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I don't know what to say, but I'll try...
cesiumatom15 October 2015
Wow. If this is the level of comedy that people are watching these days, then I must really be missing something, because I can't point out a single point throughout the run-time of this show when I even cracked a smile.

Seth Meyers had a fun role on SNL. Doing the same thing over and over again there was part of the SNL culture. But a late night show requires dynamism and character, an improvisational feel, humor... This is by far the worst late night show put together. It is indeed a mystery to me how this has been airing for so long... I really wonder how much the channel pays entertainment news sources not to talk about how unfunny and uninteresting this show is.

When Seth Meyers' own brother is one of the most repeat visit guests, it tells me one thing: even the celebrities and their agents don't want them to air on this show to relieve them from the tedious and embarrassing nature of it. I mean seriously, the last episode I watched had a 5 minute discussion between him and his brother about how useless twitter is. We know twitter is useless. The people who use it know it's useless. It's a boring subject, and so is every. other. subject. on. this. show. I feel like the target audience of this show is hospital patients, as if they weren't already going through enough.

It's painful to watch this series. It makes me hurt on the inside because I feel like I'm wasting valuable minutes on completely pointless conversation. I really don't know how so many unfunny people managed to find each other to collaborate on this wasted effort. Worse yet, it's airing internationally! Everyone I talk to about this show is as upset about it as I am. Why aren't viewer ratings being considered? Please, if you value comedy, end your careers and free air-time for something that isn't thoroughly boring.
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A dreadful bore
dmcgqt10 July 2015
From the monologues to his guest interactions, it's staged, artificial and monotone. Utterly dreadful. As a place holder for the 12:35 timeslot, I guess that makes him a perfect fit? (high pitched inflection mixed with confusion)

His segments, namely the 'Ya Burnt' segments are not purposeful. It seems as though this is an attempt at a catch-phrase. While seeing past SNL cast members on the show can be entertaining, the awkward interview with Maya Rudolph was more of a plea than anything else to get her to impersonate Rachel Dolezal. The timing and nature of the interview didn't welcome the impersonation as Seth might have hoped. It was just unnatural.

There are comedians in existence who execute 'smart-comedy' masterfully. Seth isn't one of them.
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Late night should be fun - ranting about politics is a downer
neemassoc10 February 2016
I looked forward to Seth taking over Late Night after Jimmy left since Jimmy was super amazing and always entertained. But Seth rapidly turned into Rachel Maddow on a constant rant about politicians and political views that he deemed to be too stupid for words though he had plenty of words to make fun of them.

I stay up late and get up late and there is not much on late at night and I was looking forward to a good, entertaining program like Jimmy Fallon had. But Seth has been getting worse during the election season with his diatribes against anyone but Hillary Clinton. I have tried to overlook these segments but they have been getting more frequent and longer sometimes lasting for close to what seems like ten minutes.

