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An original take on the superhero movie; silly perhaps – but great fun
gogoschka-14 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After the many scathing reviews, I went to this film with very mixed feelings. I certainly didn't expect serious Sci-Fi – after all, I had seen the trailers – but I actually wasn't quite sure what to expect (and I'm not sure I would have gone to see it at all, If it hadn't been directed by Luc Besson). Well, maybe it's just because I expected to be disappointed, but I was pleasantly surprised. 'Lucy' delivers a fast paced, crazy ride from start to finish, and I'm frankly a bit shocked so many people seem to hate this film with so much passion. Hadn't they seen the trailers? I thought it was clear from the get-go that this film was first and foremost meant as entertainment (and it certainly doesn't pretend to be the new '2001').

If 'Lucy' were based on a comic book, I highly doubt people would be criticising it as harshly as they are. Let's be honest: from a scientific point of view, the stories of Captain America, Superman, Thor, the Hulk, Iron Man, Spider Man and the X-Men are all enthusiastically silly. None of these stories are even remotely realistic - and they were never meant to be: that's why they call them "SUPER-heroes". So how come so many film fans take the "10% of the brain" premise so very, very seriously? I mean, this is Luc Besson: 'The Fifth Element' was just as over-the-top and most people seemed to have really enjoyed it (at least at the time; maybe now it would also get shredded to pieces for "lack of realism"). The way I see it, 'Lucy' is simply Besson's take on the superhero movie (towards the end of the film, the title character actually comes across like a fun, female version of Dr Manhattan).

Granted, many aspects of 'Lucy' ARE very silly, but visually the film is absolutely stunning and it at least tries to tell an original story and throws in some very interesting philosophical (and yes: even scientific) concepts and questions. So not unlike the films based on Marvel or DC comics, this is a wild mix of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Action elements – and what's so wrong with that all of a sudden? If you watch it for what it is – a fun, fast summer movie with inventive visuals – I don't see why you wouldn't enjoy it. Quality-wise, this certainly isn't 'The Matrix' or 'Blade Runner', for sure (but hey: what is?), but 'Lucy' is still packed with enough creative ideas and great action scenes to get your money's worth. Plus it features Morgan Freeman and an absolutely gorgeous Scarlett Johansson.

So my verdict: It's rare enough these days to get an original Fantasy/Sci-Fi tale with a decent budget in the first place – let alone one for grown-ups with an R-rating. It may not be as good as it could have been (and it does feel a bit rushed), but it is very far from the catastrophic mess many critics make it out to be. As far as I'm concerned, 'Lucy' is a fun, crazy ride from start to finish. 7 stars out of 10.

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A spectacular film- visually stunning - very through provoking
latinfineart4 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Unless you are nearly brain dead, you will find this film stimulating. If you are a sci-fi buff like me, even more so. A film like this reminds me of how starved some of us are for films of this sort. This film was brilliantly directed by the French Maestro. Beautifully acted, by Scarlotte Johansson.

While the transformation is happening, we see Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) giving a lecture on the capacity of the human brain. He says people generally use only about 10 percent of their brain's capacity. (Yes, it's an urban legend, but you'll enjoy the movie a whole lot more if you ignore that fact and just go with it.) Norman, an authority in this field, has no idea his path will soon cross with Lucy's.

Lucy accidentally ingests the drug and her neurons begin firing. Her brain begins to grow ever-more powerful - so powerful that she's able to easily disarm any captor and figure a way out of any situation she's in. She needs someone who understands brain function to help her while a team is hot on the trail to dispense with her. The film moves at such a frantic pace and provides such mind-boggling visuals and fascinating concepts about time and existence that it's impossible not to be entertained. Besson also throws in some brief but exhilarating nature scenes to emphasize Lucy's vulnerability (at first) and then to expound upon what she is learning.

Somewhat improbably, it's also an ideal culmination of a sci-fi trilogy Johansson may not have even realized she was making. In Her, Under the Skin and now Lucy, the 29-year-old veteran has not only delivered some of the finest work of her career, she's found a trio of characters in conversation about what it means to be human through the eyes of an outsider, be it artificial intelligence, alien or an accidental superhuman. In fact, it's near impossible to imagine Lucy without Johansson and her perfectly calibrated performance, a crucial component to investing in the story's inherent silliness.

