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Sincerely funny
GrislyBloodfeast17 July 2013
Derek Waters brings his hilarious web series to comedy central, with bigger production values and entertainers replacing historians as the drunken storytellers. The two episodes I've seen of Drunk History are some of the most hilarious and entertaining television I've ever seen. The premise is actors/writers/comedians get drunk and tell a story from history, and the scenes described and narrated are acted out. So far, my favorite was where Adam Scott played John Wilkes Booth in the recreation of the Lincoln assassination. Some recognizable names play some of the historical figures; Jack Black was great as Elvis, Dave Grohl as Elivs's lackey, Jonathan Ames, Adam Scott, and Will Forte as Junius, John Wilkes and Edwin Booth, and Fred Willard as 'Deep Throat' in the recreation of the Watergate scandal. The funniest part, to me, is the dialogue the drunken historians give the historical figures that the actors then lip sync. I could use a bit less of the storyteller's vomiting...though, I'm aware that usually goes over well with comedy central's young male demographic. This series has great potential, and I hope it will find the success it deserves.
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The best (and probably only) educational comedy every made!
TheTopDawgCritic13 October 2017
OK this show is addictive! This has to be the best (and probably only) educational comedy every made! There isn't one episode I didn't learn something, or laugh out loud! Want to make America smarter? Add this show as required curriculum at every high school in America. For that matter, create more shows like this for every subject! Bravo to the creator and producers of this gem of a show! A perfect 10/10 (also my History test score!) from me
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Love it!
rzajac21 August 2013
Wow. I'm normally a bit hypersensitive to "make-work" programs for talented thespians, and "Drunk History" could sorta be described that way.

But it somehow comes off like a genuine labor of love. And, for that, I can forgive a lot of things.

And, speaking of things needing forgiveness, what else may need to be forgiven in these productions of "Drunk History"?

Not much, if'n you asks me! The production is excellent; the adaptation of the drunken interviews to screen action is ingenious. Skilled folks are brought to the task of polishing up the final product. The sound and camera work are fine. The selection of lively targets of inebriation and exhortation to hold forth lovingly (if a bit sloppily) on fascinating bits of history seems inspired.

I've seen 6 of the produced episodes, and they're all winners. There are typically 3 segments per episode, which is impressive; this represents a lot of hard work! Maybe not every segment scintillates, in my mind, but each show has at least 3 or 4 "wow" moments, which make the shows well, well worth watching, in my book.

Check it out. If you're a history buff, you might find yourself secretly wishing Derek Waters would come a-knockin' on your door, with camera crew in tow, offering *you* an opportunity to dip our toes in yet-another limpid pool of "Drunk History"!
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Very uneven but generally fun
MartinHafer27 April 2015
The premise of "Drunk History" is simple. You have someone sit down and talk about important historical moments in American history....but first you get them drunk and keep them drinking throughout the episode. As they (often) terribly narrate history, various actors (often very famous folks) act out the history and spew the profanity-laden dialog.

At times, this show is very funny. But, other times the humor is very thin. Much of this seems to depend on the narrator as well as how drunk they get. Because of this it's very hit or miss. Now here's the weird part, generally the history they spout is correct-- and filled with interesting tidbits. I say generally because although IMDb says it's all 100% true, it isn't (trust me on this, I am a retired history teacher and have spotted a few flaws and urban legends). But it IS as accurate as many of the History Channel shows...and it's often funny. Overall, I see this as a great show to watch if you just want a time-passer--a show that required little in the way of deep thinking or if you're doing something else at the same time.
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unfortunately on my own behalf
chipdfctoo7 June 2014
as my summary states, unfortunately on my own behalf... i can attest to the multitude of drunken states of our narrators. i am and always have been (at least of the comprehensible age) been "that drunk guy". the thing that makes me love this show so damn much, the drunker i get... the smarter i feel, the more i know, the absolute truth comes from deep within.

i get a good giggle out of the naysayer that claims "oh it's staged", i might be a drunkard but i am not naive. sure enough the script is read in a relatively sober state, and drunken context is added. right up until "the i'm feelin' so good, it's bad" state of inebriation. i do not doubt for a second if a gentlemen showed up with a quality fifth of scotch, asked me to polish it off and then "read this" that i would more than likely spit out some quality comedy gold.

this show, with the wonderful acting and pantomiming is without a doubt the funniest show on TV. it will only gain in greatness if, and when, it branches out into the international circuit of this amazing planet. just imagine the wonderful accents! cheers my friends, drinks up to a good evening.
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Very cool. Wish they had this show when I was in HS.
sellzmktng0120 March 2015
A very unique approach to telling history, I must say. I like how they usually start off at a bar and get some introspection from intelligent people regarding what the ultimate discussions will be about.

