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(I) (2015)

Rosamund Pike: Miranda Wells



  • Miranda Wells : You saw that? You saw what I got to do? I got to stick a knife into a man's throat in broad daylight and people wanted me to do it. In fact, they applauded.

  • [last lines] 

    Mitchell Wells : For the first time in my life... I'm scared. I'm really worried about you.

    Miranda Wells : You don't have to worry.

    Mitchell Wells : This is your life.

    Miranda Wells : I know that, Daddy. So I put an end to it. He won't be coming around anymore.

  • Miranda Wells : I watched my mother die. And she did a lot of things, but she never fucked me from behind.

  • Miranda Wells : You want me to sit and cry in therapy for 10 years, writing in some goddamn journal about my feelings? That's not me. It'd be like drowning in a puddle. I'd be dying by inches. You want me to hate him forever? That hurts no one but me. I'm tired of hurting.

  • William Finn : [feeling really sick]  You know what's wrong with me?

    Miranda Wells : Of course I do.

    William Finn : Yeah?

    Miranda Wells : You're a rapist, William. That's what's wrong with you.

  • Miranda Wells : It's just something that I do.

  • [first lines] 

    Nancy : Hey! How was it? How'd it go?

    Miranda Wells : Dr. Cyper's amazing. You'd think he was cutting the crusts off his kid's sandwich.

    Nancy : So you really want to leave all of this for that?

    Miranda Wells : If I qualify for this transfer, I'll still...

    [moving a plate of sandwiches] 

    Miranda Wells : Is this yours?

    Nancy : Oh, yeah, sorry.

    Miranda Wells : I will still be "all this" adjacent.

    Nancy : I don't know why you want to be a surgical nurse. You know, I can take my kids barfing on me, I can take the patients whizzing on me, but the minute you pull out a scalpel, I'm like, oh, gross!

    [repeatedly dabs sandwiches crumbs off of the nursing station counter top] 

    Miranda Wells : Yeah, it can be awfully revolting.

  • William Finn : You fucking crazy?

    Miranda Wells : No. No, I'm not crazy, William. Crazy suggests that I don't know right from wrong. And I do. This... is clearly wrong.

  • Miranda Wells : [as William stares at her while painting the chair, not watching what he's doing]  You're dripping.

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