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In what’s been an underwhelming year for big-studio animation, it’s the best of the bunch: sincere, likable, surprisingly funny, and overall true to its source material.
If you can get through the excess of characters, and the requisite butt jokes, car chase and tween pop songs, the film does keep both the physical and the verbal comedy coming at a steady pace.
Along with charming animated visuals, spot-on voice talent and nicely paced direction, Ferdinand incorporates themes that are very relevant and much-needed for our time.
The extraordinary third act arrives, and the movie finds its heart and its message.
The humor is broad and obvious (yes, Ferdinand winds up in a china shop, with predictable results), but there are a number of scenes that hit the mark.
When writers find it necessary to beef up a screenplay with that tiredest of factory-farmed animated trope, the comedy dance off, one wonders whether a more organic approach to script husbandry might have been preferable.
Inoffensive fun, but unlike its paperback forbear, the cinematic Ferdinand is unlikely to stand the test of time.
Manages to squeak by with enough charming set-pieces and amusing sight gags to compensate for a stalling storyline.
Slant Magazine
Any potential subtext of Munro Leaf's children's book has been bleached out in the marketplace-oriented Ferdinand.
Ferdinand’s most saccharine moments end up being its most potent, even if they’re often more cloying than emotional.

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