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A handful strong winners, but also many bad ones
Horst_In_Translation2 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Here we have the "70th Golden Globe Awards", an annual television events in which the Hollywood Foreign press Association honors the best of the best, i.e. the winners of the nominees. The hosts were Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for the first of three times who took over after three ceremonies hosted by Ricky Gervais, who also took over from them again. Oh well.. Poehler/Fey weren't as good as Gervais by any means, but they were better than Jimmy Fallon at least. And honestly, they had some solid moments. The idea of sitting as fake nominees in the audience was kinda nice. It's a joke that works well for two times, but it may have gotten older quickly. Anyway, I think they succeeded as a whole and you can't expect greatness like Gervais' every awards show. Of course they were not as daring and politically incorrect as he was during his hosting jobs. Now about the winners, I found it amazing to see Les Mis and Amour triumph as both films for me are among the very best of the 21st century. Adele's win for Skyfall was pretty nice too just like DDL, Argo. The biggest disappointments were really Jennifer Lawwrence who got finally catapulted into huge stardom on the road to her Oscar, even if she has almost no talent in my opinion. Her comment about beating Meryl Streep was possibly the worst of the night. There is nothing clumsy or goofy about her in a good way and it's all staged and calculated with the intent to keep her relevant as long as possibly because she sure can't judging from her performances. Luckily audiences have finally understood it seems.

Anyway, another huge mess was the television aspect this time. I enjoyed "Game Change", the other big winner of the night, but even there I am a bit critical with the film's usual liberal Hollywood message. But Dunham, Smith, Girls, Homeland and House of Lies are all non-deserving winners. On a more positive note, Jodie Foster, who received her career awards, was everything Lawrence desperately tries to be, namely extremely likable imperfection and it was fun to listen to her shaky, slightly awkward reception speech. As for the wins for Waltz and Tarantino, I can live with them, even if I have to admit they were nowhere near as deserving as perhaps they were / would have been for their first collaboration. I remember Waltz' was pretty surprising as Tommy Lee Jones was generally considered the front runner and Waltz went on to win his second Oscar even afterward. Finally, if you ignore the small screen winners that year (who may be among the worst ever as a whole at any Globes ceremony, it was a decent awards show. And shame on me for still not having seen "Brave". I'd be curious if I consider this a good winner, especially how it went on to win at the Oscars. All in all, it's a good event for award show fans and maybe some of you even like the small screen winners more than I do and it will not be as frustrating too watch.
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Very Nice
MazarestanA21 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Really celebrated the best possible place and no fault of the party Was magnificent. I think those awards were being Msthqsh. Hyvjkman of such evidence. Red Carpet Beauty of the ceremony was very nice photos OK Innocence Globes ceremony was enjoyed and I hope to see next year So well organized and be heard Hyvjkman Oscar ceremony 2013 Show runs. Oscar and I am eagerly awaiting the release ... To I have one who is deserving of the Oscar Leonardo Dykpyrv and And I hope the award is June Astanshm find that interesting. The event is at the red carpet event of costumed actors Very nice people and I personally liked the dress Megan Fox and Hmchynn Lopez Jynyfr clothes. I will admit here and say that if you knew the whole story written out to a God I did not attend any time Khkhkhkhkh. This one is okay, but not thousands. Oh I'm so Asabh
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