Game Over, Man! (2018) Poster

Blake Anderson: Joel



  • Alexxx : Do you think Tom Brady is in The Brady Bunch?

    Joel : It's the dad, right?

    Darren : No.

    Alexxx : No he isn't.

  • Joel : Maybe we should turn ourselves in.

    Darren : What's with the pockets?

    Joel : I'm showing them I'm unarmed.

  • Alexxx : That's what we should be doing. We should be, chugging champagne.

    Joel : We should be wearing diamonds, collecting albino pythons.

    Alexxx : I'm over here, I'm holding onto the poop side of this scrubber!

  • Joel : Let's go fuck shit up!

  • Alexxx : We can take 'em. My name is Alexxx, with 3 x's. I'm bout to go explosive on these motherfuckers!

    Darren : Triple x means poison by the way.

    Joel : It's also the name of a Vin Diesel movie.

  • Alexxx : Joel you haven't even fucked a dude yet.

    Joel : Yes, I have. And butt's better than vagina. Way better!

    Alexxx : Chicks have butts too though.

  • Joel : That is a man with a gun, he tried to cut off our dicks!

    Rich : Oh fuck you you wish I touched your dick.

  • Darren : Way to go babydunk.

    Joel : Huh, what? This is your plan.

    Darren : No, I said Home Alone-style zipline. This is Home Alone 3 at best!

  • Joel : You're going to smoke salvia while we're being hunted by murderers?

    Darren : That's right man, you know why? Cause I don't want to know that I'm hunted by murderers.

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