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Forget it
searchanddestroy-120 February 2017
Let's be clear, this film is not really a crime flick, but rather a thriller with much suspense and a good guys facing, fighting against heavy ones, gangsters, and trying to help and save a young woman who lost her memory. In a crime, noir, film, you have not this clear boundary between good and evil; but in thrillers, yes. Definitely. In a crime film, you have only gangsters among themselves and - or - cops, renegade, rogue, violent cops among them or against gangsters. With often a bleak atmosphere. So, back to this one, you have a story of a sort of nick of time scheme, but rather foreseeable. But the result is that I was bored to death with this UK feature. Acting is bad, directing awful...
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Incredibly poor film
kipaco16 September 2019
I find it quite unbelievable that films as bad as this get made these days. If the acting were any more wooden it would have been better to have filmed it as a stop-motion animation. 'Nick Dayton' in particular has to be seen to be believed. Cell block H school of acting comes to mind. Danny Webb is generally fairly versatile but must be light on work to have got involved in this. Sporadic plot speeds and curios angles make it tempting to blame the director. We think it was probably directed by committee!

Seriously bad film with very little redeeming qualities.
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