The action was a little over the top at times. The Chinese gangsters were perhaps a metaphor for the Chinese Politburo. Perhaps the world's ultimate criminal organization, that will stop at nothing to achieve it's ends.

What you'll find here, is a well-crafted science fiction yarn that might make you think more than you bargained for while you enjoy the shoot-ups and vehicle crashes.
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This is a complete myth! The fun part is: What if it was true?
facorread24 November 2014
This film has greatly polarized critics for its use of controversial concepts. I am a scientist and of course this movie gives me mixed feelings about its science. But I'm sure about one thing, that this is fiction. I am able to watch a fiction movie, am I not?

Some people review this film negatively for its scientific value, ignoring the fact that this isn't a documentary. What are these guys comparing this film against? There is no comparison against real-world science here. If somebody makes a film about black holes, I expect it to be faithful to the latest research about black holes. If somebody makes a film about the Sun, I expect it to be faithful to what we know about the Sun. In contrast, a film about aliens can stretch our suspension of disbelief a lot more, because we know no real aliens to compare it about. And my my, how wide a range of alien species has been spawned by the film industry in all its years! The main concept in this film is equally flexible because it has been proved a myth years ago. Everybody knows that, director/writer Besson knows that. These negative reviewers miss the entertainment value of this film because of something they were expecting (harmony to actual science) that was never there since the film's inception.

So yes, some other people review this film for its entertainment value, because we want to enjoy this "What if this myth was true" scenario. And we are truly entertained. I loved how Scarlett Johansson developed her character very well even when there was inherently not much to begin with: an innocent girl with not further background than dating some guy for a week and living in a shared apartment. Scarlett's charisma, weakness, strength, and acting spill all over the place, even during the most flat scenes of the film, even during the most VFX-packed scenes of the film. Morgan Freeman is... well, Morgan Freeman. Fantastic actor except for the fact that he's been typecast into the wise guy role for like, 20 years. I like the ethnic diversity in such a small cast. Not that they are trying to showcase it anyway, but it's a nice touch.

The action pack is very good, the mafia pack is entertaining, and the renditions of Inception, Léon: The Professional, and 2001: A Space Odyssey are all cherished. Once again, the central myth is developed in a very fun way. I believe this film has risked a lot in its development, but for us who want to be entertained and have our imaginations opened, this film delivers very vividly.
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That one guy who told everyone to **** themselves
thuffman-219-55760222 January 2015
F*** this IMDb rating. I haven't been this entertained in 90 minutes since Pan's Labyrinth. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes gets 8 stars, and everyone is attacking the science of this film... f*** off. This movie is fantastically cool.

Remember, critics and joes thought Boondock Saints, Donnie Darko, and Star Wars blew... yeah. Watch it for yourself. If you're a Luc Besson fan, you won't be disappointed.

Bad-*** car chase, science-fiction, sex appeal my goodness, Morgan "the man" Freeman, Chow Yun-Fat worthy shootout, visuals that will blow your-effing-mind, and it didn't even take 2 sequels and a prequel to do it.

What happened to people that used to enjoy movies?
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Luc Besson's 'Lucy'.
swordsnare22 March 2020
I enjoyed this for the most-part. The momentum in combination with the 90 minute runtime, kept myself entertained for the entirety. It's far from perfect, but it's entertaining. Then again I didn't labour over the science to over complicate the overall enjoyment. The climax is probably the most contentious and unfavourable issue, but I appreciate the intent of Luc Besson's vision.

