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Good concept, bad delivery
movies-6142029 January 2018
To start off with the good, I will say that the show "sounds" very appealing (deadly virus outbreak on a massive secluded base in the arctic). The general setting/premise is solid.

The show fails however in many facets. The acting ranges from mediocre to sub-standard, though I don't blame the actors. While I can't say I enjoyed any of the performances, The writing is where the show falls apart.

If you tasked someone to find a team of writers to do a project, but instead of doing any work finding the right writers, they just hired a football team (no offence to football teams here), you would have the quality of writing in this show.

The characters typically do not act rationally (rationally referring to how a person might normally act under the same circumstances). Conflict feels like it is created on the spot, and often leads to very unrealistic sequences of events.

The show has poor dialog, and very undefined characters (their personalities seem to change radically without a proper basis as to why).

I could go on, but I would like to end on a positive note.

Despite having it's serious flaws, you may find yourself still willing to endure this series. It has mystery, it has action, it has zombie-ish themes, and from time-to-time has a few moments.
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back and forth to the point of confusion
Stan-K978 April 2015
As a sci-fi fan I was drawn in by this show and did give it a good chance. However, after half way through the 2nd season I am giving up. Nothing makes sense on the island - from the disease (Navark B), to the cult, to the CDC, to the freakish cannibal inhabitants. The military arrive and are picked off one by one islanders in a really naive way. Random things happen - all of a sudden Peter is the cult leader, there are incubators beneath the abbey, there is a fetus being transported back and forth in a glass bottle amongst other nonsensical things. The worst thing for me is the constant yo-yo'ing - one second Peter is captured, then Kyle, then Alan, and it goes back and forth.

After a while it seems like the writers have run out of ideas and are just filling up time with nonsense.

Storyline aside, the acting is decent and the production is pretty sharp.

I can't see how this show can be turned around.
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Macabre Entertainment
jrhgriffiths23 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Helix is a strange show. The show is both deadly serious and deliciously satiric, as exemplified by the title sequence where blood drips to the tune of elevator music. At times this unique mixture works; at others it becomes farcical. Helix is about a virus that breaks out in a mysterious science facility located deep in the Arctic. The virus causes humans to become violent zombies; a group of scientists (our protagonists) are sent to control the situation.

The show's modus operandi is to gradually reveal layer after layer of conspiracy and intrigue behind the virus, all while people die in variously horrible ways. The acting is relatively poor; the characters are fairly uninteresting; the plot-twists can be somewhat ludicrous. And yet, the show's macabre sense of humor and wonderfully absurd plot are appealing. How many shows gleefully display the explosion of rats in a microwave oven? Moreover, the facility isolated in the Arctic provides a perfect stage for violence and horror. As an enjoyable late-night diversion, Helix succeeds.
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What a letdown
ethanstraffin31 March 2014
I jumped at the chance to watch "Helix," especially because it's not as though we're drowning in great TV sci-fi at the moment. Zombie movies meet "The Andromeda Strain" with a bit of "The Thing" thrown in? Count me in! And for a few episodes, it really did seem as though it might become the diamond in SyFy's rough.

Unfortunately, "Helix" to date has failed to live up to its potential. By the end of the first season, the familiar sci-fi/horror tropes that served as a promising setup have become a stronger prison than its isolated setting. Where tension should be building, the story instead begins to run out of steam, with each new threat and cliffhanger somehow less compelling than the last. Questions are answered, but the answers aren't as interesting as they could be, and most of them fail to produce new questions that might take the story in unexpected directions. And while a few characters may hint at multidimensionality, others do things that they simply would not do -- solely for the sake of manufacturing drama, and with little sign that we might learn something about them later that would justify it.

