Supergirl show is worthy of all ages. I just believe people need to give Supergirl a chance. Like any show, it will find that "groove" and improve. We've barley even started.
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who is in charge of DC comics
oatsart547 October 2019
It seems that the ones in charge of DC comics is obsessed with lesbians, if that is your sexual preference I don't care but when you feel it is necessary to promote it with comic book heroes you are wrong people just want to see their heroes not all the sex gay or otherwise ,find a new hobby you are defacing the comic book history with your need to flood it with gay lovers. The more you push your personal agenda the more people will not watch it .Find your own lesbian superhero and leave the old hero stories alone.You are nothing but a loser
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I wish I didn't hate it
okjake-433514 October 2017
I am not one to go out of my way to write a bad review; I'd generally prefer not to spend any more time than necessary on a terrible terrible show. For Supergirl I make an exception for two reasons: I am too disappointed not to, and I simply can't help but feel obligated to echo the sentiments of many other disappointed comic book fans. I'll explain...

Although I like the actors for Supergirl, Kat, and Winn, I am less than thrilled with pretty much every other. Mechad Brooks is a badass and absolutely cut out for a killer role in a super hero movie but that is exactly why he should not be Jimmy Olsen... Jimmy is a scrawny nerd and that's the way I like him. The rest of the characters just seem too contrived with the exception of a few cameo characters I could love in anything. Yet, admittedly, I'm not convinced that the issues are because of the characters they cast or because of the incompetence of the writers and directing team.

My most severe problems with Supergirl are the story lines and scripts. Riddled with political agenda topics, whiny and jealous main characters, and childish fights, the show has left me cringing so bad for three whole seasons that I'm ashamed to admit I've watched as much as I have. The only reason I've made it this far is because of a deep- rooted loyalty to DC and a misguided hope that the writers would figure out what isn't working. I've given up hope. I will not be continuing on past he third season with anything short of replacement of the writing team and/or director. I truly hope that happens...
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Lazy Politically Biased Writers Continuously Fail A Brilliant Cast Of Heroes
andromiliach16 February 2019
Having been a huge fan of the first season, I was increasingly disappointed by the continuous decline of the quality of story telling and lack of originality in Supergirl. In fact a great deal of the Villains and plot lines in the show are poorly plagiarized from the 1996 DC animated series the Adventures of Superman. Except remove Superman and insert Supergirl. Now there is a fine line between an adaptation and blatant plagiarism but it says a lot that the writers of this show did not bother to look in to the myriad of sourced material available to them for Supergirl. For a show that expresses itself as a feminist platform slapping Supergirls face over classic Superman plot lines is beyond lazy and insecure.

Perhaps the most original part of the show has to be the adventures of Alex and her lesbian exploits. Imagine Supergirl and Martian Manhunter are off fighting a powerful villain, the suspense and drama is finally kicking in. Now fade to the next scene, Alex and her relationship problems. Alex is a good character. However the writers continue to focus on her homosexuality as the most interesting/important thing about her, to the point its almost comedic.

The universe of Supergirl mirrors real life political agendas and opinions of our real world. The writers dont give their viewers any sort of credit to be able to figure out whats being said before they blurt out "HEY THIS IS WHAT WERE SAYING" even though it is painfully obvious. The writing for every DC show begins to tank after the 2nd season its a running joke with in the community of DCU lovers but no one is laughing. Supergirl is no different and its a shame because the lead casts of the show are absolutely brilliant in their roles. In fact not only did the show manage to cast in my opinion the best on screen Superman, they managed to cast the best on screen Clark Kent.

So if you're a dedicated DC fan and want to enjoy the show its simple have the fast forward button handy after season one. Skip through the boring scenes. Because buried underneath all of the political agendas is a decent show with some powerful moments but you'll have to dig through the mud to find it.
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awkward awkward awkward...
ochakor19 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
out of all the superhero TV shows lately, this one has got to be the cheapest. And i don't necessarily mean that in terms of budget, but in terms of effects, screenplay, dialogue, and acting... i guess a lot of us were expecting something in the continuity of Arrow and The Flash, and even if these TV shows also have major flaws (like bad guys shooting assault rifles with stormtrooper accuracy for example),and though Supergirl predicted a more light-hearted feel to it, it could have been entertaining. But it's not. It's painful. It looks like someone slapped up this show in the 90s, and it's just coming out now. The effects are poor, the story is just rushed with no explanation or development. Things just happen really fast and with sometimes borderline acting (Supergirl has these weird grimaces... is it voluntary?), and people just do what they do, and we're supposed to be like "oh, OK, no time to explain". Like "SPOILERS!!!!!!

This dude who we find out is her best friend, to whom she tells her secret just like that BAAM! and who's also in love with her who also just hacks into police surveillance for her and also makes her a suit with "polymer" blabla high tech stuff although he's just a normal office worker like her. And all that in about 2 minutes. Convenient much?


AND STEREOTYPES!! so many stereotypes that have been going on since EVERY TV SHOW EVER! Even Smallville delivered better content then this. You'd think they would move on to new things. It just makes you cringe, you know? It's possible you might like this show... if you don't ask questions and just pretend everything makes sense, or if you think the actress is cute, but don't go looking for a "good" TV show. Just try to get past the pilot if you can! But with so many "fails" in one episode, it's too disappointing to carry on.
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