I have had enough. I will not be spending my nights watching Seth Meyers but watching something that entertains me and wants me to watch their show not convert me to their political philosophy and candidate. I had such high hopes but someone wants to use Late Night to promote politics instead of help people have an enjoyable time during the hour that people spend with Late Night hoping for a nice end to an evening.
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A classic case of obsession.
siuta-223 November 2016
Seth Prides himself on his education and literary aspirations, so I imagine that he has read Melville's Moby Dick. But is he aware that he has become a living incarnation of Captain Ahab and that Donald Trump is his Great White Whale? What started out as an amusing, often intellectually playful format has devolved into a political screed that often sinks into venomous vulgarity. The show has gone beyond painful to watch and it is clear that its host needs some form of psychological intervention. Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, and David Letterman knew how to throw a good political harpoon into a politician but they never carried it to the point of dragging themselves and their shows into the abyss. Can Seth Meyer's Late Night be saved? Unless its host experiences a philosophical sea change, it seems an unlikely possibility.
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Bye Bye Seth!
turkturk201311 December 2015
Since day one, I watched every episode but he has succeeded to finally turn me off. The show should be renamed Late Night MSNBC. I don't want to end my night getting aggravated by politics. I am an independent who voted for Obama but Seth's constant bashing of Republicans is totally turning me off. I have noticed his mean attacks are even aimed at Sanders, as if Seth has made it his mission to get Hillary "Republicans are my enemy" Clinton elected. Bravo Seth! Good job making a loyal viewer give up on you. Even though I think your comedy is funny (Love the Venn Diagrams, Florida or Truth, Dog Shaming) your politics is not. Goodbye for now. If you decide to be a true comedy show in the future, I may consider watching again.
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Really not a very good show
pwischmeyer29 April 2016
I keep going back hoping it will be better, thinking that maybe Seth Meyers has improved over time, but with every clip I watch I am continually left disappointed. Not only is Seth Meyers just generally annoying and smug, but his jokes often fall flat and his questions are usually a bore. I will click on a video because of a clever headline and a guest that I like, but instead of being amused I usually end up just listing to Meyers laugh awkwardly at his own terribly executed jokes. The writing is sub-par and the host is a total failure. I honestly don't know how this show is still on the air. Meyers wasn't that good on SNL, so I don't how he was chosen to host a late night talk show. This show is not worth a second of your time. Spare yourself.
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Seth Meyers seeking relevance riding on Trump Rants
mcvee6 October 2016
Im guessing Seth Meyers is trying to use his foray into politics to dig his way out of what he may see as a dead end job playing second banana to the Tonight show and Jimmy Fallon. That may garner him some short term attention but where does it go after the election. I don't think he has the wit or charisma to be a full time politico and what used to be youthful charm is fading night by night.

He seems to be stealing a page out of Lewis Blacks angry guy book but comes off more bitter and condescending then funny most times.

If Hillery gets elected maybe he can get a spot as court jester. Trump is a "Huge" easy target but it's going to get harder to stay relevant on this new road after the election is over. He may secretly hope Donald Trump gets elected because if he goes away it will leave a huge hole in Seths act.
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Trying too hard to be witty and funny
wanda-0134010 May 2015
Let me say from the outset that I am not one to watch any of the late night shows. That being said, "Late night with Seth Meyers" is the worst of the current stock of late night shows. While the guests that he manages to get can be interesting or funny - Seth Meyers' interviewing style and his own brand of humour are just not funny. I especially do not like it when any comic - and this definitely includes Seth Meyers - looks into the camera looking and waiting for you the audience to 'get' his joke.

I don't know why anyone finds his humour funny...his sojourn on Saturday Night Live as head writer made Saturday Night Live sink to new lows - and then he's rewarded with his own show! MY guess is that many people turn this show on in order that they can fall asleep!
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Good Bye Seth
winstonwebber16 October 2016
I have enjoyed Seth on SNL and I watched as you took your act to Late Night. Most people can handle a little fun being poked at famous people we like, but you have gone too far. it is offensive.

We all know you hate Donald Trump. But I don't want to hear about it for the whole hour. It is not entertaining and sets the mood for the rest of the show. Your Rant this past week was the last straw. It was worse than any other show out there and it didn't matter who you were yelling about. I don't like your rants. I feel like you are yelling at your viewers rather than giving the news or telling jokes. Your goal was to offend and get rid of the viewers that support someone you hate, goal accomplished. You have lost a viewer.
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So Boring!!
Hamrick499 September 2017
I keep watching (occasionally) to see if he will actually come up with anything funny or original, but he always comes out with a rant about Trump. He is so obsessed with espousing his political views I can only watch for about one minute before I have to change the channel. Loved him on SNL. So boring now!!
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Getting really old
lino-162292 February 2017
I used to like Seth Meyers but he has turned into a vain obsessed bore. I am not a Trump fan or into politics very much at all. But hearing him go on and on every night is just plain boring. Does he really think everyone shares his obsession with Donald Trump.

I think his show survives because it is on after the very popular tonight show and the slot is not very competitive. I'm getting to the point that I'd rather watch a Yule log rerun then hear him go on and on.

The sad thing is he seems to believe he's really clever. He must be a barrel of laughs to hang out with.
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Easily The Worst Late Night Show of All Time (Biased and political)
joshh83-283-1718374 November 2016
Seth Myers is easily the worst late night show host of all time. I have no clue how he got picked to take over for Jimmy.