By the time the final "big bad" of the season (who felt more like a reject from the "Harry Potter" franchise) arrived to walk us through most of the same plot points the previous one did, I was gritting my teeth to make it through the finale. I'm glad for the sake of its more devoted fans that "Helix" was renewed, but I don't see myself sticking around for the second season.
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Decent, not as bad as haters make it out to be
karim_arabu29 January 2014
OK, so I've been reading reviews to see people's opinion on this, and I see that a lot of "internet doctors" and CDC employees are pretty mad about what's been going on.I have to say, does anything impress you lot?

If you really want to nit pick about characters being stupid and "stuff that wouldn't happen", I could nit pick your precious TWD ( which I'm a fan of ) and your other little precious gems to pieces.

Now, if "The Following" can get a second season, then so can this.At least it has a more interesting plot.What was the gripe of most people about Following?The fact that FBI are presented as the most stupid human beings on the planet, except maybe the main character.

After watching the 4th episode of Helix, I can say that things are become pretty damn interesting.

I don't want to spoil or anything but by the 4th episode you will start to get the storyline a little bit better than if you only watched till 3.At least in my opinion.

This is not a new hit series that would have the main character get 1 million per episode, but its pretty solid show with its flaws and it has room to improve and I think we all have seen TV shows start a bit slow and then find their footing.

I really wish all these trolls would stop with the 1-2-3 ratings and blatant hatred wit no arguments besides "characters are stupid, this wouldn't actually happen if......"

Look if you don't like it, stop watching and stop living on this forum bashing it everyday, it is not that important.

I really like the setting of this show.Tho that's just me, I like shows and even movies that are more "enclosed".

I'm not a massive fan of the show, and I do realize it has its flaws and characters might do some stupid stuff once in a while, but I recall thinking this in a lot of the more popular TV shows but I get passed it cause I want to watch not be a sad little arm-chair analyst.

See the show people, if it clicks with you, then good, if it doesn't, there are a lot more out there.
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Must Watch!
RoswellAlien10 January 2014
I have been anticipating this series for a while now and it was exactly what I expected. The story flows very well together so far it doesn't rush it's self into things it takes it's time to all come together. I will not spoil anything that happens in the show so you have to watch it if you wanna find out. The production value looks top notch for a Syfy series. The locations looked amazing and the CGI was really good. If that's what we got tonight I can't wait for the series to continue because it's only gonna get better. 10/10 from me but this show might not be for everyone but give it a shot even if it's not your cup of tea you might like it in the end!

*Edit* 2/16/2014- Just finished episode 7 I really like how this show is picking up big time. I am looking forward to the rest of the season.
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An Andromeda Strain-like Start Leads Slowly to Necropsy
puesta3128 March 2014
SPOILER: This series started out with such promise. It had a fun concept, it had decent early promotion, it had mystery after mystery flooding in each new episode; leaving people restless for the next Friday. Unfortunately Helix did not reach orbit after its stellar launch. I was a large proponent of Helix after everyone else was bashing it after one episode. I liked the Dionne Warwick and the eery feel of being trapped in a location with no salvation. The summation of the first few episodes all lead to a terrifying, electric and dramatic series that had the potential to throw curve ball after curve ball introducing us to futurist fringe genetic theory.

Unfortunately after the midway point of the series everyone came to find out SyFy was throwing nothing but fastballs. They went the obvious direction with the show and made it into a stupid corporate black ops series, rather than the hard science fiction show it had potential to be. You will leave this season feeling cheated. After hanging around through the noticeable decline in original content that hits midway through the first season, all the questions you were pining to have answered were...and they were the most unsatisfying answers I have ever received in a series. Maybe I was to invested in this show; maybe I am too reluctant to give up on what SciFi was; I will admit my own fault here. The end was simply stupid and the last three episodes were literally unbearable.

After years of the "SyFy" channel showing moronic shows like "faceoff" and their classic CGI knockoff's of any movie that had a decent theater buzz, they really had a chance to make something scientists and casual viewers alike could enjoy each week. Somehow I don't feel they ended up making either of these audiences happy. The science was sloppy, boring, and literally non-existent in the latter half, and the revelations and characters were stale, old and two dimensional.

