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Village Voice
Like your smartphone, it's a testament to the theory of interchangeable parts, a perfectly engineered product that, if you're charitable, you might also think of in terms of art....But every time I started to believe that there's some parodic impulse behind the filmmakers' recasting of clichés, Cube's character would punch a suspect in custody or commit some other violation of civil liberties that the film invites us to cheer.
Ride Along 2, which moves the action from Atlanta to Miami, plays more like a remake than a sequel.
Chicago Sun-Times
Ride Along 2 is the movie equivalent of a cover band. We’ve seen it all before, and often in much better films.
The implausibilities, cop-movie checkboxes, and mildly wasted talent make Ride Along 2 lazy, but not downright loathsome. If anything, it’s perhaps slightly more amusing and agreeable than the original—a sign of how little that film’s seemingly surefire premise wound up mattering.
Hart, the firecracker that he is, has a fitting comedic (and crime-fighting) partner out there somewhere. But it’s not in the Ride Along series.
With a storyline less challenging than that of a typical CBS crime procedural, Ride Along 2 is little more than a repetitive rehash of the original.
New Orleans Times-Picayune
For better and for worse, it's neither better nor worse than the original "Ride Along." That's because it's essentially the same movie.
The film’s most genuinely funny moment involves A.J.’s ringtones, which should perhaps come as no surprise — the stakes, and the laughs, are so small that Ride Along 2 was apparently designed to be watched on your phone.
Another tired, witless and potentially lucrative attempt to spin an exhausted buddy-cop template into action-comedy gold.
To call Ride Along 2 rubbish is unfair to rubbish, which at some point had a purpose.

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