Just watching a bland, dry documentary there is a loss as to what regular people think and feel about a particular subject. This series offers that in spades.

The actual story is great because not only is it appealing to a college crowd and fun people, the story tellers go into details and even discuss historic figures who never make in the regular history books, and deserve some credit not administered by the mainstream.

If you like South Park and Family Guy, you'll definitely enjoy these shows, and maybe learn something new in the process.
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Honest and funny
el-mar-martinez18 April 2015
The title says it all: a drunk person will tell you his version of some of the best pieces of American history. This is as honest as can be. And it's funny!

There are things only drunk people will say, and this show is all about that: what if we put drunk people's thought in a sober people mouth? Furthermore, what if we put it in historically famous people's mouths? Add to the mix a fairly famous cast (on the sober side) and comedy central's budget, and the result is deliciously funny

If the semi-incoherent babbling of drunk people gets on your nerves, if you expect some high level third degree intellectual Monty Pythonnesque humor or if you can't condone making fun of American symbols like Abraham Lincoln or Rosa Parks, then this show is not for you, but then again, you ought to ask yourself :"what was i expecting from a show called drunk history?"

In a few words, let's not kid ourselves and let's take the show for what it is: a funny idea like the ones you get when you're drunk with your friends put together by people who have the talent to make it funny.

Well done comedy central, and well done Derek Waters.
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chimpsonson10 December 2015
Some of these reviewers are absolutely clueless. This show is hilarious. "Uneven"??? They're drunk, you ding dong. The one who wrote "I love history and I love comedy" - dude, maybe Bob Hope is more up your alley if you're not getting Drunk History...Paget Brewster is...genius. Love this show - keep 'em coming, Derek. i do some college teaching and when the kids are a bit stressed I'll show them a scene or two from drunk history to lighten their mood a bit - this show is the best. I usually watch episodes multiple times because at first, I find myself more engaged by the story itself; after re-watching I can fully appreciate the pure comedy. Loved the First Ladies episode and Laura Dern's episode as well.
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Fun and Interesting
kjmagan-455-8490717 May 2019
This is a fun and interesting show. Nice and light!!
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By the brain damaged. For the brain damaged. Warning: Spoilers
This was recently recommended to me. So I gave it a shot. Watched the episode that included The Alamo. And another one that included Lewis and Clark. I could see this being mildly amusing as a skit on Mad TV or SNL. By the end of the second episode it had worn me out. Watching people get drunk is not funny. Listening to them tell stories - badly - is not funny. The miming is marginally amusing. I find myself wanting to reach into the TV and strangle the narrators. I'm embarrassed for the actors. I'm humiliated recalling all the times I was drunk and telling crappy stories in the company of my non-drinking friends. Now I know what an asshole I sounded like.
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This show consistently cracks me up
s081754611 January 2018
If you are looking for a show that is uniquely funny, Drunk History is the show for you. The concept is so fresh and original that I find myself telling people to check out the show without telling them anything about it. I feel as though going into this show blindly (as I did) makes for a better first-watch and intrigues you to want to watch more.

Without giving too much away, the show has inebriated people telling their version of historical events. While the person is telling the event chronologically, there is a reenactment of the event happening on screen simultaneously coinciding with what the drunk person is saying. I won't say any more than this because I really recommend going into this show as blindly as possible.

I urge you to give this show a chance; it often has me in stitches and I am not one who easily laughs at 'comedy.' Hope you enjoy.
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Childishly unfunny
pjv14 July 2014
I have watched this show because I love history and love comedy, I was, however, sorely disappointed by the result... It is exactly what the title claims it to be, history for someone that failed their history classes due to being high or drunk and it is presented as such as if by an illiterate and extremely ineloquent teacher.