In conclusion, the relatively fresh opening lead slowly to your archetypal (and we are talking SyFy archetypal here) ending that left everything to be desired. I suggest you enjoy the first 5 or so episodes for what they are and allow your mind to play around with the endless opportunities there can be to make something genuinely new and interesting. Just be sure you don't let your curiosity get the better of you, because you will leave episode 12 angry and confused.

TLDR; Just avoid it, the beginning is alright but you will definitely be disappointed by the end.
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Great idea quickly destroyed by horrible writing.
williamdeanauthor18 February 2018
I think most of the negative reviews here have it all summed up. It is television at it's lowest.
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Let me tell you a story!
thomas-klas9 March 2014
Small spoiler alert:

I was watching the series from the beginning. At first i expected nothing else than a series about a virus infection, so maybe nothing new. Then it changed to be a series i expected to be a resident evil remake. Then i expected at some point aliens. An now, i really want to know what is going on there.

What i want to tell you here is this: I have never seen a series with so much plot changing, so much different ideas. That is really a welcome, because at this moment, i enjoyed every single episode. This is mystery science fiction at its best, and nothing else. The story that is told here is one of the best in science fiction history. Everyone who can should watch it. If you liked X-Files, you should watch it. If you liked Lost, you should watch it. Hell, this series did want to make me an IMDb account, because i did not understand the people who were giving bad critics.
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Average TV show
ditendra093 July 2019
It's an average TV show. Characters are so so, episodes are so so. Season one was just okay. Season two was worse and more boring. I understand why it got canceled. Maximum I can give to this TV show is 5.
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Don't let the first 4 episodes fool you
jmdetwiler27 December 2015
The initial draw of season one is very interesting, and there is a definite pull into the series as the viewer learns more and more details that help them understand what they're watching and what exactly is happening to the characters and who they are, but then after about episode 4, the details the viewer is fed to make sense of the plot holes and twists start to sound contrived and feel more like "quick fixes" to otherwise senseless incongruities in the plot.

As the season wears doggedly onwards, the character lines stray farther and farther away from anything believable, and in multiple cases, actors fail to show the logical emotion for the context. each new actor introduced to the season is progressively worse at acting, and by the end, they are truly popcorn-spitting terrible. The casting job suffers from several actors that don't look the part, and the scenarios they find themselves in are very predictable and even laughable in spite of how serious the show attempts to be. so many unrealistic and ridiculous things happen in any one scene that you get the feeling the producers ran out of time, or ideas, or both.
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chigwalla30 March 2014
While the writing had its moments, the scripts were predictable for the most part. By about Episode 5, I found myself watching mainly because I had already seen that many episodes that I might as well give it the benefit of the doubt.

Without exception, the cast was unable to make me believe that they believed what they were saying was spontaneous and emotive.

Don't get me wrong, it's not 'bad'....if you enjoy a lot of the fare coming out of the entertainment mill these days you'll probably enjoy it. If you don't watch a lot of TV because you have a hard time finding programming that's well written and assembled by artists, don't waste your time. If I didn't know better, I'd say the writers gave up and just wanted to get it done after about episode 8. The season finale was silly, inconsistent and tedious to watch.

It's hilarious (well, more like ludicrous) that they expect anyone to still be interested when season 2 airs in almost two years (winter 2015).

This show is one of the shining examples of that well-worn Ernie Kovacs saying: "TV is a medium: it's neither rare nor well done"
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Started out good..
SpikyRaindrop20 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked the first 2 or 3 episodes. It was very intriguing and I liked the concept about a virus that turns people in a sort of zombies who can be controlled by someone.

But after 5 episodes or so the peoples own problems got the overhand and I really dislike that. Things as 'Please don't tell anyone' and 'Keep it a secret' or they just lie against each other and if I hate anything in series it's that. It's not that I don't like personal problems in series, but there are series who take literally 5 episodes to fix something as a lie. It's just frustrating and it makes the characters look stupid as hell. Like they can't solve problems like adults (which they are). I stopped at the point that a girl turned out to have cancer and the only one who knows is some infected woman. They make a pact that the infected doesn't tell anyone she has cancer (the reasons why are still unclear to me) in trade for that she doesn't kill or rat out the infected woman.