Note: It's probably best to ignore the super low-scoring trolls, who create accounts to downvote and spread negativity. If you don't have some constructive criticism, don't say anything at all. Any 'Not helpful' downvotes on this review are probably by the aforementioned.
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Pretty Cool Sequences in the Film
Caqpy5 March 2020
I enjoyed the film for the most part, had some complaints about some of the science however this is a sci-fi movie. Some of the sequences were very well done especially near the end of the film.
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charles_hardin_holley4 January 2020
It's one of those movies I can't stop watching once I start. Despite its many flaws, it's captivating. Morgan Freeman appears lost throughout, but Scarlett is terrific. She and Besson seem to have been on the same wavelength.
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Not a Documentary!!!!
porlean27 November 2014
Check the genre of this movie, it says SCI-FI, which stands for science FICTION!! If I watched every sci-fi movie expecting it to correlate with real life physics then there would be no point of the genre. All these bad reviewers seem to be on the more intelligent end of the pole but isn't cognitive enough to realize they're NOT watching a documentary!!!! This is a good sci-fi movie, which kind of lets you imagine what you could do if you knew everything and could do anything. Obviously It's not possible because you would have to break the laws of physics to even get near that point but it's still good to wonder. Worth a watch if you like the genre.
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Unusual, interesting and highly entertaining
gnanag6 October 2014
Normally I don't write reviews but these movie differed so much from what people told me I fell compelled to give my opinion. Because of the bad reviews I didn't expect anything at all. In fact, I expected a killer heroine who would beat her adversaries to pulp. However, I got an extremely interesting, unusual and highly entertaining story, that I found quite fascinating. Of course, it's completely unrealistically, but the whole idea is quite funny and unusual. I generally like movies which manage to introduce new ideas or differ from the same old boring patterns (Iron Man 12, Final Destination 14, Transformers 8). Lucy does that. Its just, well, cool. I absolutely enjoyed the Science Fiction aspects and seeing Lucy developing her powers was just pure gold. So if you don't break into tears because the movie operates on ridiculous scientific premises, watch it and have fun. It's different, it's interesting and its extremely entertaining.
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Lucy is a ridiculous but very entertaining film
Argemaluco18 September 2014
Lucy is a spectacularly ridiculous but very entertaining film which is the best one Luc Besson has directed in a long time... even though, considering all the missteps he has had since he returned from "retirement" 9 years ago, that isn't a big compliment. For better or for worse, Lucy employs Besson's habitual style, combining abundant action, a creative visual style and an accelerated rhythm which, in this case, distract us from the parade of nonsense and inconsistencies from the screenplay (Hasn't the "we only use 10% of our brain" myth already been discarded?). Fortunately, this film counts with solid performances from the whole cast, starting by Scarlett Johansson, who brings charisma and credibility. Morgan Freeman brings his usual conviction, serene presence and persuasive voice, while Choi Min-sik and Nicolas Phongpheth bring quite a personality to their villain roles. Besides, with only 89 minutes of running time, Lucy ends as quickly as it began, it never gets boring at all and it leaves us with some philosophical reflections I found interesting. Lucy is not a great film, but it entertained me very much, and I recommend it as a pleasant distraction which doesn't require us to pay too much attention. And besides of that, I like to see Besson back on the right track in his career as a director.
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Starts well, finishes poorly
bobbymcgonigle1330 September 2014
Disappointing movie towards the end. Starts off well, everything makes sense, everything is clever, logical and interesting. After a certain point in the movie everything becomes ridiculous, unrealistic and not enjoyable to watch. The idea behind the movie was good, execution was not. The characters were also a little bit boring in my opinion. The situation the main character found herself in had an array of extraordinary things to do and take advantage of but didn't. Not a lot out of the ordinary happened, main character worrying throughout and not taking advantage/playing around with the situation she was in. If you're a fan of logical "what ifs" like myself I would not recommend it.
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Lucy took the drugs, Luc Besson got high...
Dr_Sagan4 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Obviously the main purpose of Luc Besson with this was initially to please the audience. The poor scared girl who takes revenge on the bad guys that hurt her. But with the ridiculous premise "what can we do if we acquire the 100% of functionality of our brain" the movie tries to be philosophical and ...fails miserably. What is the meaning of life? The purpose of humans?

The problem is that Luc Besson's brain isn't capable to provide such answers.

When Lucy's brain is at 20% she's starting to control signals! It's obvious that the writer will hit a wall by his own brain limitations. At 30-40% she has telepathic and telekinetic powers. Later she travels back in...time, and the way she controls it is with...swipe move as in a smartphone! What else is there? The writer couldn't think of anything else!

I am everywhere! It's now a cliché since Edgar in "electric dreams". Johnny Depp has done it too! Well good for you.
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A mix of science and fiction?
sonekken6 October 2014
I think bad reviews come mostly from people who want to show other how good their science is. Fair enough, this film starts from the premise that humans only use 10% of their brains and Lucy can break this barrier and reach a whole new level in human evolution. This leitmotiv was quite smartly picked to raise interest,although scientifically inaccurate. However this film excites the mind of those who REALLY know physics and know how few limits there are in what we can achieve in pushing our evolution through science to become indistinguishable from magic. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." I personally enjoyed every bit of the movie and, as it took me to a journey into the far far future, where humans can overcome their humanity and become real Gods.