Having only watched 2 episodes, I can not claim historical inaccuracies for as far as I'm concerned, but it's simply not funny. This show was clearly made for an audience that would urinate itself laughing with a badly timed fart-joke, but don't know enough about history in the first place to enjoy the (very) few deep, more clever jokes that are made.

If you desire historical comedy sketches that are actually funny, I would recommend Horrible Histories rather than this dreadful excrement.
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A piece of SH*T!!!!
elmag10114 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is by far the worst show on Comedy Central. I have loved all of their other shows that I have seen. Tosh.0 is good as well and Inside Amy Schumer and the Jeselnik Offensive. This show is not funny in away way. I was not expecting a history show but I was expecting some comedy. It is COMEDY central after all.

I am only giving this two stars because some how they were able to get people with real talent such as Fred Willard and Jack Black to be part of this sh*t.

They could do soooooo much better. Maybe they can work out the problem and work in something good. The idea of the show has great potential. I will be giving this another chance if they have a second season.
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Gets old very quickly as simply one gag with a writing staff that sucks
ozbat-908361 January 2016
Fist I read I review I find actually more humorous than the show as it inferred that in between the humor you may learn something about history. My guess is the shows creators would also find that funny as hell. One the other hand assuming the comment was serious you really have to wonder about this shows target market. Personally I love Adult Swim, the Cartoon Network and adult humor. I have watched a few of these shows and personally don't find them funny at all (maybe the first 10 minutes of the first show, after that every episode seems sort of based on the same gag. If the writing was better this could be a great show in terms of intellectual humor. Instead it seems more slapstick as the more the actor talks the more absurd the humor becomes , if you can find humor in it. Besides the writing the acting really is pretty bad. Acting drunk is likely not easy while at the same time having to recite lines that I guess are meant to become lamer by the minute. I feel embarrassed frankly for those involved and once again the premise of drunken distortion of history gets old quickly when the writing sucks. Finally the entire concept of making light of those loosing control while drinking and trying, and not succeeding, to get people to laugh at the drunk just strikes me wrong for some reason. And just to make clear I not a religious person so comments coming from that angle, I admit I am likely older than the target audience (55 and a professional) but I have none the less never been accused of being overly mature.

I am typically a big fan of humor which pushes the limit and sets new standards (I am the type who see shows such as the Simpsons as funny but tame in the sense of not wanting to push the limits so as not to offend anyone and retain a broad audience. I totally understand the reasoning and it has generated a ton of money no two ways about it. However I think shows like Rick and Morty, South Park and canceled shows such as Brickellberry to be much more entertaining. I thought God, The Devil and Bob, Firsky Dingo and others that pushed the bounds as funny. I know this show is not a cartoon so to compare more apples to apples the humor and writing skills ranks up there with the old Benny Hill show.
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irishm23 March 2015
To be fair to the series, I already knew I wouldn't like it when I decided to watch one, but I found the casting of Weird Al Yankovic as Adolf Hitler absolutely impossible to resist... I HAD to see that, even if I had to sift through 30 minutes of garbage to find it. And actually, Weird Al was excellent... wish his part had been bigger.

It was also well worth learning that Rosa Parks copied her famous bus-seat-defiance from a pregnant unwed teenager named Claudette Colvin who did it first and told her about it... say goodbye to your chances of being on the $20 bill, Rosa.

But the rest of it is just vile, dull, boring... like the worst part of sitting through a party when someone is way too drunk and commanding all your attention. I don't have a problem with the concept of "drunk" unless one is behind the wheel of a car or otherwise putting others in peril, and I thought one of the funniest episodes of "Mythbusters" involved Adam and Jamie overindulging to test breathalyzer results. But this is just awful. Avoid at all costs.
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This Seriously Sucks
carl-1717 July 2014
An idea that could have possibly made a decent 10 minute skit on a comedy show like SNL, if only it was a little bit funny. I couldn't watch this garbage longer than 5 minutes. There is so much wrong with this dribble.. it's pretentious, vapid, boring, stupid (in an unfunny way), and most of all, totally UNFUNNY. This is the worst piece of crap I've seen on cable in a very very long time! I need more words and lines for this submission, so here they are.. This show sucks! It really really really does! Suck, that is! Really, it does! Totally!!!

Still need more words..

