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  • As Bill's condition worsens, Sookie desperately turns to her ancestor for a solution. Andy's worry for his missing daughter leads him to enlist Jessica's help. Eric and Pam close in on Sarah. Jason deals with Hoyt's return.

  • Closing in on slippery Sarah Newlin, Eric and Pam are offered an arrangement by the Yakamoto president. Sookie contacts two old allies in a desperate search to aid the still nostalgic Bill. Andy and Holly search for their children, who are unknowingly in serious danger; Jason welcomes an old friend back to town.


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  • Open with Eric questioning the newly cured Amber about her sister. Gus jr. offers her money for Sarah's whereabouts,it doesn't work. Eric tries again and this time Amber blurts out that Sarah is the cure. When Amber still won't give up any information on Sarah's location,Eric gets frustrated and stakes her.

    Andy and Holly go to Fort Bellefleur but can't find the kids. They see the kids left their cell phones behind.

    Andy calls Jessica. He asks her for help locating Adilyn, since she's had her blood. Andy feels better that Jessica hasn't felt Adilyn being in trouble. Holly suggests they check out a lake house near Oklahoma City owned by her ex.

    Cut to Violet bringing Wade and Adilyn to her place. Violet takes them to her kinky sex den and leaves to get some rest. Before departing she gives Adilyn a long kiss on the mouth.

    Jessica and Sookie notice that Bill's disease is progressing at a terrific rate. He seems resigned to his fate, but Sookie isn't ready to give up. She tells Jessica to lie next to Bill while he sleeps.

    Arlene has a sex dream about vampire Keith.

    Gus Jr. tells Eric and Pam the new plan is to capture Sarah and synthesize her blood into a new product. They will split the profits of this new product, New Blood. He wants Eric to be the spokesperson of the efficacy of the product's ability to cure. Eric says no but changes his mind.

    Jessica wonders if Sookie has a plan. Her response is that she's going to go out and find a miracle.

    The sleeping Bill flashes back to being told by his father that he must marry a certain girl to connect their families. Bill's father is dying and this is the only way to ensure the family's stability.

    Hoyt comes to Bellefleur's with his new girlfriend Bridget. He catches up with Arlene. They order some food and Hoyt mentions that he's going to see officer Stackhouse. When Hoyt doesn't seem to know Jason's first name Arlene calls Jason to tell him.

    Adilyn listens to Wade's thought and sees that he's not into the kinky stuff but they open up about both being virgins prior to their first time together. They confirm their love for one another.

    Jason arrives at Bellefleur's and talks to Hoyt, keeping up the ruse that he doesn't know his former friend. Jason can't stop staring at Bridget and is nervous when they invite him to join them for breakfast. She makes flirty eyes at Jason.

    Sookie calls Dr. Ludwig and the two of them head over to Bill's place.

    The sleeping Bill again returns to his flashback, this time to the first meeting with his wife Caroline. They are both pleasantly surprised with the other. At this point Ludwig wakes Bill from his slumber and asks him to meet her in the parlor.

    Ludwig tells Bill and Sookie she thinks it's possible Sookie being half-faerie could have something to do with the advance of Bill's disease but it still should be going at a slower rate than what is happening to Bill. She asks about Sookie's family line, but when Sookie says she's related to Niall, Ludwig gets spooked and leaves immediately.

    Even while Hoyt and Bridget identify Maxine's body Jason can't help but stare at his former friend's girlfriend. Hoyt starts to break down and Bridget calls Jason in. She thinks Hoyt needs someone to talk to about his mother. Jason lies and tells Hoyt his mother wasn't one of the people who took the law into their own hands, and then lies again and says that he killed the vampire responsible for his mother's death (Violet). Hoyt then hugs Jason. Then Bridget joins in on the hug and they make a Jason sandwich.

    Sookie stands in the Compton cemetery and calls out for help from Niall. She cries and says she needs him to materialize. Nothing happens and she walks off angrily.

    But when Sookie walks into her home she finds Niall waiting there. He tells her dwarfs like Ludwig are fearful of faerie royalty. She wants him to use some of his magic to help her and he agrees to try.

    Sarah arrives at the abandoned Light of Day Institute. She has a vision of Jason, who tells her she's going to die that night because Eric is coming for her.

    With help from satellite feed, Gus Jr.'s associates locate Sarah. But it is daylight and they don't want to wait for Eric and Pam to wake up. "You can find another vampire," Gus Jr. is told.

    Sam tells Arlene about Nicole's ultimatum. He's not sure whether he can leave town. Arlene asks Sam whether he could be happy in Bon Temps without Nicole and the baby. Sam asks if Arlene is happy in Bon Temps. She says she isn't, but she sure isn't going to stop trying to be.

    Andy and Holly arrive at the lake house. The kids aren't there and Andy begins to weep down by the lake. He can't take much more and feels guilty for what has happened. She promises their story will have a happy ending.

    Niall and Sookie walk into the woods. He takes her hand and they are transported to the past. They see the birth of Bill's first child and Niall finds this to be remarkable. He tells her the simple things are miraculous. He doesn't think Bill can be fixed by magic and wants her to forgive herself.

    A girl looks out the window and is shocked to see Lafayette and Lettie Mae digging in the yard. She calls for her mother.

    Keith comes to see Arlene, telling her that he's there because he felt her pain and that type of pain is dangerous. This time it isn't a dream. They slow dance and she pulls away, telling him she's Hep V positive meaning they can't have sex. He says "then let's just dance." She gets teary at this, finding a small measure of the happiness she was looking for, if only for a moment.

    Violet wakes up to find the kids still in the room. She starts to attack them and Jessica immediately senses the problem.

    Eric and Pam wake up to find the home is empty. But when they open the front door they see that Gus Jr. has kept his word and is waiting for them.

    Sookie runs to Bill and tells him she's going to stay with him until the very end. They start to kiss.

    Sarah sees visions of the men from her sexual past. They are all telling her she's going to die that night. She is adamant that she doesn't need religion, that since she is the cure she'll be okay. Eric, Gus Jr. and their team pull into the parking lot.

    Bill and Sookie make love in front of the fireplace.

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