Enjoy this film and let your mind explore the impossible.
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Much more than meets the eye....
j-c-johnson12 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It amazes me how many negative reviews this movie has gotten when its core, its message, is so giant.

I love this movie. Then again, I'm thinking of it in conjunction with The Secret, the book Conversations With God, and my own crazy experiences.

God = a giant being who was, is, and ever shall be, trying to become conscious of Himself.

Humans = each tiny piece God broke off of Himself to create our individual selves.

Lucy = one piece of God (think = SOUL) that happened to have an opportunity to become conscious of itself.

The end is Lucy breaking apart into billions of pieces because the physical no longer mattered. It was her essence... which is why she was able to be everywhere, like God.

I can't believe no one gets this. Look into quantum physics, even just watch The Secret. All we are is energy. If we take this concept to the extreme and to fiction, Lucy is what we get!

I LOVE this movie. BTW.

Then again I think deeply and on a big picture basis, so hopefully all these negative reviewers read this and feel like morons... because they are.

It's not meant to "just" be a movie. You really think Morgan Freeman would've signed up for this if it didn't have some deeper meaning? Look at his track record!!! Come on, people, use that gray mass between your ears!!!

Just saying. I love this movie. From a non-science, non-pop culture perspective. I love this movie from a transcendent perspective. The kind of POV that allows you to believe that nothing is a coincidence.

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Extremely well done
mdcmdaw13 October 2015
We watched LUCY about on DVD February this year. I usually don't like the typical shoot- them-up or speculative-futuristic or robotic movies, they turn me off because they are predictable and way over the deep-end of ridiculousness in their violence, special effects, contradictions and same-old-same-old tin spaceships, weaponry galore, and silly story; like the script and story were just thrown together for the sake of selling something at the box office or TV. LUCY, is excellent, credible beyond the usual mush and the action and actors are great. If you like a good story that will touch your heart, make you cheer and hope, take you to possible scenarios and just enough chaos to make it interesting, good actors and a great story, then you most like will like LUCY. My husband and I often have different likes and opinions but our differences came together in appreciation of LUCY.
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I F*ng love science
andre-madsen118 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Scarlett Johansson proves beyond a doubt that she is able to carry the lead actress role in this sci-fi action flick. The camera work and narrative ambiance starts off marvelously. But around twenty minutes into the movie everything starts falling apart as relentless and repetitive force-feeding of pseudo-scientific and underdeveloped philosophical gibberish is applied in a sad attempt to legitimize the developing story line. If you manage to swallow the entirety these factual misnomers you may suffer from having no education or sense of rational thought and may also be eligible to blissfully enjoy the ensuing turn of events.

Have you ever felt at risk of becoming dumber by the process of watching a movie? I regularly enjoy movies that violate laws of physics. However, it is imperative that the movie's setting allows for that to happen. Lucy doesn't. The parallel story line employs Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) as the scientific genius alibi. If you pay attention to his "lectures" you may notice this is not science class but rather something at the crossroads of a pseudoscience, scientology and self-motivational course. At this point I should probably disclaim that I am a molecular biologist by profession and proceed to tell you that I was genuinely outraged by the audacious amounts of ignorance displayed throughout this movie.

Sitting at the theater this evening, my brain leapt in and out of sync with the movie due to the constant realism glitches occurring under false pretenses. For some reason I kept thinking of "The Doors of Perception" by Aldous Huxley in which he subjectively describes the immediate psychological effects upon ingesting mescaline and LSD. Such psychoactive and hallucinogenic drugs actually work by switching on cerebral neuronal pathways that by default (and apparently by good rights) are switched off. This goes to prove the point that cerebral activity in no way correlates with attainment of super-human powers.

The pharmacological effects that the fictional drug in the movie exerts on Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is irreconcilable with everything in medicine and the story line is shamelessly based on these discrepancies set in action as visualized by unlimited CGI artistic freedom: Wouldn't the sensation of pain be expected to be augmented to excruciating levels following a proposed 1000% increase of cerebral activity? Care to elaborate on the accompanying moral deprivation that makes it OK to kill or help people entirely on random, but first and foremost makes her really narcissistic and sadistic? If Einstein dropped his pen, wouldn't it still fall to the ground; Why shouldn't laws of physics apply to someone who is allegedly more intelligent or aware? How can increased intelligence allow Lucy – possessing no prior concepts of cell biology or drug metabolism– to figure out what is happening to her in such detail? Why were the internment mafia thugs specifically instructed not to kick Lucy in the lower abdomen, considering the surgical procedure that had just been performed for the sole purpose of drug trafficking? How can Lucy possibly benchmark her cerebral capacity as a percentage? How can the final scenes of the movie where Lucy ad libitum creates matter and baffles the professorial board with some senselessly uttered line of thought be justified in any conceivable way? Omnipotence, dinosaurs and a black hole USB flash drive to top it off: are you serious?

