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  • A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.

  • It was supposed to be a simple job. All Lucy had to do was deliver a mysterious briefcase to Mr. Jang. But immediately Lucy is caught up in a nightmarish deal where she is captured and turned into a drug mule for a new and powerful synthetic drug. When the bag she is carrying inside of her stomach leaks, Lucy's body undergoes unimaginable changes that begins to unlock her mind's full potential. With her new-found powers, Lucy turns into a merciless warrior intent on getting back at her captors. She receives invaluable help from Professor Norman, the leading authority on the human mind, and French police captain Pierre Del Rio.

  • The American Lucy is studying in Taiwan and is dating Richard that she met at a nightclub. When Richard has a briefcase to deliver to the mysterious Korean Mr. Jang, he tricks Lucy and cuffs her to the briefcase. Lucy has no other option but to meet Mr. Jang, who is a dangerous drug lord that kills Richard. Lucy discovers that the briefcase contains the synthetic drug CPH4 and she is forced to work to Mr. Jang as drug mule with three other men and transport the drug to Europe hidden in their abdomens. However one of her captors kicks her in the abdomen and releases the CPH4 in her body. Soon Lucy enhances her brain capacity and develops her physical and mental capabilities. She uses her abilities to kill the criminals and flees. However her power does not stop increasing and is destroying Lucy that needs to use more CPH4 to stabilize her body. She contacts Professor Norman, who is an authority in brain capacity, and the scientist becomes her hope to save her. But Mr. Jang wants to retrieve his drug and is hunting Lucy down.

  • Lucy is a smart, college student who finds herself in a horrific drug and human trafficking situation where her brain is permanently altered by an illegal new drug that gets accidentally ingested during her captivity. When she gets a kick to her abdomen, the drug starts to leak into her body, and she begins using more than 10% of her brain and finds that she has less than 24-48 hours to live. She finds the one neuro-scientist and professor who can help capture her super brain phenomenon for the world, before the villains kill her in the process.

  • Innocent and quite unlucky, Lucy, a 24-year-old American student in Taipei, is coerced into working as a drug mule for Taiwan's most powerful drug lord, the Korean Mr Jang. Having no other choice, Lucy is unwillingly subjected to a quick operation, where a highly experimental synthetic drug is implanted inside her lower abdomen to transport it in Europe. However, when the blue chemical leaks into her bloodstream, the lethal dose will initiate a mind-boggling development of her cerebral activity, unlocking extraordinary skills and abilities which extend past the normal 10% of brain use. Undoubtedly, Lucy's superpowers grow stronger by the minute, but who knows what will happen when the secrets of the full 100% are unlocked.

  • Lucy, a young American woman living in Taipei, knows that she's in trouble when her casual boyfriend of a few weeks, Richard, a man she doesn't really know well, handcuffs a locked briefcase, contents unknown, to her wrist, forcing her to deliver it to a Mr. Jang in his swanky hotel suite. A scared Lucy quickly learns that Mr. Jang is a drug kingpin who is not averse to killing anyone in carrying out his work. That encounter with Mr. Jang leads to Lucy being forced to act as one of his drug mules, specifically of a powerful, synthetic drug called CPH4. Things start to change for Lucy when she inadvertently absorbs a high dose of CPH4 into her system, leading to several physiological changes to her self, most notably in that she begins to use more and more of her cerebral matter than the usual ten percent of most humans. As Lucy becomes more and more aware of everything around her - a result of the drug - she embarks on two concurrent paths, one being to get back at Mr. Jang and his associates for what they've done to her, including the torture they've inflicted on her. But the other path may trump the first, that second path which includes retrieving the CPH4 from the three other drug mules. It also involves Dr. Samuel Norman, arguably the foremost evolutionary theorist, and Paris Police Captain Pierre Del Rio, the later her touchstone to humanity, that need for a touchstone which becomes more and more important as she approaches her end goal.



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  • In the opening shot, we see a cell split up into multiple other cells. Then we see a proto-human in prehistoric times drinking from a lake. Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) narrates by saying that life began billions of years ago, and ponders just what we have done with it since then.