I'm moderate, and I can't stand how sickly biased he is with his un-funny comedy. All of his jokes are liberal based and he constantly has a political agenda. It's all negative.

Let's be honest. The only reason he gets ratings is because he comes on after Jimmy Fallon, one of the highest rated most watched shows on t.v. People literally just leave it on as background noise as they fall asleep on the couch or prep for the next day.

If he was on any other channel, he would have been canceled after the first few months.

Not funny, biased, rude, over political and NBC should allow Carson Daly to have Myers spot on t.v.
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Meyers monologues are worse than hearing finger nails screeching across a chalk board
Ed-Shullivan28 January 2015
Why are some late night television shows allowed to maintain air time for so long compared to other decent television series which get shelved prematurely? What I will say however is that no one that I know really cares (less) about Late Night with Seth Meyers. I propose that if Seth Meyers wants to stay on the air that he moves over to even a later time slot and maybe over to a public broadcasting station. Then when there is a public funding drive the producers would see by the low (or NO) financial contributions that Seth Meyers should be taken off the air permanently.

When Meyers took over for Jimmy Fallon who got promoted to the prime time slot with the Tonight Show (when Jay Leno was asked to retire) there was a bit of fan fare that both Fallon and Meyers were being provided with a unique opportunity to show how well they could initially build and then sustain their own fan bases.

I must say that I really do enjoy Jimmy Fallon and his style of physical comedy as well as his personal interactions with his guests. As for Seth Meyers? What does he do but continually (write?) spew pitiful monologues and then he habitually takes a very long, long pause until people have no choice but to applaud before he proceeds with the next lame joke in his nightly boring monologue. As for the number of people who have rated the Late Night with Seth Meyers show, it has been on the air for almost a year and there have only been 645 people who have even taken the time to provide an IMDb rating. So for the rest of you people who are gainfully employed by Late Night with Seth Meyers I would suggest that in an effort to secure your employment you may want to improve the existing 6.1 rating before the plug is pulled. If the number of IMDb users who actually took the time to rate Late Night with Seth Meyers is an indication of the waning interest in the show then lets get the numbers straight. There have been a total of (two) 2 people who have even taken the initiative to write a review with my own review being the second one since the show went on the air.

I rest my case, and I only wish the producers would take the hint and can this boring show for good so some real talent is provided an opportunity to shine and entertain their audience which is what a late night talk show is intended to do.

Update as of October 03rd, 2019 -

I did a quick summary of the sixty (60) IMDB reviewer ratings who provided a rating score and I discovered the following anomaly:

1. 10 of the 60 ratings scored 8/10 or higher 2. 50 of the 60 ratings scored 4/10 or lower 3. 45 of the (50 above) 60 ratings scored only a 1 out of 10 (because you can't enter a zero (0) score)

The anomaly is that of the 5,149 people who provided an IMDB rating for this piece of crap the average IMDB rating is still 6.1?

Who are you going to believe if this show is average to good, or really, really, really bad?
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Awful! I'd rather watch paint dry.
Tecuso9 January 2019
I've never been so bored watching a show in my life. This guy can't finish a joke without laughing at himself (and the jokes aren't even funny). I find watching paint dry to be much more entertaining. Do yourself a favor and turn the channel.
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Grasping at Straws....
davidblamy8 September 2017
Most nights I turn on to see , After Fallon - Who is much smarter than Myers. ( or his writers) Is Myers running for president , Never . He is from my home state of NH and I am so embarrassed for him , yet he continues. I truly now despise him and wish for his comedic weekend update days. I turn on now just to see if something funny is on . PEOPLE ARE SICK OF YOU downgrading our country , Which is what you do when you trash the president, Shame on you myers. You really cant come up with something else. Go back to NH and hide in the woods. The live audience only laughs because they are physiologically caught up in the moment.But ask them separately this is your last gig, My cousin who is a producer says you are done this season. THANK GOD...
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hair_n_willy13 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is definitely the WORST late night show ever! I always have to change the channel when this awful show comes on after Jimmy Fallon.

