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Really liked it - way more than just a filler . . .
mrjrkelly7 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Yeah, sure the story didn't progress much and the whole Lilly getting pestered by the Captain got a bit tedious. However, the whole bit about Barney's creepiness surrounding his apartment will never get old :') I also really liked the whole 'Downton Abbey --> Woodworth Manor' reference. There have been funnier episodes and also ones with more significant plots, but I think this is one which for sure got me laughing. I loved how it really shows how Robin is still understanding of Barney's funny albeit creepy ways. It really gets across an important message about compromises and loving someone for who they really are. The only weak side was the ending of the episode. It seemed to end a tad abruptly and it makes me think the writers maybe just got a bit lazy, needing to fill the last minute or so.
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One of the best episodes ever!
topala-marius-florin31 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoy watching this show so much, because it is so well done. The characters are also very funny. But the best character is definitely Barney, he is so freaking hilarious, he does things, I wish were doing right now! Come on, that episode it's not bad at all! I have never laugh like that since season 3! The way that Barney designed his flat is hilarious, also his relationship with Robin is getting better and better. That British show it is also hilarious, the way that Marshall, Lilly and Ted reacts when they're watching it makes the show funnier giving you a good laugh. I know that that season isn't very apreciated - still, in my opinion the season as a whole was still highly enjoyable. How I Met Your Mother can still be a great show if continue like that!

Overall, I think this is a half-hour well spent.
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The Best Episode In A While
slightlymad2219 February 2015
Neil Patrick Harris knocks it out if the park once again as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother.

Plot In A Paragraph: It's weeks before Barney and Robin's wedding, Robin is insisting that they don't live at Barney's apartment. He loves his "Fortress of Barnitude". But against his wishes, it goes on the market. However, selling it isn't easy when others learn more and more about with what Barney has equipped his apartment. Meanwhile, Lily hasn't spent much time with Marshall because of her job with The Captain as he needs her to be at his beck and call.

This is not just the best episode of this season, it's one of the best ever, and is definitely the best episode since 'The Ducky Tie' and it's all down to Neil Patrick Harris. The guy is excellent.
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bad episode , do not watch
juli_388821 March 2013
This episode is just bad .. the worst of the entire series . never has how i met your mother done a worst episode than this one. Is just another poorly written filler episode . the characters are becoming nothing like they used to be . i just wanna meet the mother before this gets worse ... barney's character was the reason to watch this show.. now it's only a pointless character not able to give punch lines like before. barney poorly written , with no emotional deep nor funny , with his new "can you .. just .. OK ?" . Ted's character is becoming dumber , and bitter . and they are now changing lily .. so i do no t like this. I think old references can save the show.. like cocamouse, architecture , Marshal and sandwiches, and Robin needs a bit of emotional scenes . this episode does not worth the trouble...
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The Fortress (#8.19)
ComedyFan20109 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This episode shows us more about Barney's apartment. It is pretty funny how they bring up some of the features we didn't know before. Like his bed being on tracks was pretty good. Also I loved that one feature of having his head projected in the middle of the room. It was especially fun when Ted locked him in the room where he was sending the message.

Lily and Marshall are being great again. I am also happy Lily is going to have career as well, now it is Marshall's turn to support her choices like she always did with him. The most brilliant part was of course Marshall pretending to be married with Ted and the whole gay conversation they had with Lily.
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wizard00323 March 2013
The episode was just boring. They tried to be funny, but that was it. A lame try. Career-Lily is not really likable anymore, Ted is meaningless, Barneys apartment is stupid and childish and the whole episode was just... nothing. Once HIMYM used to be so funny, full of laughters and good written jokes... But now the whole show is nothing but a story about the boring life of upper class snobs. Where has the wit gone? I guess to other, now better TV Shows... I liked HIMYM till Barneys and Robins engagement... but everything that came after this is getting worse and worse. Summary? Barney and Robin talk about a new apartment, Lily is never at home, Ted sits around and Marshall does nothing either.
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