    In the present, Lucy is a young American woman outside a hotel in Taiwan with her week-long boyfriend Richard (Pilou Asbæk). He is asking her to take a briefcase up to the room of a Mr. Jang (Min-sik Choi). Even though offered $500, she refuses to do anything for Richard without knowing what it is that he wants her to deliver, so he handcuffs Lucy's wrist to the handle of the briefcase, leaving her with no choice. She enters the lobby and tells the clerk that Richard is sending her up to Jang, and then nervously gives her name to the clerk. Lucy looks out the window to see Richard smiling and trying to be encouraging, until he is shot and killed. A group of thugs come out of the elevator and force Lucy to go up with them. This scene is juxtaposed with footage of a cheetah chasing a gazelle, mauling it and then carrying the gazelle's corpse in its teeth.

    They take Lucy to Jang's apartment. There are bloodied corpses on the floor, causing Lucy to vomit. Jang comes out with his hands soaked in blood. He rings up a man on the phone to translate for Lucy. She cries, not knowing what is going on or why any of this is happening. Jang writes down number '140' on a piece of paper, which is the code to open the briefcase. Jang steps into the next room while his men arm themselves with guns and shields. Lucy opens the briefcase, which contains four 1 kg bags of blue powdered crystals. Jang brings in a drugged-up man to snort some of the blue powder. The man briefly convulses and then starts laughing maniacally until Jang shoots him in the head. Lucy is then ordered to do a job, which she refuses to do until she gets smacked.

    Lucy wakes up in a hotel room. There is a bandage on her stomach. Jang's men come in and throw her some clothes. She is taken to Jang, along with three other men. A British man known as "The Limey" (Julian Rhind-Tutt) comes in to explain to Lucy that she and the other men have had a drug called CPH4 stuffed into their lower intestines. The drug is supposed to be the next big thing on the market, and they intend to smuggle it across the world. Afterwards, Lucy is taken to a room and chained up, where one of the thugs, tries to get into her jeans, then starts kicking her in the stomach, right where they cut into her. This causes a tear in the drug bag, leaking the powder into Lucy's system. She begins to writhe and thrash all across the room, even reaching up to the ceiling until she falls back down to the floor.

    As all of this happens, we meet Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) giving a lecture to a classroom on his research of the brain's capacity. He essentially explains what could happen if humans could exceed beyond the suggested 10% brain capacity that they use, as well as its responses to certain environments that would allow the brain to submit to immortality or reproduction. Basically, if the subject doesn't like their environment, they would choose immortality and move elsewhere, but if they were happy with their setting, they would be inclined to reproduce (complete with images of every species engaging in intercourse). If, say, humans could reach up to 40%, they could manipulate matter (footage of a magic show is juxtaposed here as an example). One student asks Norman what would happen if humans reached 100%. He says he has no idea.

    Lucy reawakens, with her eyes glowing bright blue. She sits upright, calmer than before. A thug comes into the room, and Lucy spreads her legs to tempt him. The thug smiles and lays down his gun on the table. As he walks over to her, Lucy grabs his belt and flips him over, then pulls the table over to take the gun. After she frees herself, she shoots the other thugs as they're eating. She gets shot in the shoulder, but is able to dig the bullet out without feeling pain. She then eats all the thugs' food before leaving. She finds two taxi drivers outside, shoots one in the leg and gets one of them to take her to the hospital.

    On her way to the hospital, Lucy has heightened senses and is able to hear peoples' voices from outside the car. When she gets to the hospital, she is able to clearly read the signs as if they were in English to her. She gets to an operating room where doctors are working on a man. Lucy looks at the patient's X-ray scans and then shoots the man, stating to the doctors that they wouldn't have been able to save him because the tumor in his brain had already spread far enough. She forces the doctors to take the bag out of her stomach. She then calls her mother to tell her that she feels everything - the air, the blood in her veins, the heat leaving her body, and is even able to access the deepest parts of her memories, like when she was sick as a child or even petting a cat when she was barely a year old. She tells her mother that she loves her before hanging up. The doctor pulls the bag of drugs out of Lucy's stomach, and after she tells him that it's CPH4, he tells her that this is something that pregnant women produce six weeks into their pregnancy as nutrients for the fetus, and that the doctor is surprised Lucy has survived this long with it in her body.

