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Who will you become when your greatest fears are realized?

Season 1

18 Jul. 2013
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose finds herself in the middle of a robbery committed by famous criminal Roman Torchwick. Her efforts to stop him attract the attention of Professor Ozpin, head of Beacon Academy, who grants her special admission to his school.
25 Jul. 2013
The Shining Beacon
Ruby makes a new friend, the bumbling swordsman Jaune Arc, during her overwhelming first day at Beacon.
1 Aug. 2013
The Shining Beacon: Part 2
Jaune makes the mistake of flirting with Weiss but finds a friend in star athlete Pyrrha Nikos, while Ruby is horrified to learn the details of Beacon's initiation ritual.
8 Aug. 2013
The First Step
After (literally) dropping into the vast Emerald Forest, Ruby and the other initiates scramble to find their new partners and survive against the vicious creatures of Grimm. Welcome to school, kids!
15 Aug. 2013
The First Step: Part 2
To their mutual displeasure, Ruby and Weiss are paired up during the initiation. Meanwhile Pyrhha lends a hand to Jaune, who may be in over his head at Beacon.
22 Aug. 2013
The Emerald Forest
Yang and Blake happily partner up, while tensions rise between Ruby and Weiss.
29 Aug. 2013
The Emerald Forest: Part 2
Things are going smoothly for Blake and Yang, but everything goes south when the other pairs show up with giant monsters on their tails.
5 Sep. 2013
Players and Pieces
Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Jaune, Pyrrha, and fellow students Nora and Ren fight for their lives against the monstrous inhabitants of the Emerald Forest in their first true test as Huntsmen and Huntresses.
12 Sep. 2013
The Badge and the Burden
The teams have been formed and classes at Beacon have begun, but Weiss can't understand why Ruby was put in charge of RWBY instead of her. Does the young prodigy really have what it takes to lead?
19 Sep. 2013
The Badge and the Burden: Part 2
While Weiss struggles with her pride, Ruby begins to really wonder if the headmaster made a mistake in making her leader of team RWBY.
26 Sep. 2013
Jaune, the least-capable of the new Hunters, suffers under a bully.
3 Oct. 2013
Jaunedice: Part 2
Pyrrha comes up with a plan to help Jaune, but things get complicated when he reveals how he came to the school
10 Oct. 2013
Forever Fall
Jaune is being blackmailed into one terrible situation after another, but when Pyrrha becomes the target of a mean prank, he stands up to his tormentors.
17 Oct. 2013
Forever Fall: Part 2
Resolving the "Jaune Arc", Jaune shows everyone that he truly has potential. But can he still repair his friendship with Pyrrha?
31 Oct. 2013
The Stray
Two new contenders come to town in anticipation of the coming tournament. Blake and Weiss clash over prejudices concerning the faunus, which leads to Blake revealing her dark past.
7 Nov. 2013
Black and White
Concluding volume one, Blake and a new friend attempt to find out who's behind a series of thefts, while team RWBY try to find her after she runs away.

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