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  • Maintaining a TV-MA rating with an emphasis on its brutal violence, Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem features many bloody, gory scenes: Scarring and wounds are commonly seen among most of the characters. A star turns to blood. Skulls are shown over the faces of the main characters during a fantasy monologue. An intensified scene in a filthy warehouse, Toki and Abigail are seen with several wounds and stains upon their bodies while being bound and tormented by Magnus, who has a coarse and brutal singing voice as well as a blinded eye that is clearly scene in all shots of him. Toki is seen reacting to pain as Magnus sews shut a large wound, which is shown graphically and up close. The wound is seen closing and blood is spattered around it. Alcohol is then poured onto the wound, which appears unclean and crudely stitched. Toki and Abigail are then shown on a spider web resembling sharp metal as the remains of a man are shown being mutilated by a lightly scarred man with a metal brace on his arm and a metal mask on his face. An image of Toki and Magnus, following the unseen stabbing event is shown as a still-frame. The man with the metal mask is shown shirtless with a large scar across his chest. Images are shown of a woman drenched in blood on her lower body, suggesting she was stabbed in the lower stomach. The woman is stated to be dead. A man is shown close-up with the back of his head being impaled by a large, bloody codpiece. A man is said to be able to kill with his teeth. The remains of the mutilated man are seen crudely stored in a wheelbarrow, several bones, a dangling tongue, and a bloodied eye clearly visible. A bloody flashdrive is found, having been taken from the dead man's body. While singing a comforting tune, Abigail recounts the violent events that will take place, including mutilation, being cannibalized, others bathing in their blood, and other brutal actions. Many dead bodies, some bloodied, are seen on the ground after being defeated in a guitar-playing contest. Following a happy memory, Toki is seen with several injuries, looking dazed and beaten on the filthy ground. During a brief training montage, a knife is thrown at a target, instead stabbing into a man's leg. No wounds or blood is seen, though the man collapses. Several weapons are displayed. An explosive card detonates, blowing up a man and scattering his bones and organs in the background. A flashback displays several moving frames in which a car crash occurs. A ball of fire represents the crash. A man is seen lifeless after the crash, the car flipped upside down with its glass shattered and fire burning atop it. Broken glass is shown on the road. Blood is seen between dirty, broken wall tiles. A dead body is seen laying on the road, vague wounds and blood spatter visible as armed guards stand by. A group of people with zombie-like characteristics confront the band. One is shaking hands with Murderface, rubbing back and forth with a spiked bracelet. Blood is clearly seen as the spikes move on the man's arm. A group of junkie zombies come out of the sewer, scarred, bloodied, jaws dropped. A group of people called demons are seen with severe and bloody wounds. One has a gush of blood covering his mouth and exposed chest. Most of the demons are brandishing axes and knives, several are stained with blood. A close-up shot displays more grizzly demons, one of which appears to have had his face partially removed. More blood is seen. An explosion knocks several demons back. A man is held by two demons, one of which has bloody wounds on his face. The masked man has a very detailed and serrated sword, which he uses to chop into the man's neck. The scene shows the blade going through the man's neck, though no blood or wounding is seen. The man is dead without question. The star turns red. The man's dead body is displayed, crucified, gored down to the bones (presumably having been fed on by the demons off-screen) with bloody wounds, an exposed skull with deep blood marks, bone hands, and ribs. His organs are plainly visible. The masked man threateningly raises a spiked metal rod, implying that he will kill Magnus. The band charges in, a shakey cam style used: demons with injuries, some with heavily tattooed bodies and brandishing brutal weapons are seen being punched, headbutted, and otherwise thrown aside by the band. Non-graphic images appear of Toki upside down on a wooden cross. Toki and Abigail are shown wounded and upside down, tied to crosses in a blood-splattered room. Magnus is shown with the rod piercing his body. Blood surrounds the area where the rod impales Magnus' chest as he roughly coughs, though there is no audio other than music. The Doomstar gives off waves of white energy, empowering the band while assaulting the masked man, whose arm is seen bulging before white beams of light tear through his body, destroying him. The bloody rod is seen on the ground. Magnus is seen outside, his hand tightly grabbing a dark wound where the rod impaled him. Magnus then commits suicide, stabbing himself in the wound with either a knife or his sharp belt buckle, causing him to scream violently, the wound and his mouth draining blood as he spins around the screen before going out of focus into the image of the Doomstar. The wound on Murderface's wrist, though not shown, is wrapped as dark veins grow up his arm and body.


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