    Lucy makes one more stop back to the hotel to find Jang as he is in the middle of getting a tattoo and a facial. She kills his guards and then shoos the tattoo artist away before sticking knives in both of Jang's hands. With her newfound powers, she does a Vulcan mind meld into his brain and sees where the other three drug mules are going based on images of their plane tickets. She leaves, and Jang lets out a pained scream.

    Lucy goes to the apartment of her friend Caroline (Analeigh Tipton) to use her laptop. She reads all of Norman's research in a matter of seconds, then contacts him to tell him what she's read. He is astonished to hear that she read everything, even as she continues to explain what she is feeling and experiencing, now that she has reached up to 20% brain capacity. She is able to manipulate electronics, making her appearance on the TV in Norman's hotel room, as well as his phone and the radio. She plans to meet with him in 12 hours. Before leaving, she prints out a prescription for Caroline, telling her that her liver and kidneys are failing and that she needs to make new lifestyle choices and she'll be okay.

    The news about Lucy shooting the patient has spread, so as she makes her way through the airport, she changes her hair color and style. She calls a French policeman, Captain Pierre Del Rio (Amr Waked), to inform him of the other drug mules. She then boards the plane and continues her research on the brain, typing on her laptop at rapid-fire pace. The flight attendants ask her to turn off her computer, and Lucy asks for a glass of champagne, while also telling one flight attendant to wipe her nose without looking, and the lady's nose bleeds after. Lucy is given the champagne glass and toasts "To knowledge." She sips, and then "40%" flashes onscreen. She discovers a tooth in her glass, and then she spits up three more teeth. Then her skin starts to disintegrate, in plain sight of the passengers and flight attendants. Lucy runs to the bathroom, where her fingers start to disappear, and her face begins to sort of melt. She pulls out the rest of the CPH4 and snorts it, restoring herself to normal, but she passes out.

    Lucy wakes up in a hospital room, with Del Rio and a few other officers and doctors waiting, right after they have apprehended the other mules. She sits up instantly, to the alarm of a nurse. Meanwhile, one of Jang's henchmen, Jii (Nicolas Phongpheth), comes in with more armed men to find the other mules. They take them into a room and cut the drugs out of them after killing them. Lucy leaves the room and is surrounded by armed men. With a wave of her fingers, she is able to put them all to sleep, except for Del Rio. Together, they find Jang's men, and, with her brain function now at 60%, she moves them around the hall and prevents Jii from escaping with the briefcase full of drugs by creating a sort of invisible wall. She swipes the drugs from Jii and starts to leave, but orders Del Rio to go with her. He thinks he is of no use to her, but she walks over to him and kisses him, asking him to come "as a reminder."

    Lucy uses her powers to find a new location, taking over Del Rio's car and driving manically through the streets, admitting she's never driven before. Jang and Jii follow her.

    Lucy and Del Rio find Norman and his colleagues in a university, where she begins to divulge all she has come to realize with her brain power now exceeding that of a normal human being. While this happens, Jang and his men infiltrate the place and start shooting. Lucy gives the rest of the CPH4 to the professors for them to synthesize into a liquid material that goes into her bloodstream. Her brain function goes to 70% and her hands start to turn into a black wormy sort of goo that attaches itself to the computers in the room, giving Lucy more energy from matter, and thereby supplying her with an insane amount of power. As her brain function continues to increase, she manipulates matter in such a way that she seems to erase everything in the room, leaving the professors standing in white space before creating some kind of new age super computer before their eyes. From outside, as Jang's men are shot down by the police, he orders Jii to do something. Jii takes a rocket launcher and blasts through the room, sending Lucy thousands of miles to Times Square. She manages to move time with a wave of her hand. She travels backwards, from early 20th century New York, to colonial times, even all the way to prehistoric times to come face-to-face with the proto - human from the opening scene. They touch fingers, sending Lucy through the cosmos and all of space and time, giving her unlimited and infinite power.

    Jang enters the room and slowly raises his gun to Lucy's head. And then she reaches 100%. Her body disappears, leaving her clothes behind. Jang fires his gun at nothing. Del Rio comes in and shoots Jang to death. The black matter in the room disappears and morphs into a flash drive that lands in Norman's hands, thus expanding and completing his research. Del Rio asks where Lucy is. A message appears on his phone saying, "I AM EVERYWHERE."

    The film concludes with an overhead shot of Jang's corpse while Lucy's voice says this is what can be done with life.

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