Plus this series has a love triangle that's stupid beyond words. This guy was married with a woman. But the woman cheated on him with his brother. And this girl with cancer really liked the guy and they eventually have sex, despite the age difference (20 years I guess, although it only looks like that). And of course all of those 4 people are together fighting the virus and the brother is infected with the virus.

It's just too much of those 'of course' moments. So it got boring and we saw less and less of the zombies, unfortunately. It was my fear in the beginning already and I hoped they didn't go that way.
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Bio-Horror Sci-Fi Fans Check It Out Yourself
HaveWisdomWillTravel18 March 2014
I'm up to 5th episode now. Been looking for a decent sci-fi and this one didn't disappoint. My taste: Battlestar remake, The Killing, Continuum, Breaking Bad, Damages. I also lost interest very fast with Walking Dead, Almost Human, Under The Dome. I can deal with some violence and gore, have no patience for sentimental creeping plot and trope repackaging.

Helix shines in editing, pacing, style, direction, and overall actor performances. Sleek delivery of plots and character expositions. Exceptionally concise scenes move with a rhythm that's varied, surprising, and logical; nothing superfluous, nothing contrived or overly-cryptic, a sheer pleasure to watch and follow.

Mood is unsentimental and high tension, some romantic complications and family entanglement that sometimes affect human judgment in high stake situations, but nothing overdone so far. The hotter women feel confident enough to go without distracting salon hair and lash extensions. Hope they keep it this way.

Gore level...some, but not as liberal and nonsensical as Walking Dead or degrading like Game of Throne. Horror level, Firefly Serenity. Blood splatter level, True Blood and Dexter.

Imperfections: non-whites over-represented among baddies. Also, if I ran CDC I will not have severely obese or weak-bodied scientists on my team to the arctics. Morphine and other staples should not be locked in some god-forsaken storage cages, and weak-bodied females should not wander about a danger zone unarmed or unescorted. The scientists can do with more pseudo-real insider-speak - basically, stop bothering to score "real" science credibility with the audience. And one Japanese isn't enough for "global" tone of the setting. Also, questionable age gap issues, between male-female couples, and parent-child. Juvenile shock-value gross-porn can certainly be reduced.

That said, overall consistency and mystery is sufficient for me to suspend a little disbelief and anticipate the next episode.

I would've given an 8 for overall watch-ability, but +1 for balancing. Recommended for those who like bio-horror sci-fi or fantasy.
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Lazy, unintelligent writing 1/5 stars
bemalmbe11 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This show has more plot holes, poorly written characters than you can shake a mystery-science-theater-3000-branded stick at.

The characters are so irresponsible, reckless, unprofessional and just downright idiotic at times - to the point that they never would have been able to hold a job doing anything more than flipping burgers - let alone reach their respective career positions in CDC, biological research, military and security.

The supposed leader of the lab doesn't know anything about any of his employees, nor anything about the lab's operations or anyone's research that goes on in his lab - either that, or he's so unrealistically irresponsible to the point of criminality with the research conducted at his lab and just doesn't want to tell anyone. Either way he's an idiot.

The inconsistency with which quarantine is handled is (or would be in real life) quite literally lethal. At one point a doctor enters quarantine with known infected persons in a suit. She later that same day enters the same area with no suit and directly handles the patients even though they are known to be infected. This behavior is also observed by others there. She then leaves the area like nothing happened and over the course of the first episode several other personnel willingly, directly expose themselves to known infected areas and persons and then the show acts like nothing is wrong and it is safe for them to move about after they've been exposed. They don't even check to see if they are infected after each exposure. Also, the area containing infected persons is very obviously directly exposed to the rest of the lab, which negates the whole idea of having a quarantine area. Even after experiencing all of these lapses in quarantine, all the characters still think it matters if they were suits (sometimes) around the infected. Also, they let a known infected and violent murderous person run around the entire lab the whole time, barely attempting to contain him or separate themselves from him. Also, people continue going about their daily activities with no concern for their own safety while a known murdering infected psychopath is on the loose in the same halls as they live in without any indication that they think they are in any danger, even though they leave all the doors to their own quarters in the same area unlocked.