Seth Meyers is the worst host ever, he is not entertaining and tries way to hard to be funny and is not. The comedy is brutal, he just stares at the camera and says the same/similar "jokes" you don't even notice the "punchline" it's so horrible. Also this show is way to political its annoying, seems like every episode they spend the first 10-20 minutes with lame trump jokes...its been overplayed move on. There is nothing funny or positive about this show. I honestly don't know how this show is still running. It is in desperate need of new comedic material.
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if leaning on your old job counts as a career path, Seth rocks it!!!
juicebrenner9 February 2016
this is basically where bored SNL alum go to trade personal stories about time on SNL. that's it.

and Seth is the terminal frat brother tasked with making all minor topics related to SNL sound incredibly interesting to the national audience.

once again proving that just because you sat at the WEEKEND UPDATE desk, you do not automatically become a legitimate talk show host.

as if Dennis Miller and Chevy Chase were't proof enough.....

Jimmy Fallon should be saluted for at least controlling things enough to land THE TONIGHT SHOW. God, I hope he stays healthy for a good long time.

or at least long enough for Tina Fey or Amy Poehler to get bored with Hollywood and take over a show.
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Not everyone who hates this show is a trump fan.
djrunngren4 April 2018
Let me start this by saying I think Trump is a misogynist, narcissist. On that note, if Trump wasn't in office, Seth would have nothing to talk about. WE GET IT. You don't like him. All the late night shows have turned to garbage. Led by this clown. And all the people in the reviews saying that it's Trump fans saying bad things about this show, you're as dumb as Seth. There is literally dozens of things you could watch instead of this crap put on TV disguised as comedy. Please, Please find a new host. Till then, will not be watching.
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Should move to MSNBC
hockeynut-018105 December 2016
What a bore. Every night the same show, anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes of biased political bashing. Followed by worthless " interviews" . Seth needs a life.

No creativity , no " writing" . Put a few whiners together and this is what you get. Could get this "material " for nothing The "show" is painful to watch. Anyone that thinks this is funny has no sense of humor. I could go on I don't want to waste more time, as the show is a waste. Should move to MSNBC where he can continue to pretend to be a political commentator. Inconceivable that people would make a point to watch such drivel.
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It just sucks
izzyg-090177 June 2017
I do not know what to say. I have never even felt amused at ANY of Seth Meyers' material. Maybe some people like his type of comedy, maybe they have to be drunk to appreciate it. I just hate it. That is all. Something about it makes my stomach curl and hate the idea of comedy. This is perhaps too strongly worded but it is my personal opinion that this is one of the least entertaining shows I have ever watched.
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Good as background noise, not good as a comedy show
d4nyll8 July 2016
If you watch the show as a laid-back version of the news, then you'll like the show. The interviews are not very entertaining as Seth simply doesn't have the wit (and experience) that people like Colbert or Jon Stewart has. Instead, most of the interviews are superficial.

But if you are watching it expecting it to be funny, then you'll be disappointed. The show needs better writers. Seth seems like a decent guy who is trying his best to deliver the show, and oftentimes you feel like he KNOWS the jokes he's saying isn't funny, but he has no choice because of the writers.

Unlike other shows, there are no standout segments - Jimmy Kimmel has 'Mean Tweets', James Corden has 'Carpool Karaoke' etc.

So overall, Late Night with Seth Meyers is a show that you shouldn't watch unless there are nothing left to watch.
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Tecuso9 January 2019
How did this guy land this gig? He's not at all funny and it's painful to watch. He can't even finish half his jokes without laughing at himself (and the jokes aren't even funny). I don't get it... he must pay the network to stay on air. Do yourself a favor and turn the channel when Set Meyers shows up.
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daviddoxtater30 October 2018
Seth is soo absorbed in."hate Trump" he's lost the reality of being a talk show host.
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Not funny
wendyjsavage2 October 2018
Not one funny joke. I have to change the channel, I'd rather watch old reruns than listen to him.
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Horrible little man...Horrible show
parrotcrest15 January 2019
I'm with the rest of you 100%. Nothing even remotely funny or interesting about this guy. In the past, yes, but no longer. Why would anyone watch it... just terrible CP
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