I imagine this type of comedy would be funny to a person watching it who was impaired.. I mean like drunk, or in general. Perhaps the next time I'm drunk I will test this out. But, I strongly urge anyone who is not drunk, or impaired in any other fashion, not watch this.

(I hope this was enough verbiage to get this submitted.)
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drammed10 August 2017
Let me assure you, as you read through these reviews, those that rated this series low have no sense of humor whatsoever. They think they know what they're talking about, they don't. This series is absolutely hilarious. Those that gave this bad reviews are certainly taking things far too seriously. The condescending, pretentious, asinine reviews some gave are utterly ridiculous; and an exercise in douchebaggery. Do not believe the d-bags and the pompous brit reviews. Judge for yourself. Sit back with a drink and enjoy this truly funny take on history.
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4ri4n426 January 2019
This show is pure garbage! If you find the stupidest, the most unoriginal and not clever things funny, you'll like this show.

"Hey, look, it's a piece of poop!" Hahaha... type of unfunny..

It reminds me of jackass the movie but poorly narrated and set in whatever time period they're covering.

I actually feel insulted when a network presents such trash as a comedy show. It shows no effort on their part to sit down and come up with something interesting and funny. Instead, I feel like one of the content writers got drunk and turned on the History channel, and somehow CC decided it'd be a good idea to make a vile show out of it.

A complete failure.
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Currently my favorite television series
MrPositive110 July 2017
Being a tad of a teetotaler myself and an extremely avid history fan (I have my bachelor's in history), the show feels made for me. The best part of the show is when the actors are mimicking the drunk storyteller's words. It's so random and comical. I've actually learned a great deal about history from this show while being ultra entertained with humor. Not many shows can boast that they actually teach people something without it coming off as ultra boring. In fact, this show may be the first of it's kind, a maiden voyage of connecting knowledge and humor in television. I guess my one critique would be that I've enjoyed it more with 2 stories per episode (or even 1) instead of 3, so the storyteller can delve deeper into the topic and characters. With 3 stories an episode, it feels a bit more flimsy information wise. For example the Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda. Which by the way, that Hamilton episode is seriously one of the greatest things ever created by man. The two girls Aubrey and Alia are simply off the chain and Lin's account has so much depth. We can just get so much more connected with the characters when it's a 1 or 2 story episode. Regardless, I love it, and keep em coming.
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only small minds will watch this
ababatty6 March 2019
Boring. stupid. this show is a perfect example of how low america has gone. are all your minds mush? this is the most moronic show i have seen since the 80s. grow up children
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Zero Rating
cuzz-123824 August 2018
I feel dumber for watching this sitill waiting to laugh
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love it!
yennytheunicorn19 February 2017
Love it, can't wait for more. If you watch this and you hate it, you have no goddamn sense of humor. If you're spending the time to pick it apart, you're bored & dull as f. This sheet is absolute gold, seriously can't wait for more ;D Please keep it up and do not listen to the negativity - loving this (as i said 1000x previously)
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It must be an American simplicity thing...?
matthijsalexander25 January 2019
I tried a couple of episodes, and don't really find this funny.

Usually people who are sober don't really find drunk people funny, but people who are drunk find people that are equally drunk funny. It's like global rule.

So I decided, crack open a bottle of Whiskey. Watch it. Still not funny, and the history lessons get confusing.

Personally, I can't win with this show. Luckily many others do. Enjoy!
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Caught my niece watching it.
funhightimeslondon16 October 2018
Caught my niece watching this show, she is a 10 year old and the content you guys run are NOT recommended for kids or minors... now she is thinking it's okay to behave like your cast members behave... whether it's real alcohol or not... you're promoting alcoholism with this show... this show is losing popularity really fast based on how these cast members behave, although I find it funny at times and yet I find it inappropriate for a kid under 15 to watch due to how much your cast members drink/behave... my niece behaves exactly like Bennie Arthur after watching the show only once for 2 minutes... I know there are a lot of parents out there that don't like this show for their children.
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Lack of funny moment
rob_davis30 June 2017
I think you lot need to go over to the UK version firstly we can handle drunk a lot better and the narrating is much funnier. Maybe I'm biased because i didn't find the American version funny at all. They need to go back to the drawing board and copy some of the things the UK version does because that has me in histerics this one really didn't
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