This is the worst kind of lazy and poorly written tripe that gives sci- fi a bad name. In fact, I wouldn't even call this sci-fi but it airs on Syfy, so some people will think it is supposed to be.. until they watch it.

The premise and atmosphere of the story are awesome, but the writing and directing are complete dumpster trash.
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Totally unrealistic everything, downright stupid
lauri-elias11 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I don't usually take time to write reviews for TV-shows, but episodes 1-2 were just so bad I had to come and warn people not to waste 80 minutes on utter s**t. The characters behave totally unrealistically, the approach to disease control doesn't make any sense, every other conversation contains an embarrassing cliché, people walk around with their jackets open and nothing to cover their head in what should be near -100 degrees centigrade of perceived wind-cold. I don't know if people ever work outside at night in the Arctic, but I sure as hell do know they didn't let anyone work outside over 20 minutes in a row in the Vostok station and they wore at least 5 layers of clothing, masks, etc. Heck, I've slept in a military grade sleeping bag in the forest with 3 layers of clothing on with -18 and no wind and it was barely tolerable to stick your nose out. If helicopters can't stay at the base because "their fuel would turn into sludge", how the f**k can a half-naked doctor go for a snowmobile ride what is expected to be a few hundred kilometers long. WTF? Also, why bother burying a corpse under snow in a snowstorm? Why bother killing and burying the guy at all? And how did he survive the cold? I know lots of people don't believe in vaccines or climate change any more because they haven't seen any of the nasty effects, but good god, believe there is such a thing as cold, it's real I tell you. I guess it's semi-positive for a perverted male such as myself that the actresses have largely been selected based on cup sizes, sadly that won't save a downright awful "sci-fi" show for me, mainly because, you know, porn is free and has even bigger tits.
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Typical "SyFy" channel schlock.
temporaldisturbance11 January 2014
I was hoping for something like "Burning Zone" - intense show about a team of brave scientists containing deadly diseases. A show with tense and creepy atmosphere and genuinely frightening moments.

Instead, I got this.

The yellow-blue filter only accentuates the show's low-budget look. Characters spout out generic lines, and every scene unfolds right on cue of a predictable beat. There are no surprises, no scares, no suspense, no sense of involvement with the cardboard characters.

SyFy channel has succeeded at accomplishing the most difficult task of taking a show about infectious diseases and people in Hazmat suits and making it into a banal snore-fest.

Of course, if anyone could do it, it's SyFy.
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People this stupid should not be saved
Kareneo25 January 2015
Seriously - I can't begin to describe the stupidity of this team of CDC doctors/scientists/engineers. Basically they arrive at a frigid and cut off research outpost where the inhabitants are experiencing an outbreak of an uber-weird virus. You would think they'd have a blast with 'Thing'-like story-lines but instead the so-called educated team goes on to bugger every single thing up non-stop, with no humour and no normal human interactions to lighten the load of a never-ending string of stupid decisions. I can't believe anyone could stay with this bleak and blah series beyond the first one or two episodes. The only way I can think people might give it the time of day is if they are young and have never seen this genre before so it appears to be something new and therefore holds their attention. If you are a bit of a Sci Fi fan and have seen movies like John Carpenter's The Thing or Ridley Scott's Alien, you probably won't last beyond the first episode. If you want a silly but engaging Sci Fi series you may find more to hang your hat on in a show like Extant. Having said that, the actors are fine and do their best with the material.
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poor storyline, acting and character development
notclubin13 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Absolute rubbish from start to finish but probably the most stupid plot points would be: The truck stop waitress come CDC specialist and her young bf illegally break into a restricted area (within 30 seconds btw) find a mutated monkey running around an obvious animal containment room and since there has been a contagion outbreak she decides she wants to harass said monkey while wearing no protective gear.. no getting out of there for her.. the monkey is in the cage over there and she needs to go harass it, until it jumps on her face and is eventually pulled off and now she wants to get worried that it may have scratched her??? If you think monkeys are the carriers why the f are you trying to toy with the damn thing? absolutely stupid.

