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  • The next number the machine dispenses is for Vanessa Watkins, a hard-nosed prosecuting attorney who, when Finch and Reese first meet her, has just reported her husband, Jeremy Watkins, missing from their yacht. While Vanessa has put away many a criminal over her storied career, Jeremy has let many go as a flashy and high-priced defense attorney. As her number came in after the report of him missing, they know Jeremy's presumed death is not the reason for the number, yet they don't know if Vanessa is the target or the perpetrator. They learn that the lead investigator on the case of Jeremy's death, Detective Cameron, is looking at her for her husband's murder as all evidence found thus far implicates her. Cameron's main problem?: he doesn't have a body, and thus needs Vanessa to confess to make a conviction stick, which she may or may not know. They will also learn that Cameron has a personal vendetta against her, which places a major obstacle in tracking her as she tries to elude Cameron. As Finch and the team wade through the story of the complicated lives of Jeremy and Vanessa - including their unlikely personal coupling - they find that Vanessa knows her law and is resourceful and strategic in her every surprising move. They may not learn if she is the target or the perpetrator without getting the story directly from her. Even then, as she is a lawyer who knows how to spin, they have to act the judge and jury in their own court of opinion in evaluating her story. Meanwhile, as Carter assists them on this case, she finds that she has to be careful around her new rookie partner, Laskey. She doesn't yet know how careful she truly has to be.



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  • Open with Finch and Reese at the vet's office with Bear, who seems pretty sick. In the back Reese (with Bear, who has been faking illness) help save the doctor.

    The latest number is Vanessa Watkins, a prosecutor who has put some of the city's nastiest scumbags away. Her husband Jeremy is a defense attorney who has done just the opposite, getting clients off via technicalities. Jeremy is lost at sea. Reese watches Vanessa with best friend Nicole as Vanessa is arrested for murder. Finch says the threat is new, "and imminent."

    We see Vanessa's interrogation. The cop plays her phone call to the coast guard when she says Jeremy fell overboard. But police found gunshot residue on her hand and her gun and think she killed him for the $5 million life insurance and vacation home. Vanessa points out to the Detective, Cameron, that he doesn't have a body and calls for her attorney, a woman named Sarah. The plan is for Vanessa to be held in lockup overnight and Finch thinks that could be life-threatening. Finch calls Fusco and has him check on her. He finds Sarah knocked out cold in the interrogation room without her clothes. Vanessa has escaped.

    Cameron organizes the search for Vanessa, with Fusco helping pass info along to Finch. There is footage of her purchasing a ticket to Philadelphia and Finch notices she seems very aware she's on camera. Finch spots her picking an older man's pocket and Shaw finds it was a cell phone.

    Reese and Shaw follow Vanessa as she visits a drug dealer named Reverb that she put away for murder and trafficking. The see him give her a hug and we see that her conversation with a judge got him out early.

    Carter calls Finch with word that Cameron has them treating Vanessa as armed and dangerous, which seems strange under the circumstances.

    Reverb gives Vanessa a brick of cocaine. With the police en route Finch tells Reese and Shaw to leave the area. Police arrive and follow Vanessa into a building. Using the paired cell phone Finch is able to guide Carter to Vanessa's exact location. Carter reaches the roof just as Vanessa jumps onto a passing garbage truck.

    Carter tells Reese she believed Vanessa when she told her she didn't kill her husband. Carter thinks Cameron has a personal vendetta against Vanessa dating back to a case in which he was involved. Reese leaves and Carter runs into her partner, who was listening to the conversation.

    Finch sees that Nicole was hosting a book club that day. Shaw shows up pretending to be the friend of a woman who couldn't make it. Shaw excuses herself to go to the bathroom and jumps on Nicole's computer. She checks out Nicole's bank account and phone. It looks as if Nicole had been sleeping with Jeremy.

    Based on the file Fusco thinks the gun shot residue was planted on Vanessa by putting it on her cosmetics.

    Carter's partner asks her about Reese. He thinks she's "seeing someone new" and she doesn't correct him.

    Fusco finds out that Jeremy owed millions to a mobster. His only account not in the red was an organization called Innocence Now.

    Reese sees that Vanessa planted the cocaine on the police witness against her. While he watches the man's arrest Reese spots Vanessa nearby. He pops into her car and says they need to talk.

    Finch tells Carter they need to talk with Vanessa and figure out if she's guilty. Reese brings Vanessa to them and Finch asks her to make her case.

    Cameron shows his team a picture of Vanessa in the car with a "man in a suit."

    Vanessa found $50,000 in cash in the witnesses locker. She thinks he was paid to set her up. She tells them that if either of them dies under suspicious circumstances the life insurance policy won't be paid. She learned of his debt a few days before his death and that led to a fight. She again pleads that she didn't kill Jeremy.

    Fusco and Shaw attempt to get information about Innocence Now from a slow banker. He says Innocence Now had $20 million in its account, all of which was transferred that morning.

    Vanessa tells Carter that she has been having an affair with a doctor named Colin. But she had broken it off and they were on the yacht to rekindle their relationship. Vanessa tells Carter she loved Jeremy. And she had no idea he had been sleeping with Nicole.

    Carter and Finch agree that Vanessa didn't kill Jeremy. At this moment Fusco sends word that the Innocence Now account was cleaned out by Jeremy himself using a fake identity.

    Vanessa realizes that Jeremy framed her. The guys think she's in danger.

    Reese and Finch are able to send Cameron and his men on a wild goose chase to the other side of town.

    Reese takes Vanessa to the bus stop, giving her a gun so she'll feel safe.

    After spotting that Vanessa scratched up a picture of Jeremy, Carter and Finch start to piece things together. He finds a fake passport online. Vanessa had originally been in on the plot with Jeremy from the beginning. But now she knows he tried to frame her. Finch calls Reese to let him know. He jumps on the bus but Vanessa isn't there.

    We see Carter's partner meet with Terney. He's spying on her for him.

    Vanessa surprises Jeremy on the boat with gun drawn. While he tries to talk his way out of the situation Reese shows up. When she appears ready to kill Jeremy, Reese doesn't seem interested in stepping in. He puts a gun on the coffee table within Jeremy's reach and walks away. He unties the boat and walks down the dock. We hear two gunshots coming from the yacht.

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