The movie clearly begs the question: what is human and which aspects and ideals of human nature are worth cultivating. But how can you honestly care at this point as you contemplate whether to risk a cerebral meltdown or run for the closest theater exit?
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Luc Besson.. Why?!! I expected this from others but not from you!
onlineairsoft22 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Luc Besson, you really let me down!

I've been a huge fan of his past films. Leon, Fifth Element, Nikita, Unleashed, Taken, etc etc etc

The trailer to the film made it look like standard epic Luc Besson film. However it seems he clearly failed his basic science education at school.

There so so much wrong with the science in the film, and I'm no scientist! I enjoy reading about science and have retained much of my science education from school and right from the start when it was mentioned "what if you could use more than 10% of your brain?" .. I assumed that would get corrected a few moments later... not be the premise and explanation for all of Lucy's abilities.

Luc Besson seems to think having higher brain functionality allow you to time travel?

To be clear. The whole "10% of your brain" argument has been refuted many times and is decades old. 12 years ago when I was at school we were taught how this statement was total BS. Seems Luc Besson didn't get the memo and no one thought to tell him before he started the film.

None of the characters have any depth either. Morgan Freeman is... Morgan Freeman, standard 'I speak slowly and deeply which means anything I say appears profound'. Scarlet Johansons does nothing to make anyone connect with her character.

The drug they are transporting at it's current state would be legal... So why did they went to the effort of kidnapping I have no idea. Fedex would of been much cheaper.

This film is NOT for: People with basic science education People with common sense
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it fails in every dimension
gijsb-980-1284927 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is terrible, plain and simple. It starts out as a fun action movie set in Taiwan. Scarjo is in some really cool scenes and is acting amazingly. This is cut with shots of Morgan Freeman having a stroke and blabbering one-liners about life that wouldn't impress Jaden Smith.

Morgan Freeman was completely useless in this movie. Lucy knows everything anyway and his explanation to the viewer will hurt your soul. It doesn't matter that the whole premise is impossible but STOP RUBBING IT IN MY FACE. The fact that hes presenting his ideas to a room full of students and professors only ads insult to injury. No one asks a simple why. Why does he think humans get psychic powers at 30%. Telekinesis? Why is he even doing "research" on some weird hypothetical. This movie is literally better if you cut out every Morgan scene.

This movie is way too pretentious for the few good action scenes it has. If you insist on watching just watch the first 40 minutes or something. Its not worth it.
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franchikyle13 September 2018
I analyzed this movie for my film study class. The foreshadowing in this movie is done greatly and as well as suspense.
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Absolutely Brilliant
Kristead18 August 2014
It was a moment of utter spontaneity when I decided to purchase a ticket to see 'Lucy', and wow - I am certainly glad I did. This is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. At the beginning, I thought that perhaps it wasn't going to be my cup of tea. However, as it progressed the storyline became more and more fascinating. In my opinion this film had the perfect balance of realism and sci-fi. Some of the effects were of course slightly questionable... but I cannot really complain because the overall brilliance of this film outshone any negatives I could detect.

Scarlett Johansson was incredible as Lucy and it was astonishing to observe how her character changed so dramatically within just a few moments. Johansson definitely nailed the smart-girl/genius/superhero role, although I do think this role may have suited an actress like Rooney Mara absolutely perfectly. Johansson is just so womanly, attractive and feminine that I found it difficult to completely accept her as Lucy. Perhaps that's just me bring too picky - I just feel that Lucy could have been better portrayed by someone slightly more masculine and cold.

