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15 May 2019
As Charleston reels over Thomas' arrest, a distraught Kathryn deals with conflicting emotions and the possibility of getting full custody of her kids.
22 May 2019
Kat's Out of the Bag
Cameran gives Eliza an earful about her brash behavior at Patricia's dinner party. Austen and Craig meet Whitney for lunch, he is in the hot seat over some rumors of his current relationship status. Meanwhile, Kathryn and Chelsea settle into new homes. When Chelsea hosts a house warming party to show off her new digs, Cameran spills the beans on Whitney and Kathryn's secret liaison.
29 May 2019
Slide Into Your DMs Like...
Cameran struggles with being a stay at home mom, while Naomie juggles multiple businesses. As Kathryn opens up about her new boyfriend, Craig becomes the resident town gossip, spreading rumours not only about Kat's new man but Austen's girlfriend.
5 Jun. 2019
Barking Up the Wrong Tree House
While Austen is busy regretting his breakup with Madison, Chelsea learns he's been badmouthing her around town. Danni and Naomie call Kathryn out for going MIA before their girls trip.
12 Jun. 2019
In Sew Deep
Kathryn and Danni leave the girls' trip on frosty terms, as Cameran realizes she needs to get back to work. Meanwhile, Craig is way behind on pillow orders and decides to host a party to trick his friends into helping him sew. The party takes a turn for the worse when Chelsea lays into Austen for talking behind her back, and Kathryn and Danni confront their friendship issues head on.
19 Jun. 2019
A Salt and Battery
Chelsea steps up her hair game, Eliza tries to mend friendships, and Cam finally asks for help with Palmer.
26 Jun. 2019
Dick Moves and Dick Pics
The guys hit the town in Nashville TN; in their attempt to help Austen get over Madison; Patricia hosts a female only party that's actually raunchier than the boys night out, as the women share some secrets of their own.
3 Jul. 2019
New Craig, Who Dis?
Shep adjusts to life with his new puppy, Little Craig. Chelsea holds Austen's feet to the fire, while Kathryn and Naomie get enlightened. When Cameran hosts an oyster roast for her 35th birthday party, she gets turnt, and Craig the human gets livid.
10 Jul. 2019
Sorry Not Sorry
The group decides to take a trip to Colorado to help Cameran rediscover her mojo; Naomie refuses to go; Eliza hosts the gang for a day of Skeet shooting at her family's plantation and invites a blast from the past; which backfires big time.
17 Jul. 2019
Rocky Mountain High Part One
Kathryn confronts Whitney about a rumor; Cameran reveals to Shep that she's invited Madison to her birthday ski trip in Colorado; the trip gets off to a rocky start as a frustrated Craig releases his pent-up fury.
24 Jul. 2019
Rocky Mountain High Part Two
Chelsea, Cameran, Eliza, Danni and Kathryn hit the slopes for their first-ever ski lesson, while Craig, Austen and Madison go snowboarding; Austen and Madison's relationship heats up, tensions rise during a cannibus-infused dinner.
31 Jul. 2019
Who Put the 'Mad' in Madison?
After a raucous night in Colorado, Cameran and Whitney hightail it back to Charleston, while the others hit the hot springs; Austen and Madison's road back to reconciliation is a rocky one; Madison repeats a rumor that throws Shep and Danni under the bus.
7 Aug. 2019
Shep's ultimatum to Austen is tested after he and Madison reconcile; Ashley asks for another chance and Eliza invites her to the fox hunt; Ashley and Kathryn come face to face for the first time in a year and the gang prepares for a brawl.
14 Aug. 2019
White Gloves Off
The socialites get ready for another grand event hosted by Ms. Patricia; battle lines are drawn when Austen learns that Shep and Craig's dates are the women from his infamous threesome video; Ashley considers crashing the event.
21 Aug. 2019
Reunion Part 1
Naomie defends her boyfriend from accusations that he's controlling; Shep admits that he has anger issues that stem from elitism; Cameran accuses Craig of having an Adderall addiction; Austen questions Kathryn's sobriety.
28 Aug. 2019
Reunion Part 2
Danni tells Kathryn that she is hurt by her newfound friendship with Madison; Madison, Danni and Shep go head to head; Austen has to answer the question of whether or not he made up the rumor about Shep and Danni.

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