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Season 1

31 Mar. 2014
When Jules meets Lowell, the man of her dreams, during a whirlwind romance and decides to get married, her friends start to examine their own love lives. Meanwhile, to prove to Will that she isn't picky and shallow, Kate lets him set her up on a blind date.
14 Apr. 2014
Window Pain
When Will struggles to meet women on his own, Kate takes him to a bar and acts as his wingman. Meanwhile, Andi's pregnancy hormones heighten her sense of smell and her libido.
21 Apr. 2014
Game Sext Match
Will tries to be more adventurous by sexting with his new date, and Kate catches Jules and Andi planning Jules' wedding without her.
28 Apr. 2014
Pros & Cons
Jules auditions for a hair spray commercial. While Andy and Bobby try to kill a rodent that lives in the attic. In the meantime Kate accidently sleeps with a man whore.
5 May 2014
The Bicycle Thieves
Lowell joins Bobby and Will for a boys' night of debauchery, and Kate insists that Jules gets special treatment because she's hot. Meanwhile, Andi becomes insecure when she discovers that Bobby has Playboy models as patients.
12 May 2014
Yummy Mummy
Kate thinks she's found the perfect guy, but freaks out after he announces he has a daughter. Andi thinks a male parent at her child-rearing class is hitting on her, while the gang finds a sex video from Bobby and Andi's honeymoon.
19 May 2014
Cyrano de Trainer-Zac
When Kate isn't impressed after she goes on a date with Will's trainer, Will gives him some pointers and then takes credit for their amazing night. Meanwhile, Andi hires a gorgeous male nanny and tries to impress him.
26 May 2014
Something New
Will pretends to be Kate's date at a wedding, but is having a case of beer goggles. Andi and Bobby are excited to spend their first night away from their son, but things don't go as planned. Jules & Lowell wonder if marriage kills romance.
30 Sep. 2014
The Deceivers
Will signs up for online dating and challenges Kate to see who can find a better mate. Andi goes to extremes to get Charlie into a posh preschool, and Jules fills in as Kate's assistant.
30 Sep. 2014
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Out to prove she's not "un-setup-able," Kate persuades Lowell to fix her up with his friend. Andi decides to get more involved in the neighborhood, but Bobby's not on board with the idea.
30 Sep. 2014
The Lost and Hound
A missing cheque could throw Andi and Bobby's marital scorecard out of balance. Jules and Lowell adopt way too many dogs, and Will is determined to coin a corny catchphrase.
30 Sep. 2014
The Imposter
Lowell has to help Will get out of his ex wife Val's house by distracting the woman renting the house while Val's gone, Andi pretends to be put on bed rest, and Kate helps Bobby get a gift for Andi.
30 Sep. 2014
Concerned about their boring love life, Andi and Bobby try to spice things up. Meanwhile, Kate investigates Lowell's past relationships, and Will misinterprets signals from his ex.

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