This film is one that will genuinely inspire you to think deeply about evolution, human nature, and life. I left the cinema feeling like I had been given a new kick of energy and a punch of enthusiasm for personal growth and exploration. This film will also encourage you to consider the endless possibilities of technology and science. It will leave your heart pound if and your brain buzzing. Overall, this is a definite must-see for all action/sci-fi lovers as well as those who have an interest in humanity, history and the incredible gift that is life. You will not at all regret purchasing a ticket to see this, and as long as you keep an open mind, you will find this film to be extremely thought-provoking and clever.
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Worse than anyone could have imagined
Biologistud24 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start off by saying, I usually like this type of movie. I don't mind movies where the girl kicks ass, even when it is entirely unrealistic. If the girl also happens to be hot, then it's even better. Here we have Scarlett Johansson, one of the hottest women of all time, looks promising right? But everything that could possible go wrong, goes wrong here.

1. Scarlett Johansson does not look her best in this movie. The changing looks, the futuristic makeup and everything just fails completely. The fact that she transforms into an emotionally void cyborg also means that she becomes entirely unrelatable for the audience. For 90% of the movie she conveys the same blank facial expression. Kind of like Will Smith in After Earth.

2. The special effects are lackluster and sluggish. I have been waiting for a movie about a woman with superpowers, able to do anything she wants, but what does she do: She uses telekinesis to levitate a bunch of goons, she pushes a cop to another seat of a car, she stops bullets in mid-air, and...that's pretty much it.

3. The plot. Besides the premise of being utterly false, the movie keeps conveying false information and misdirection. As a biologist, the portrayal of evolution in this movie is worse than what any Christian fundamentalist could do. Every 10 minutes a full screen notice of 10%-20%-30%...appears, just to let us know exactly how far along she is. This is actually good, because we have no other means of knowing. It's not like her abilities improve. In fact, after 40% she does not use her abilities at all.

4. Artistically this movie keeps making cut scenes to completely random images and sequences, that should be used to associate with what occurs in the actual film. But this just adds an element of "weird for the sake of weird", and it just makes it more confusing and frustrating to watch.

5. The climax or rather anticlimax of the movie is what topped it off as the worst movie I have seen at the cinema. Spoiler!!! In the end, after she goes 100%, she turns herself into a USB drive for Morgan Freeman, and then the movie ends!

It is completely ridiculous, and so underwhelming. The acting is bad and with no impact, the action is boring and clumsy, the plot makes no sense, and the ending is so under the top silly that it doesn't even make the movie "so bad that it's good". While I have seen worse movies before (not many), I have never seen worse movies at the cinema. I did not expect anything good, but to have it be that much worse...I was so disappointed by this, and I thought I had set the bar so low as to prevent this. I thought I would just see a mindless action flick, where a hot girl got to kick ass. This...was absolute rubbish.
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Hard to swallow, even for the spiritually open-minded
stroggos8 March 2017
People say we use only 10% of our brains. The scientific community is 100% sure this is false. Call me a killjoy, but I find it hard to accept movies that are based on an utterly anti-scientific premise. In fact, I find promoting blatant falsehoods that promote anti-evolutionary thinking a bit irresponsible, even for the sake of art and entertainment!

Science education set aside, how does LUCY work as a movie? Well, Scarlett Johansson is convincingly awkward and beautiful. Luc Besson's obsession with strong mysterious female leads clearly shines through and Johansson as an actor delivers. The movie is hyper-stylish, with gleaming colors and convincing CGI (lots of). The action is as entertaining as the visuals. And thankfully they decided to keep things short, focus on the core idea and stop right before it became trite.

That said, I think LIMITLESS dealt with the 10% myth better as it stayed (somewhat) more within the realm of scientific credibility. And as far as movies go in which people develop godlike powers, LUCY doesn't beat the likes of THE MATRIX or SYMBOL (shimboru,2009).

All in all an interesting but ultimately mediocre movie based on an utterly ridiculous (and intellectually dangerous) idea.
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A very provoking sequel.
shreyaskumar-8844628 March 2020
This has provoked my childhood fantasy of science and its outcomes. I just love the film due to the involving scientific interpretations. These kind of films can't be made all the time. So yeah!!
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Awesome imagination
u-3218727 March 2020
The potential of the human brain is being developed. The brain waves that the brain operates should be more powerful. It should be possible to capture weaker brain waves.
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Pretty good actually
tinkulets-119587 February 2020
In the beginning I thought maybe a 7.5 because the movie was good but in my opinion I Don't think that would happen if we use our brain 100%, but a comment in this section made me rethink. It's sci-fi, so just enjoy the movie, a sci-fi doesn't need to have a logic, just imagination and creativity. I would have give it a ten but I am a little picky and I give 10/10 really hard.
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