And then we have Dr Sarah Jordan who has 3 infected people contained in isolation yet when one falls deeply ill she leaves the other 2 seemingly well patients in the same room breathing the same air as the sick patient and when questioned about why they are sharing the same airspace as sick guy, she goes on a tear about how shes got a double degree from MIT and blah blah blah and to respect her authority etc.

Stupid.. show is stupid.. but I will watch the rest of the pilot in the hope that the contagion perhaps infects the main character and even hopefully the director of this trash.
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Rideass14 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
What was Ronald D. Moore actually doing in this abomination? Is he the executive coffee director? None of his usual brilliance shines through. Ron should distance himself from this shite as far as possible.

Watched it, and to my complete horror:

1. Casting, complete failure. None of the characters feels genuine to what they were supposed to act like. Complete disregard for quarantine rules. The head of security feels like he is on the first day on the job.. etc etc.

2. Writing. Laughed out loud when several senior "scientists" are utterly mystified by a dead security guard lacking one of his hands since everyone uses their implanted chips to access doors and whatnot.

3. Choice of soundtrack. Seems they could only afford one happy track though. Could have worked if anything else felt genuine.

4. The CGI. Oh, monkeys. The monkeys. Or the superhuman jumping into the went, or the whole base.

Not going to bother writing anymore about it, cannot imagine anyone, especially people who generally like the previous things Ron involved himself into following this.

Ron, please use your excellent skills elsewhere. If anyone have read the "mission statement" for BSG, a series should have genuinely believable characters doing what they do after years of experience. These people in Helix seems utterly incompetent and out of place.
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SyFy's next fail
goris-sven-926-91557924 February 2014
Yes there is a virus, yes there is a potential in the baseline of the plot, yes there are some known actors. But like many of SyFy's productions it lacks that special spark needed to create that awesome show and widespread fan base.

The series lacks the normal cheap ass special effects for a change we normally may expect from their movies, counting for 1 point. The other point for the effort to create a dark plot behind all whats going on. But after 8 episodes my interest is down to zero; tired of the endless plot related bad dialogs and ditto acting from both renowned actors as the new ones.

There is lots better out there than this anticlimax. do not waste money, download or time on it. Only if you have spades of them.
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Not really sci-fi, not really horror, really not good.
ron_nadel29 March 2014
I stuck with this sophomoric effort for all 13 episodes. Every cliché in the book is taken out of cold storage to drag this thing out. It just goes to show you that you can't trust anyone, and most of all you can't trust IMDb reviewers who gave this thing such high ratings.

The quality of the writing is lack luster journeyman at best. Giving the writers the benefit of the doubt, I'd say they had no choice but to try to make a turkey fly. round and round it goes, spinning out of control.

Each plot twist is a risible attempt to surprise the audience, but really just to keeps the thing limping along, like half the characters. What a wasted assemblage of talent. Look at the actors faces by episode 4 or so, and you can see a kind of desperate hopelessness.

They had the makings of a good sci-fi thriller but blew it. A lot of the acting is just as bad as the story, too.

I look to SyFy to maintain high standards and create sci-fi as good as HBO or AMC or NetFLix series, which are not sci-fi. Wanna see what good sci-fi can be? Watch "Monsters" or "Invasion Earth" or "Dr. Who".

I'm sorry to have to write this kind of a viewer review. I love good sci-fi. A disappointing entry by people who should imagine greater...

