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One Hour of Absolute Boredom
adamleestevens16 July 2015
I don't post reviews, but I had to after witnessing "One Bad Choice."

This show is like your friend that tells long, boring stories about absolutely nothing. You listen to your friends boring story out of respect, and when you think something eventful will happen, it never does. Even when you try to speed your friends story up, the friend keeps telling the same boring story at the same boring pace.

I legitimately feel sorry for anyone that is entertained by this show. This is the first and only show I've ever seen on television that spends an hour telling a two minute story.

I happened to catch two random episodes. During the first episode, I bailed after the first commercial break.

A quick summary of the two episodes:

1) First episode I watched goes like this, girl spends ten minutes talking about how cool school was, how cool her friend was, and how the guy she met was cool. Commercial break I bailed.

2)The second episode I forced myself to endure past the first commercial, and it was more of the same. Girl goes to school gets decent grades, meets a cool dude, but sometimes he's not cool. They had a fight and she met another cool dude. She goes out to the club and it was cool. The guy she's dating now is cool, but she thinks the old boyfriend may be mad. She wants old boyfriend out of her life. She goes to school some more and it was cool. The old boyfriend starts being mean to her, and the new boyfriend is cool, but the old boyfriend and the new boyfriend met and don't get along. At this point I bailed.

See the show for yourself. Consider yourself warned.
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I didn't feel like anyone really regreted their mistakes! Also there are series of bad decisions not a single one
KillJob22 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Title should have been series of bad decisions. The bad decision starts with one poor decision and then it snowballs. Also i didnt feel like any of them really regretted their poor choices. In the first episode, Dona says I am harassed. Why am I being targeted? There was no remorse on her part even after she was imprisoned. A life was lost by her poor decision but yet she doesnt seem to care that being the person who gave the idea to take drugs and knowing that the girl was high and still preferred to delay contacting the authorities coz she didnt want to get in trouble with her parents seems like a selfish act. But all she says is they are harassing me. I did not force drugs. The girls parents did not let me in her funeral. Its was pure selfishness and didnt seem to learn any lesson. If her is talking to kids at the school like how she talked on the show, she is only justifying her actions. Not being helpful
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Mildly diverting, but filled with mixed messages and an unclear agenda.
kitellis-9812110 July 2018
It's hard to decide whether this series of cautionary tales succeeds in its goal, or if it's just another exploitation of people's misery for the purpose of entertainment.

Clearly targeting a teen audience, it is probably far softer than it needs to be in order to be a truly effective deterrent. Teens are certainly a group who need to be cautioned. They frequently make terrible decisions, and rarely learn from their mistakes until much later in life. So it is a shame that the opportunity for scaring them straight is somewhat lost due to (what I suspect) is a desire from the producers to "protect" their young audience from anything "upsetting". Therefore, the end result is very sanitised, watered-down, safe, and in most cases has a happy ending.

Yes, despite how crazy it sounds, they end almost every episode with a happy ending - which negates the whole purpose of the warning. The episode about the girl who became a porn star was barely even a caution. It was very nearly a recruitment film for the porn industry, and it made her decision to do porn seem like a very, very good choice. The only negative to come out of it was a slightly spoiled relationship with her parents, but since they are painted as terrible people throughout the episode, it doesn't seem so much like a loss as a relief. She ends up rich and famous with an Ivy League education, no debts, and a very happy, celebrated life, where she overcame all adversity to reach her goals on her own terms. I applaud her, but it doesn't exactly fit the title of the series.

Hers is probably the most obvious case of the "bad" choice actually being a "good" one, but nearly every story seems to say between the lines, "if I hadn't made that bad decision, then none of these great things would be happening now." Teens won't be cautioned by this. If they watch it at all. Which I doubt. So I guess it's really just rubber-necking in disguise.
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Interesting choices of teens
ritchiena-5455331 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Saw there's only one review for this show and the only review that's available is COMPLETELY MISLEADING. I'm not sure what that person was watching but he either absolutely missed the stories or fell asleep.

The Tv show is pretty decent. Just recently found this show on Netflix and it's quite interesting how one fatal choice can change life of a teenager forever. Don't neccessary wanna spoil the stories, but let me tell you some of em makes you stop and be in awe. There are stories bout teenagers getting into jails, and big big trouble from situation that you wouldnt think of.

They retelling their heartfelt stories with ''dramatic re-acting'' along. The whole documentary just shows how easily you can get yourself to trouble and loose even your freedom without even know what you've done.

SPOILERS: Just if someone would wanna hear an example and correction of what been told in OTHER review that's - and i repeat myself - completely wrong!!!

Episode one: Explores how teenagers who thought that taking an ecstasy pill for party will make their New year's night even better. And how wrong were they when one of the friends dies and the other regrets making a choice taking her to hospital too late to save. The story explores as well the consequences of such late act and how our law system sees such ''innocent'' drug use in case when someone dies.... A.K.A - u can be sued that u killed someone.

Episode 2: How far can a student go to pay her good school when family is not able to pay it and how it affected her life. Pretty simple... she needed money and she wanted it fast. Made a wrong choice - got into porn industry and her first encounter wasn't so pleasant with the business as well the episode focuses on how it affected her life keeping double life and how it all turned out when it got to public what she done.
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