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Jacki Weaver: Carolyn, 'Claudette'


  • Greg Sestero : [to Carolyn, after she fainted on the set]  Can I ask you something?Why do you do it? You've got a husband, grand-kids. You live fifty miles out of town. And you're waking up at 5, driving all this way, for what?

    Carolyn Minnott : We're actors, Greg. For you, me, people like us, even the worst day on a movie set is better than the best day doing anything else.

  • [as Claudette in "The Room"] 

    Carolyn Minnott : I got the results of the test back. I definitely have breast cancer.

  • Tommy Wiseau : What is this? This makeup. You look like you're swimming in lake.

    Carolyn Minnott : It's a hundred degrees in here.

    Tommy Wiseau : Makeup!

    Greg Sestero : Tommy, if you're not gonna pay for air conditioning, you at least have to pay for water.

    Juliette : Could we maybe just have a little bit of water before the scene? I...

    Tommy Wiseau : Okay, I stop you. I stop everybody right there, okay? Nobody in Hollywood will give you water either, okay?

    Greg Sestero : That's not true. Dude, we can't work like this!

    Tommy Wiseau : Well, I'm not Santa Claus, all right? Maybe you go buy water for everybody, *Greg,* okay? Maybe girlfriend bring you some water or something.

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