I watched all episodes and wasted my time so you wouldn't have to.
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This is too bad to even be on the SyFy Channel
ArtW7124 February 2014
I tried this watch this drivel. I really, really did. Someone said that if I watched to episode 4 it would get better. They lied. There are just so many plot holes I do not know where to start.

People walking around in -60 or lower temperatures with no face protection just so we can see who they are. The obviously fake snow that looks like something they dump over Santa Claus at the local mall.

The fact that they were going to run out of air because the recirculation device was shut off. They are in the Arctic, not another planet. There is breathable air in the Arctic; you just have to warm it up a bit. So why would they not just let air from outside in.

Oh, and let us not forget the big bad Army guy, going out in his flimsy coat, talking to the guy trying to get away on the snowmobile in the first episode who did not even have his coat buttoned. And then he gets stabbed with an ice pick, bleeds out tons of blood, has his coat stripped off of him and is left to turn into a Popsicle but somehow is miraculously alive and in great shape with not a bit of frostbite on him, talking up a storm like nothing happened. Saved by some girl that I am sure no one knew was up there because another shelter would be so hard to notice among all the other shelters in the Arctic.

They picked a great picture for the poster because if I watch another episode of this Feldercarb I will be blowing my brains out also.
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Nice premise but terrible execution
marinaro4412 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really wanted to like this, but it is so flawed and actually painful to watch that I have to comment. First of all the writing is horrible. So called scientists from the CDC talk as if they know nothing about their profession. The CDC is called into this out of control disaster, and the person running it refuses to say what they were working on? Say what? And where is the leadership or coordination of effort by the CDC leader? Everyone just goes off and does their own thing rarely reporting back. My first thought was to separate the potentially infected so as to help in determining who is patient zero. The leader, Dr. Farragut, is very late to come to this conclusion. Professionalism? Where? Dr. Hatake is like a cardboard cut out or a cartoon character. He says virtually nothing but only mumbles vague statements. And since when does the CDC employ truck stop waitresses?(See "Doctor" Boyle).

And the music! How annoying can you get than playing "Do you know the Way to San Jose?" at a key point. And the music over the opening credits. Where did that come from? Totally unrelated to the mood of this show.

One clue as to how bad this show is, is that you can miss an episode and you will not really miss anything of importance. That is not a good sign. Helix is better than the usual "one step up from a porno movie level" of what is shown on Syfy, but not by much. I will continue to watch it hoping for a breakthrough, but I don't have a lot of hope. Ronald D Moore is credited as a creator of this show. Maybe the spelling is off. Could it be Ronald F Moore?
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Another Miss.
dimitri-walker11 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers -----Spoilers ---Spoilers First let me say I am not the biggest fan of critics. I myself am an artist, a painter by trade and 9.5 times out of 10 most critics have no idea what they are talking about and the only "creativity" they have is trashing other peoples work. That said I have watched a staggering amount of science fiction television and movies and read even more books. I have even written a few short stories I was fortunate enough to have published. So I have some small idea what I'm talking about. I really really really wanted to like "Helix". But the writing is kinda ridiculous. I don't mind the angst business with the lead CDC doctor , his brother, and the ex-wife but the rest of the show is just so off it pushes that bit too much to the fore. Also WOW quite possibly dumbest scientist/doctors ever written. Come on, I am going to stick my face into an obviously infected monkey cage with the "come on little fella" Really?!? The young (not to mention tiny) doctor walking around in the quarantine area with three obviously desperate people not once but 3 times? And why is it the only people walking around by themselves inside that place (with the exception of the leader of the base) are the women. The dudes are walking around in packs of 3 or more but the women ...random medicine cages, showers, basement spooky labs for dissecting monkeys. Lastly from me anyway but by far not the last of all the missteps in this show "Why did he dismember him?" Do I really even need to expand on how in the world that should befuddle them to even having to be spoken out loud? Suspension of belief is a requirement for enjoying any creation of fiction but this show ask suspension of all higher brain function and any ideas about the most basic ideas of self preservation.
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